Antje TraueZack Snyder's "Superman" reboot may have yet another Kryptonian villain, as German actress Antje Traue is the latest name to be tossed into the "Man Of Steel" ring.

Variety reports (via Superhero Hype) that she'll be tackling the role of Faora in Snyder's "Man of Steel." However, there are several incarnations of Faora in the Superman comics, so it's not quite clear which will be appearing this time around.

The character of Faora has previously appeared in comics and television form as everything from General Zod's wife to a man-killing alien and crazy hand-to-hand brawler. She was also the inspiration for Sarah Douglas' Kryptonian villainess Ursa in "Superman" and "Superman II." In the end, she's bad news for Clark Kent's alter ego any way you slice it. Read More...

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PriestLast night in New York City, "Priest" director Scott Stewart and star Paul Bettany made an appearance at Sony’s Lincoln Square theater to show some clips of their vampire action flick and do a Q&A sponsored by Fangoria magazine.

While the sizzle reel and two of the clips we saw last night were also shown at WonderCon, we also saw the animated introduction by Genndy Tartakovsky, which was in 2-D.

The super-stylized intro by the artist behind "The Powerpuff Girls" and "Samurai Jack" describes the war between vampires and humans and how the priest-warriors came to be. Read More...

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Nestor CarbonellThe casting news for "The Dark Knight Rises" keeps rolling in. Last week we reported that Daniel Sunjata, Diego Klattenhoff, and Ben Gorman were in talks to join Christopher Nolan's next Batman flick, and this week it looks like Nestor Carbonell will be returning to Gotham City for his role as Mayor Anthony Garcia, too.

The casting report comes courtesy of Variety, and indicates that we'll be get another look at the actor predominantly known for his work on "Lost" and other TV shows, as well as "The Dark Knight."


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Captain AmericaSome of the most interesting parts of "Captain America" that we've seen so far show Chris Evans as a puny dude who is at first rejected from the Army for being too skinny. Unlike some actors who go on dangerous crash diets to achieve that freaky look, Evans was digitally manipulated -- which is especially helpful since he has to get all muscle-bound and ready to kick butt later in the movie.

However, before he became the superstar of comic book flicks, he admits he looked more like Steve Rogers than the all-American Captain.

"[I]t it wasn’t that foreign to me because that’s what I looked like for a big chunk of my life," he told USA Today. "This is what I looked like for all of all middle school. Up until maybe sophomore year, I was a pretty skinny kid for a long time." Read More...

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