Alexander Skarsgard

"The Crow" hasn't landed just yet.

Following Monday's news that reports of "The Avengers" star Tom Hiddleston's involvement had been greatly exaggerated, Deadline noted that the lead role was, in fact, "True Blood" star Alexander Skarsgård's for the taking. So when we caught up with the strapping Swedish actor at a press event for his upcoming drama "What Maisie Knew," we had to ask if there was any validity to the rumors.

"No, I'm not attached to anything right now after 'True Blood,'" Skarsgård said, choosing his words carefully.

The 36-year-old did, however, have kind things to say about the 1994 original starring Brandon Lee.


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If you don't know Jack Huston from his work as two-faced Richard Harrow on HBO's "Boardwalk Empire," you'll have another opportunity to acquaint yourself with the British actor rather, uh, intimately in David Chase's feature film debut "Not Fade Away," which opens in limited release December 21.

In the film, Huston plays the lead singer of a fledgling '60s rock band, a role that required a little stunt work in the form of a tighty-whitey smackdown with a fellow bandmate played by John Magaro. When we caught up with the actor at the film's press event, he recalled cracking a rib during the rough-and-tumble scene. But Huston, who along with Joel Edgerton, Jim Sturgess, Lee Pace and Eddie Redmayne, is on the shortlist for the role of Peter Quill in the upcoming "Guardians of the Galaxy" adaptation, says not to hold it against him.

"There was a screen test," Huston confirmed. "Like I said, brittle bones. Maybe they'll call me Glass Man. 'Here he comes. Oh, he fell over.'"


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Catherine Zeta-Jones dances into theaters next week in the Tom Cruise-starring movie musical "Rock of Ages," but once she exits stage left she'll find herself surrounded by retired and extremely dangerous assassins.

Summit Entertainment announced last month that the Welsh actress would join the cast of "Red 2," the sequel to the 2010 action flick starring Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren and John Malkovich. And now Zeta-Jones' role is no longer top secret.

"I play a Russian double agent in 'Red 2,'" she revealed to MTV News. "I'm very excited to work with such a great ensemble cast like in 'Rock of Ages.' What a cast for me to join. I'm really excited, and the script is so much fun."


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Dear Mr. Nolan,

Sorry to interrupt. I suspect you're cowl-deep in post-production work on the highly anticipated "Dark Knight Rises," which makes this 11th-hour query ill-timed at best. But, I just have to ask: Have you ever considered re-conceiving your grand Bat finale as a movie musical?

Now hear me out. For one, people really like singing superheroes. Secondly, I suspect the Bat Cave has amazing acoustics. And last, but perhaps most importantly, you've assembled one of the most musically inclined casts never to sing "Summer Nights" or "Do-Re-Mi."

To wit, before he was a billionaire tycoon, Bruce Wayne himself, Christian Bale, was just a hard-working paper hawker in the Disney musical "Newsies." Thought he's a bit embarrassed by the role nowadays, what a nice homage it would be to have Bruce's opening number be a review of the day's doings in the Gotham Gazette. Extry! Extry!



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