Alicia KeysAt least according to her latest single, Alicia Keys is "Superwoman" -- "Still when I'm a mess, still I put on a vest, with an S on my chest, oh yes, I'm a superwoman," she sings.

And according to her video, superheroes don't need to have superpowers. A superwoman can be an astronaut. A businesswoman. A tribal Somali who supplies her family with fresh drinking water. Or even a welfare mom, taking care of two children but also going back to school. "She's a superwoman because it's hard to do all of those things," Keys previously told MTV News when we visited her on set of the video shoot. Read More...


Keri RussellKeri Russell is a huge Wonder Woman fan -- so much so that she used to dress up as the Amazonian princess for Halloween. But even though she's providing the voice of Wonder Woman in the upcoming "Wonder Woman" animated DVD movie, she's not so sure she'd want to try her hand at doing Diana in a live-action "Wonder Woman" movie.

"It's so tricky to do [a superhero story] as live action," Russell told us when we caught up with her at the afterparty for her one-night reading of "All About Eve" on Broadway. "And we haven't seen a girl [carry] one yet." Read More...

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Jennifer TillyLast week, Jennifer Tilly was Marilyn Monroe -- for a one-night all-star reading of "All About Eve" on Broadway (she took the part of Miss Caswell, while Annette Benning played Margo Channing and Keri Russell played the titular Eve).

For her next "approximation," Tilly would like to do either Betty Boop (soon to be a Broadway show) or "someone who's really kick ass, like a comic book heroine," she said. Though Catwoman "would be really amazing," she said, there's already a long line for that one, "and you know Catwoman was so lucky for Halle Berry," she joked.

"When I was little," Tilly said, "I liked this character called Natasha. She never had her own comic, but she always showed up in Spider-Man. She was the Black Widow." Read More...

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'Superman'There were a lot of things wrong with the last Superman movie -- but the filmmakers did manage to find an actor with an uncanny resemblance to the late Christopher Reeve. Was casting Brandon Routh a good thing? Does that honor Reeve's memory?

Not necessarily, said Reeve's son Matthew, during a recent fundraising event called "A Magical Evening" to benefit the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation in New York. Matthew, along with his sister Alexandra and younger brother Will, do a lot of work to honor the actor we all think of as the Superman by aiding fundraising efforts to cure paralysis. Read More...

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'Twilight'It's not just Barack Obama's kids who love "Twilight" -- First Daughter-Elect Malie might bond with her dad over vampire lore, but so do the daughters of comics writers Neil Gaiman and Mike Mignola, and I have a feeling that those conversations might be slightly scarier.

"My daughter Katie is in love with the 'Twilight' books," Mignola told us.

"My daughter Maddie read the 'Twilight' series," Gaiman told us, "but she alternately loved it and got frustrated with it, so I would get alternate reports back from her: 'I love it!' to 'Oh, no, they're doing something wrong!' And then she'd come back triumphantly, 'I knew they were just werewolves! I knew they were a werewolf family!'" Read More...

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Grant Morrison'Grant Morrison -- a huge gaming aficionado -- is already working on one videogame-based movie with "Area 51," but he's starting to give up hope that his idea for "Citizen Death" will ever become a game at all. So he wrote it as a comic.

"I wrote the script for a comic one night just for the hell of it," he said.

"Citizen Death" started out as an idea for a game, way before Morrison ever tinkered with 2003's Xbox game "Battlestar Galactica" or 2004's "Predator: Concrete Jungle." He originally told MTV News that he wrote the game as segments and levels, with the idea to create a city "that was really immersive." Read More...

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Neil GaimanAs if writing Batman, adventuring in China, and working with The Dresden Dolls' Amanda Palmer isn't enough to keep him busy, Neil Gaiman recently told MTV about another project currently on his plate: writing the film adaptation of his best-selling novel "Anansi Boys." Of course, that's probably why he confessed to us that he was a bit, well... late... on the script.

So, when was it due?

"Don't ask," he smiled. "This is the first draft that I submit before I get notes from Warner Bros."

Gaiman already has a director and a star interested in the project -- and that's why it's happening. The not-yet-named director and star were on a publicity tour last December, stuck at an airport, and they picked up the book to read on a plane. "By the time they got off the phone, they were phoning my agent for the rights," Gaiman said. Read More...

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Ben StillerBen Stiller says he doesn't like to be the center of attention -- but that's precisely what he was Wednesday (November 12) when New York's Museum of the Moving Image held an all-star salute to him. Robert De Niro, Diddy, Mike Myers, Jack Black, Will Arnett, Amy Adams, and Bill Hader were among those singing his praises in person, and Tom Cruise via a videotaped message ("I'm thrilled for you tonight, but even more thrilled to be able to tell the room that I am one of your -- if not the biggest -- fans," Cruise said).

While Stiller was being feted for his work as an actor, he said it's his behind-the-scenes work as a writer, director and producer (from "Reality Bites" to "Tropic Thunder") that he's most proud of. So which of his many writing-directing-producing jobs would be next for him? Read More...

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Luke GossWe've been hearing a lot from the ladies behind "Magdalena" -- what with our week-long sting with Jenna Dewan and our recent chat with the film's producer Gale Ann Hurd -- but what about the film's male lead, Luke Goss? (You might remember him as Prince Nuada in "Hellboy II").

He was in New York recently to be honored by the Motion Picture Club as a "Star of Tomorrow," just across the street from Splash Page HQ, so we made a beeline over to the event to get the lowdown -- and wouldn't you know it? He's actually a Splash Page fan. ("I've seen the coverage, it's been exciting," Goss blurted out before we could even get out the first question.) It certainly helped in loosening his lips about how he got involved in the project and what he's doing for it right now. Read More...

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Melissa Auf Der MarMelissa Auf der Mar -- former bassist for Hole and the Smashing Pumpkins -- is doing something rather ambitious for her next solo album: It's not just an album. It's a "fantasy noise experience" -- part album, part film, part photos, and part comic book.

"I'm combining them all right now," Auf der Mar told us when we caught up with her at her one-night-only photo exhibit at a New York gallery. "My new album is a three-dimensional concept album. These images, these photos are stills from the film, and they're an extension of the album. Then there's a comic book and a multimedia website, where people will be able to see the photos and the illustrations."

The film and the comic book, like the album, are called "Out Of Our Minds," and will be out next spring. It's completely wordless -- except for the songs -- because "it's a universal language speaking to anyone in any country," Auf der Mar said. Read More...

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