A film adaptation of the Dark Horse comic "R.I.P.D." is currently in development with Ryan Reynolds set for the lead role of deceased, vengeance-seeking copy Nick Cruz. Universal Pictures hopes to shoot this summer, so it's no surprise that the cast is growing.

According to the Los Angeles Times' 24 Frames blog, "The Hangover" star Zach Galifianaksi is in talks to star opposite Reynolds in the comic book adaptation.

The "R.I.P.D." comic, created by Peter Lenkov, follows cops who are killed in the line of duty and then sent back to take care of those who won't come quietly. These ghostly ex-cops form the R.I.P.D., which is short for Rest In Peace Department. Read More...

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"Twilight" has opened a great many doors for young Kristen Stewart. The notoriously press-shy star tends to avoid making speculative public statements about her upcoming work, but news has a way of traveling. The latest is a report that Stewart sat down with director Zack Snyder to discuss the possibility of her taking the role of Lois Lane in his upcoming "Superman" reboot.

The report comes from a string of anonymous sources speaking to NY Daily News, so take all of this as rumor for the time being. Stewart apparently met with Zack and his wife Deborah, who is also producing the reboot, to discuss the possibilities.

Here's where things get sticky: One source indicates that Stewart "ultimately passed" on the role, while another source indicates that Snyder never actually offered the part to her — though he did have a "definite" interest in the potential casting. Read More...

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Way back before "The Dark Knight Rises" had a formal title or cast, there was a fair contingent of fans who suspected The Riddler as the next movie's villain and named Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a viable contender for the role. It was all just talk that eventually went away, but now it seems that Gordon-Levitt is indeed up for a role in Christopher Nolan's final Batman film.

The actor is currently in talks to join the cast in an unspecified role, Deadline reports. He recently worked with Nolan and "DKR" star Tom Hardy (recently confirmed as Bane), on the summer hit and Oscar contender "Inception."

With the movie set to shoot this spring, expect the casting to be confirmed — Deadline seems to think it is guaranteed despite the "in talks" state of things — soon. Read More...

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The Super Bowl is this Sunday, and that means a weekend filled with football, beer, nachos, and trailer debuts. One of the big sneak peeks we're all looking forward to is the trailer for "Captain America: The First Avenger." And as it turns out, there's more going on for Cap this Sunday than the new trailer.

Also premiering this weekend is Marvel's "Captain America: First Vengeance," an eight-volume digital comic book series that serves to set up the events of the film. USA Today reports that you'll be able to get the first issue free of charge on Sunday only, at captainamerica.com. A formal release will follow the next day on Marvel's iPad app. Read More...

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All of the delays in the world won't change the fact that "Smallville" will be over soon. For 10 season now, fans have followed a young Clark Kent through his tumultuous childhood, a time marked by all manner of physical changes, a growing awareness of the opposite sex, and naturally supervillains. In a short time, it will all come to a close, presumably with Clark finally realizing his destiny as Superman.

Don't despair yet, though. The second half of the final season has yet to return, and there are still a fair number of episodes left before the Man of Steel (hopefully) shows himself. While we probably won't find out if he'll don the cape and tights any time soon, a TV Guide preview of the upcoming episode "Fortune" does offer some hints of what's to come. Read More...


When Matthew Vaughn brings "X-Men: First Class" to theaters in June, the film will turn back the clock on one of the most beloved superteams in the comic book world. The X-Men were fully established by the time Hugh Jackman's Wolverine entered the picture in Bryan Singer's 2000 release, "X-Men," and former friends Professor X and Magneto had long since had their falling out.

With "First Class," Vaughn lays the groundwork for all of that. Not only will we see Xavier and Eric Lehnsherr (the future Professor X and Magneto) meet, but we'll also see some X-Men you haven't seen in previous movies — including Alex Summers, a.k.a. Havok. The brother of well-known X-Men leader Scott Summers (Cyclops), Havok will be played by Lucas Till, who will be appearing in the March release "Battle: Los Angeles."

Till recently spoke a bit about both roles and the differences between them in an interview with VMAN Magazine (via ComicBookMovie). Read More...

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It's funny when you think that "Spider-Man" and "X-Men: First Class" are both shooting right now, and yet the first isn't out until July 2012, while the second is coming our way on June 3 of this year.

That probably has a lot to do with the fact that a sizable portion of what Spidey does while in his costume needs to be filled in by a team of visual effects artists, but it still makes for an interesting comparison.

"X-Men: First Class" is looking good, though — and the idea of a period piece exploring the mutant superteam's '60s roots is pretty great. I can't say these new images, posted to Twitter by iPhone Dev-Team hacker Musclenerd, really evoke the feel of the time, but hey... at least there's a car being crushed by a giant piece of concrete. Read More...

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With production on Marc Webb's reboot of "Spider-Man" now fully underway, reports from the set are flying in all fast and furious-like. Sony got a jump on things by releasing an image of star Andrew Garfield in costume before the spies could do their dirty work. That turned out to be the right move, since the days that followed have brought with them a flood of information and up-close views of the action.

You've already seen Spidey running through traffic, riding on the backs of trucks and just straight-up running.

Today's latest look, posted on YouTube, is the most action-packed yet: Spidey swinging! Read More...

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Christopher Nolan - BatmanSure, everyone's talking about Henry Cavill playing Superman right now, but don't forget about our good pal Christopher Nolan, who's producing the upcoming "Superman" reboot and given Batman new, record-breaking life in a blockbuster film franchise.

"The Dark Knight Rises" is Nolan's next, third, and possibly last entry in the "Batman" series, and you can't really blame him for calling it quits after the upcoming installment. It's been a great ride, but if "Inception" proves nothing else, it's that Nolan isn't quite finished dishing out the original ideas.

Right now, though, he's gearing up for "The Dark Knight Rises," which starts shooting soon, as he revealed in a recent interview. Read More...

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It's a bird, it's a plane, it's the lead actor in Zack Snyder's "Superman" reboot!

Ladies and gentlemen, here is the new face of Clark Kent:

Warner Bros. announced today that actor Henry Cavill will play the Man of Steel in the studio's upcoming big-screen reboot of the DC Entertainment movie franchise. Read More...

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