Bryce Dallas Howard“Terminator Salvation” star Bryce Dallas Howard not only loves the Luna Brothers’ comic book series “The Sword,” but if she gets her way, she'll also star in an adaptation of the Image Comics title.

“I love the Luna Brothers,” Howard told G4 during Wonder Con in San Francisco. “If there ever was an adaptation of ‘The Sword’ that would be incredible.” Read More...

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'Tintin'After wrapping up 32 days of "performance-capture lensing" for “Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn,” director Steven Spielberg will hand off the film for post-production duties to producer Peter Jackson (“Lord of the Rings”).

According to Variety, Spielberg's performance-capture lensing would seem to be the equivalent of principal photography on the film, but the relatively new motion-capture technology in use for the rest of "Tintin" will be handled by Jackson at his special effects studio in New Zealand.

Spielberg will hold the lone directing credit on the film -- an interesting note, given that his primary duties last just over a month, while Jackson's post-production editing, special effects and other responsibilities are expected to take at least 18 months to complete. Read More...

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'Samuel L. Jackson'Fresh off a new, nine-movie deal, Samuel L. Jackson recently commented about his return to the role of Marvel super-spy Nick Fury, claiming that his on-and-off status with the studio wasn't posturing, and that he was genuinely surprised things worked out.

"No one was more surprised than me that it turned around," Jackson told LA Times blog Hero Complex. "It's great that it did." Read More...


The familiar "Who Watches The Watchmen?” graffiti from Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' celebrated graphic novel -- and Zack Snyder's upcoming "Watchmen" movie -- has been popping up all over lower Manhattan lately. But is it a viral marketing campaign, or fans excited about the film's looming arrival in theaters?

'Watchmen' graffiti

Sure, graffiti is nothing new in New York City, but the fact that this kind of graffiti is showing up around the city has become a common topic of conversation among New York City comics fans -- and everywhere else the familiar tag is popping up. Read More...


'Uncanny X-Men'Writer Matt Fraction certainly seems to have the ear of Hollywood these days, from his trip to Los Angeles to consult with Jon Favreau about “Iron Man 2,” to the optioning of his independent comics “Casanova” and “Last of the Independents.”

Since he's also the writer currently tasked with scripting Marvel's most prominent and longest running titles in their mutant universe, "The Uncanny X-Men," we caught up with the hardworking scribe to get his thoughts on the future of the X-Men film franchise and what's new with his optioned projects. Read More...

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Anton Yelchin"Star Trek" actor Anton Yelchin is rumored to be the front-runner to play DC's Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, after Ryan Gosling (“The Notebook”) and Emile Hersch (“Speed Racer”) passed on the role.

According to anonymous sources at Latino Review, the "Green Lantern" producers are looking for a young star, but also someone familiar. The site named Yelchin, who plays Kyle Reese in the upcoming “Terminator: Salvation” and a young Pavel Chekov in the upcoming “Star Trek” film, as a potential candidate after Gosling, Hersch and upcoming "Clash of the Titans" actor Sam Worthington passed. Read More...

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During this year's New York Comic Con, veteran novelist and newly minted “Detective Comics” writer Greg Rucka sat down with MTV News to discuss the upcoming big-screen adaptation of his graphic novel “Whiteout," directed by Dominic Sena and starring Kate Beckinsale. While Rucka assured fans that the film would be faithful to its source material, the writer offered up some frank comments about the adaptation process-- and how it's usually received.

“I was with Steve Lieber, my co-creator on it, and we’re walking around these South Pole-based sets, and it was like walking through Steve’s drawings,” Rucka told MTV News Saturday. “The thing is, unless you’re Frank Miller and you’re going to do 'Sin City' or something like that shot for shot, you’re not going to get a comic book on a movie screen -- and you shouldn’t." Read More...

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'Green Lantern'Warner Brothers is moving ahead with their next DC Comics movies by announcing release dates for “Green Lantern” and "Jonah Hex." The scarred Civil War veteran, Jonah Hex, will hit theaters Aug. 10, 2010, with the Emerald Knight arriving in time for the holidays, Dec. 17, 2010.

Last we heard, director Martin Campbell (“Casino Royale”) was on the slate to direct "Green Lantern" with a script by Marc Guggenheim, Michael Green and Greg Berlanti -- the screenwriting team behind the clairvoyant lawyer TV series “Eli Stone.” No star has been announced to play the fighter pilot turned Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, but there's been no shortage of speculation. (I'm pulling for “Serenity” star Nathan Fillion.) Read More...

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New photos popping up from the set of “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” showing unidentified people in motion-capture suits have once again brought the discussion back to the subject of how much animation will be present in director Edgar Wright's adaptation of Bryan Lee O'Malley's popular series.

'Scott Pilgrim' Mo-Cap

The new photo, posted in Wright's photo blog yesterday, depicts a pair of people clad in the mo-cap suits often used for digital animation of actors. While "Scott Pilgrim" actor Brandon Routh previously announced that the film would blend live-action with animation, O'Malley subsequently told MTV that Routh's comments were "blown out of proportion" with regard to the amount of animation in the film. Read More...


Brandon Routh in 'Scott Pilgrim'Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World” director Edgar Wright is a photo-holic. Along with posting bunches of new images from the set of the film lately, the latest images include the very first shot of Brandon Routh ("Superman Returns") as evil ex-boyfriend Todd Ingram.

Routh's character in the film, a rock star with vegan psychic powers (yes, you read that right), is the third evil ex-boyfriend that Scott Pilgrim must fight to win the heart of Mary Elizabeth Winstead's character, Ramona Flowers. Read on for a full version of Routh's photo and a roundup of the latest "Pilgrim" images. Read More...

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