Reeve Carney is only five weeks away from hanging up his tights as the leading man in Broadway's "Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark." September 15 marks his final performance after first hitting the stage as the legendary comic book hero in 2011. Carney has confirmed that he's ready to pursue a new project, but holds his star-making run in the show close to his heart.

"I loved the show so much. I'm so grateful to everyone involved from the onset up until now and I never would have desired to leave," Carney, who appears alongside Taylor Swift in the VMA-nominated "I Knew You Were Trouble" video, told MTV News.


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It's been a good few years since Reeve Carney made his debut as the web-slinging superhero in "Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark" on Broadway — and a lot has changed in the years since the show debuted on the Great White Way.

The musical had famously been saddled by production problems, injuries, script changes, behind-the-scenes drama and basically every problem ever. Regardless, that’s all in the past and the show has since found its footing. That’s all good news for Spider-Man himself, who couldn’t be happier that the show has gone on and on and on without anymore drama.


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Michael Madsen

Considering that Michael Madsen’s bespectacled detective Bob lives to see another day in the wicked world of “Sin City,” one would assume that he would appear in the highly-anticipated (very much still in-the-works) sequel to Robert Rodriguez’s 2005 film, titled "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For."

But, if that is the case, a casting director should call up Madsen. He hasn’t heard a peep about his role or the future in the franchise.

“Well that’s kind of a mystery because there's a whole bunch of stuff all over the internet that I’m doing a sequel and I certainly didn’t put that stuff on there, so I don’t know who did,” he explained to MTV News. “But, wherever that came from, whoever generated that information, must be thinking that I’m doing that — but I can’t seem to get an answer out of anybody.”


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In 2012, Nick star and musician Drake Bell will voice Peter Parker on the Disney XD animated series, “Ultimate Spider-Man.” With a whole slew of eps set to air next year, Drake recently stopped by MTV News HQ to rave about suiting up as Spidey for the small screen.

“It’s awesome. The animation is unbelievable. It’s 2-D but it’s the coolest 2-D animation you’ve ever seen," he told MTV News. "It's going to be really true [to the comics]."


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When "X-Men: The Last Stand" all went down back in 2006 (yeah, we know, time flies!), James Marsden's Cyclops may have died. Well, he probably died, but we didn't fully see him die on screen, and these are the movies where nothing is real (like Santa!), so we're gonna go with a probably here.

Since we're banking on a probably and not a definite, when we had the pleasure of catching up with Mr. Marsden at the "Straw Dogs" premiere on Thursday night in New York City, he weighed in on if he'd ever consider coming back for more laser eye action in another "X-Men" flick.


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Miley CyrusIf there should be another "Batman" movie then it seems like teen queen Miley Cyrus wants a piece of the action, literally. According to the gossip blogs, Cyrus auditioned for the role of Batgirl and might be considered by Warner Bros. for a future role in the series.

According to, the "Hannah Montana" star reportedly "stunned" Warner execs during her audition, even dressing for the part in a "full batsuit." Read More...

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FROM MTV MOVIES: If you wanted to be nominated for Best Male Performance at this year's MTV Movie Awards, it was all about embracing your inner action hero — unless you're Zac Efron.

With four of the men — Christian Bale ("The Dark Knight"), Robert Downey Jr. ("Iron Man"), Shia LaBeouf ("Eagle Eye") and Vin Diesel ( "Fast & Furious") — nominated for action flicks, Efron stands alone, thanks to reprising his role as Troy Bolton in "High School Musical 3: Senior Year."

Continue reading our breakdown of the MTV Movie Awards "Best Male Performance" nominees over at

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FROM MTV MOVIES: What happens when you take five women who gave five very different performances in five very different movies? Well, you get the five ladies nominated for Best Female Performance at this year's MTV Movie Awards.

Angelina Jolie brought the action with her role in "Wanted," Anne Hathaway used her comedy chops to get nominated in "Bride Wars," and the drama queens — Kristin Stewart in "Twilight," Kate Winslet in "The Reader" and Taraji P. Henson in "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" — are all going head to head to try and secure themselves a trophy.

With an overwhelmingly strong Twilighter fanbase, it seems likely that Stewart will take home the prize come Sunday. But don't count out the fanboys who thought Jolie was the hottest femme fatale to grace the big screen since Uma Thurman in "Pulp Fiction."

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Luke GossFROM MTV MOVIES: Luke Goss played such a badass in "Hellboy II: The Golden Army" that he's up for two MTV Movie Awards come May 31: Best Villain and Best Fight. While he thinks he has a pretty good shot at Best Fight, he wouldn't mind losing the Best Villain trophy to a certain "Dark Knight" star.

"The late, great Heath Ledger! That's beyond tough competition," said Goss, who played Prince Nuada in the "Hellboy" sequel. "It's fun just to be nominated. He did a God-given performance. I think he should get it. He will get it. He should win given his performance. I think he's got everyone in his camp. I hope he wins it."

But Goss isn't willing to give away all his awards. He's also up for Best Fight, along with "Hellboy" star Ron Perlman, and given how much work he dedicated to the fighting in the film, he hopes he has a better shot at that one.

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