MTV News sat down with geek-favorite actor Samuel L. Jackson to talk about his upcoming role in "Soul Men," but given that it's impossible to not bring up his surprise cameo as S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Nick Fury in "Iron Man," we also had a chance to get some insight from him on where his character is headed within the Marvel Universe and his place among the titans in the upcoming "Avengers" flick.

Check out the video below to get Jackson's predictions on Fury, and if he'll be on board if Marvel should come a'callin' for his talents in other films, such as "Thor" and "Captain America"...

"Should be some little piece of all of that," said Jackson. "I should kinda pass through "Iron Man 2," "Captain America," "Thor," — all those things — and eventually get to that "Avengers" space, yeah. Especially now that they've got Don Cheadle. I know Don'll want me."

To watch more about Jackson's upcoming roles -- or to just bask in his trademarked bad-assedness -- head on over to MTV Movies.

Are you excited to see Jackson's Nick Fury showing up in future Marvel films? Which upcoming Marvel movies are YOU most looking forward to? Talk to us in the comments.

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Joker as ObamaSo by now -- thanks in large part to "The Dark Knight" star Aaron Eckhart setting the record straight -- we all know that Christopher Nolan's take on Batman actually isn't a thinly veiled commentary on the Bush Administration. Yes indeed, this summer's superhero blockbuster was just [gasp!] a fun comic book movie with no real agenda -- but that's not stopping artist James Lillis from bringing politics to the mean streets of Gotham!

Sure, by now there's been countless riffs on Shepard Fairey's now-iconic image of President-elect Barack Obama -- even MAD Magazine's resident goofball Alfred E. Neuman got in on the act -- and Fairey even went as far as to post them all on his website. However, none have been more awesome than Lillis' contribution, titled "The Audacity of Joke," featuring everyone's favorite homicidal grinning lunatic, The Joker (as portrayed by "The Dark Knight" star Heath Ledger). "Joke" is currently available as a t-shirt on in a variety of colors (including perfect shades of Joker purple and green), and after the jump, you can check out the image in all of its audaciousness. Read More...

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'30 Days of Night'Because it just ain't a comic book movie these days if there's no sequel speculation to go along with it, rumors are now making the rounds about a possible follow-up to "30 Days of Night" -- 2007's horror/thriller about a sleepy Alaska town that succubs to a month of darkness, therefore becoming a vampire vacation destination.

While there has been two made-for-TV follow-ups to the film ("Blood Trails" and "Dust to Dust"), according to, reports that a follow-up feature film to the surprise hit is in the works, with original comic writer Steve Niles listed as a possible screenwriter. The blog then goes onto to describe what the rumored "30 Days of Night" sequel would entail, saying "Stella seeks revenge on the blood-thirsty vampires that destroyed her sleepy Alaskan town." While the BloodyDisgusting post cites no official confirmation from the studio or Niles, the reaction from commenters makes it clear that fans would love to see a "Part 2" to the film. Read More...

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Your dedicated Splash Page writers and editors spend their days on the journalistic battlefield, looking for the latest scoops and rumors regarding your favorite comics and comic book movies. Yes, we usually have all the answers, but every so often we're faced with burning questions that even we can't fathom. Why are we here? What purpose do humans play in the grand scheme of life? And, of course, how many Spider-Men can fit into one Manhattan Jamba Juice?

Granted, we have neither the budget nor the scientific resources to get to the bottom of that insomnia-inducing query, but fortunately for us, "The Late Show" host David Letterman does -- and you can watch the clip below to find out the answer. Thanks, David Letterman!

(Fan Fact: The Jamba Juice where this clip was filmed is in the same building that DC Comics' New York City headquarters is located. Batman and Superman must have been busy that day.)

Think Letterman could've crammed ever more Spider-Men (and his assorted friends) in that Jamba Juice? Talk about it in the comments.

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Robert Downey Jr.By now, all of fandom knows about Marvel Studios' controversial Terrence-Howard-for-Don-Cheadle swap regarding the role of Col. James "Rhodey" Rhodes in "Iron Man 2." And despite weekly rounds of internet speculation about the move that even took the actors involved by surprise, very little has been said on record from anyone close to the production -- until now.

Speaking exclusively with MTV News, "Iron Man" star Robert Downey Jr. has broken his silence on the topic that has had the blogosphere buzzing over the past month. And despite the fact that the actor had very little to add to the discussion, he made it perfectly clear that his and director Jon Favreau's first priority is making the best film possible and being respectful to the fans of the emerging franchise.

"I think the important thing with the 'Iron Man' franchise is to not do too much too soon and to make sure we don’t piss off the public that put us in the position we’re in," said Downey. "We’ve just got to keep rolling up our sleeves higher and further up the elbow. If we show up and we’re in the right head space and our heart’s in the right spot and we really think about the audience at every turn and we don’t try to stamp our hipness onto anything. It’s very interactive." Read More...

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'Coraline'For those of you out there looking for the perfect complement to your "Nightmare Before Christmas" posters, Universal/Focus Features have got your hook-up!

Recently, a scan of the teaser poster for the upcoming Henry Selick and Neil Gaiman film "Coraline" found its way to the internet, and you can check it out after the jump in full. And while the poster won't come decked out with a fancy-themed frame, it's a great look at the animation style that Selick has become known for. Read More...

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The Weinstein Co. has dropped a new trailer for their upcoming film, "Fanboys," this morning, and from the looks of things, this just might be the Holy Grail in terms of nerd-fare. Whether it's Ain't It Cool News' Harry Knowles showing off some Bruce Lee-esque moves or "The Shatner" making a surprise appearance, there looks to be something for everyone who even slightly considers themselves a resident of Geek Nation.

The long-delayed film follows a group of "Star Wars" fans on a cross-country road trip to George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch in the hopes of breaking in to watch (or possibly steal) an advance copy of "Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace." In addition to the story, fanboys will also be happy with the line-up of past and present geek-film legends (be sure to watch the trailer to the end for some laughs).

Check out the trailer below, or if you're fancy, Yahoo! has it in HD.

Will you be checking out "Fanboys?" Let us know what you think of the trailer after the jump.


Seth GreenIn the hierarchy of geek culture, Seth Green stands as a king among nerds. From his early career working on toy commercials to his present day gig on Cartoon Network's "Robot Chicken," it's clear Green lives a rock star the eyes of us fanboys, that is.

And if getting the chance to hang out and collaborate with George Lucas while working on a "Star Wars" themed "Robot Chicken" episode wasn't enough for Green to satisfy his inner-geek, then a movie based on his creator-owned Top Cow comic book series, "The Freshmen," should do the trick. Over at i09, Nisha Gopalan spoke to Green about the upcoming adaptation, the early struggles to get it made, and his take on comics in general.

Despite being an already established name in Hollywood -- not to mention, clearly ahead of the curve in terms of comic book films and how popular they would become -- Green admits that getting "The Freshman" green-lit was no easy feat. "What we found was the marketplace at the time was really unreceptive to comic-book properties," said Green in the i09 piece. "'X-Men' had just come out, and people were still hesitant to believe that a comic book could translate cause it had so much baggage [plot-wise]. So we had an opportunity to make a comic, and we said, 'Well, f--k it. Let’s just entrench it in the marketplace.'" Read More...

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'Watchmen'As we stand on the eve of what's sure to be an historic election here in the United States tomorrow, what better time than the present for Warner Bros. to debut the all-new, updated official "Watchmen" website?

While there's currently not too much to hype up on the super-sleek looking website (unless of course you're a big fan of The Comedian, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan), there are clearly plenty of teases to get fans coming back form more each week (hence a whole lotta "Coming Soon" banners throughout). But for now, crank up the volume on the trailer (how that never gets old is beyond us), and get to downloading more Comedian goodies -- like wallpapers and buddy icons -- than you can shake a smelly cigar at! And for the uninitiated who are wondering who the heck this "Comedian" guy everyone keeps talking about is, there's also a quick bio on the character who -- SPOILER ALERT -- is a total jerkwad! Read More...

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'The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes'Sure, everyone's talking about the big "Avengers" movie announcements that were made last week, but where's the love for the "Avengers" animated series that we mentioned a month ago?

Well, according to a recent post on Marvel Animation Age where they speak with Director of Animation Development for Marvel Animation Joshua Fine, it looks as though "The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes" has been doing quite a bit of moving and shaking in its own right. Likewise, word must've trickled down to the cartoon counterparts about how Hulk may be the possible villain in the upcoming "Avengers" movie, because Fine confirms that the in-production "Hulk: Gamma Corps" animated series has been cancelled, with the team behind that series being captured -- er, rather, folded into the crew working on "The Avengers."

"It became apparent to us that the creative work that was being done to bring Hulk’s world and his villains to life was too good to relegate to his universe alone, and would be much better suited as part of an full-on Avengers scenario," Fine said in the MAA interview. Read More...

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