'Conan'When last we heard from "X-Men: The Last Stand" director Brett Ratner, who had previously denied rumors he was attached to a big-screen "Conan" revamp, he was telling MTV News who he'd like to see take on the "Conan" role made famous by a certain Governor of California.

And for someone who, by his own admission, isn't officially attached to the new project featuring one of US President Barack Obama's all-time favorite comic book characters, Ratner certainly knows quite a bit about the new "Conan" movie -- and it looks like "new" seems to be the key word there. Read More...

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Fantastic Four"The Dark Knight," "Sin City" and "Watchmen" have made dark comics films all the rage in Hollywood studios. Now, rumors are circulating that 20th Century Fox might be looking to apply that edgier formula to another "Fantastic Four" film.

According to anonymous sources at IESB, the "Fantastic Four" film franchise could receive a complete overhaul alongside "Daredevil" and "Planet of the Apes," with the studio opting to take those properties into more serious territories with new directors.

The new franchise reboot would also involve building a new cast from scratch, scrapping the Jessica Alba and Michael Chiklis team from "Fantastic Four" and "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer." Previous "Fantastic Four" director Tim Story would also be moved aside in favor of someone new. Read More...

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Judging by some of your comments when it comes to "Dragonball Evolution" news -- specifically the latest "Dragonball" trailers -- it looks like this film is quickly "evolving" into a polarizing Hollywood offering. Regardless of your stance on what's been seen of "Dragonball" thus far, it's always cool to get a peek at what goes into the making of a major feature film -- like ScoringSessions' recent, behind-the-scenes look at the people producing music for "Dragonball."

'Dragonball Evolution' Scoring Session

That's "Dragonball Evolution" composer Brian Tyler with actress Jamie Chung ("Chi Chi"), who we spoke with back in December. After the jump, check out a few more images from the "Dragonball Evolution" scoring session. Read More...


'Green Lantern'As "Watchmen" begins its first full week of wide-release after a blockbuster debut weekend, Warner Bros. and DC Comics are already hard at work on their upcoming in-development superhero project, "Green Lantern," which -- along with "Jonah Hex" -- is set to be the next offering in their line of feature films hitting theaters next year.

SuperHeroHype.com caught up with "Green Lantern" producer Donald De Line to get an update on the film's progress, and what all of you GL fans out there can expect from the adaptation.

"Our story is the Hal Jordan origin story, but creating the character of Hal Jordan that is a real character that will resonate with the fanbase is what we need to do," De Line told SHH.com. "You have to make him credible and somebody to care about and tell a good story, and I think if we do that, we'll be okay." Read More...

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'Watchmen' by Woody AllenBy now, most fans of "Watchmen" know about the film's fabled history on the way to opening this weekend -- from the original groundbreaking comic series, to failed attempts at various studios, to that pesky "Watchmen" movie lawsuit that nearly put the kibosh on the whole ordeal a few months back.

However, one of the more fascinating pieces of "Watchmen" movie history has to be the list of possible directors attached to the film throughout its evolution -- including Darren Aronofsky and Terry Gilliam -- who would've delivered a significantly different film than Zack Snyder. Slate.com took the "What if...?" speculation one step further by offering up a hysterical glimpse at what the film would've looked like if some of Hollywood's most famous and stylistically unique directors called the shots on the adaptation. Read More...


'x-Men Origins: Wolverine'When we weren't watching the "Watchmen" last week, we were going feral over that latest (and supposedly final) "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" trailer, which was almost an overdose of "bad-ass" for the Marvel zombies among us. Along with breakneck action and fight scenes, the trailer offered sneak peeks at the film's plethora of new characters making cameos in the flick (prompting our rundown of the "Wolverine" movie mutants).

20th Century Fox recently went the same route with a newly updated "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" website that introduces fans to the motley crew of mutants poised to become household names after the flick debuts May 1. Meanwhile, SuperHeroHype has landed an all-new exclusive image from the flick featuring Ryan Reynolds as Marvel's mouthy mercenary, Deadpool, that you can check out after the jump. Read More...


Mark WebberThe grooming habits of a slacker 20-something rocker can take years to perfect, but actor Mark Webber has been working overtime to be prepared for whatever director Edgar Wright and company have in store for him when he arrives in Toronto next weekend. The "Broken Flowers" and "Whiteboyz" star is priming himself to be sculpted into Stephen Stills, lead singer of the band Sex Bob-omb in "Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World."

"I'm giving them a nice canvas to work with," the actor told MTV News. Since he doesn't know exactly what the makeup department will want to do with him, he figures it's better to overgrow rather than over-cut. "I've got my sideburns going," he said. "I'm growing my hair really long. I'm a shaggy guy right now so that they can cut the hair just like Stephen Stills." Read More...

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'Ghost Rider'Just because Marvel Comics' most gallant flaming skull isn't necessarily on the fast track for a sequel doesn't mean Hollywood's completely put "Ghost Rider 2" on the backburner. Nicolas Cage, who's slated to reprise his 2007 "Ghost Rider" role as Johnny Blaze, told MTV News that a writer is currently being sought for the follow-up.

The sequel, which could see the demonic biker battling evil in Europe alongside the Catholic Church is still in its infancy, meaning a director is also needed before flaming tires hit the pavement again. Though Mark Steven Johnson, co-writer and director of "Daredevil" and the first "Ghost Rider" film, seems like a reasonable candidate for either role with the sequel, Cage said nothing's been decided so far.

"Everyone is very busy. I know Mark has his own thing going on," Cage told MTV, "It's up to the studio. It's really in their hands." Read More...

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'Watchmen'FROM MTV.COM: After the big opening weekend that Zack Snyder and his cast just enjoyed, Hollywood execs would typically be spending Monday morning peppering their voicemails with the word "sequel." But since the "Watchmen" universe is built upon a unique mix of elements that are sacred, satirical and sequel-proof, the graphic novel's fanbase insists it could never happen. And as of the moment, the people behind the film agree that we'll never watch the "Watchmen" in a new adventure.

Read more about whether we'll see a "Watchmen" sequel over at MTV.com.

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'Watchmen'The opening weekend box office results for "Watchmen" are in, and after months of genius marketing, palpable fan anticipation and a week of pre-release record breaking, director Zack Snyder homage to the "unfilmable" best-selling graphic novel is a certified success -- despite clocking in with lower-than-desired numbers.

"Watchmen" took home the crown as the #1 movie in America this weekend with a blockbuster Friday wide-release. Early projections of a three-day total of $55.7M (an average of $15,413 per venue) were correct, making "Watchmen" the year's most successful domestic opening to date. The film also fared well on the international market with a solid $27.5 million overseas, bringing its overall worldwide gross to $83.2M during its debut weekend. Read More...


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