The last time we checked in with our favorite Cimmerian via the recently-released red-band trailer (which was too bloody and naked to post here on our family-friendly Splash Page), he was up to a few of our favorite Conan-brand tricks: sword-swinging, yelling barbarically, not wearing a shirt. (That last one is the only reason I watched said trailer, if I'm being honest. And I don't mind a bit that my appreciation for Conan is both superficial and stereotypical.)

Moving along... today we have some more of Conan to love via a set of new production stills, most of which involve Conan (Jason Momoa) gripping his trusty sword and flashing an appropriately barbaric grimace. See below for more of the glorious, semi-gory stills.


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FROM MTV MOVIES: Given its mighty haul at the box office earlier this summer, Disney and Marvel Studios have officially green-lit a "Thor" sequel to be released July 26, 2013.

Deadline originally reported that Chris Hemsworth will return to play the titular God of Thunder, but director Kenneth Branagh will not be back, which Disney confirmed to MTV News.

When we spoke with Branagh prior to the film's release in May, the esteemed thespian seemed to be interested in continuing the story of the haughty Asgardian but was cautious about stating outright that he would be 100 percent in to direct a second "Thor" film.

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Judging from what we've seen via the various trailers, TV spots and concept art, the special effects teams assembled for "Green Lantern" had their work cut out for them. Sure, they had the comics as reference material, but the act of constructing the more sci-fi elements of the character's storied history proved slightly more painstaking than all out, let-your-imagination-run-wild-type fun.

MTV News caught up with "Green Lantern" creature design guru Neville Page at the film's premiere to talk about the specific challenges his team faced. Unsurprisingly, the names Tomar-Re and Kilowog came up.

"As soon as I saw the character in the comic book, I thought, 'How can we get a chicken guy to work, realistically next to Ryan Reynolds, and not have people laugh?'" Page said of designing Tomar-Re. "That was a struggle. It was a team of us trying to refine it, we were all just chipping away at this huge challenge." Read More...

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FROM MTV MOVIES: No matter how different the characters, costumes and mythology, there are a lot of similarities among comic book superheroes, especially those of the big-screen variety. The latest entry into the comic book movie annals is this week's "Green Lantern," in which star Ryan Reynolds sports a fashion commonly associated with superhero types: spandex.

Well, his co-star Blake Lively insists the Green Lantern isn't wearing a suit of spandex, but rather a suit of "energy." Still, given the fact that these characters seem so comfortable sporting outfits of the stretchy, pliant variety, we asked the stars and attendees at Wednesday's "Green Lantern" premiere at Grauman's Chinese Theatre when they think it's cool for dudes to wear spandex — outside the superhero realm, of course.

"Ooh wow, that's good," Ryan Reynolds said of our query. "Ballet. Definitely ballet. That's in the top five at least."

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FROM MTV MOVIES: After months and months of pre-production, including injured actors, troubles with the script, and a complete overhaul, the beleaguered Broadway musical "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark" officially opened on the Great White Way on Tuesday night (June 14).

MTV News braved the rain and crowds at the Foxwoods Theater in the heart of midtown Manhattan to chat with the musical's production team about what the show's fits and starts have taught them along the way.

"It's just hard to do anything when you're trying to do something new and big and different," original director Julie Taymor said of the challenges. "If you are really trying something extraordinary, it's going to be difficult. And that's OK, because eventually you get there."

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This is shaping up to be a week of delightful chats with dreamy "Avengers" actors for yours truly. First, MTV News snagged some fun "Avengers" details from Captain America himself, Chris Evans at the Movie Awards on Sunday, and yesterday I happened upon a surprising, but welcome attendee at the "Super 8" premiere: actor Tom Hiddleston, a.k.a. Loki.

So, given Evans' earlier assessment of the "Avengers" cast in costume, what does Asgard's chief mischief-maker think of seeing the superhero team assembled?

"I've seen everybody in costume. What was it like? It's great," he laughed. "It's everything everyone has been imagining except it's better." Read More...

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As much as I would like the entirety of this post to be about how fun and charming and totally dreamy "Captain America" and "Avengers" star Chris Evans is, I'm pretty sure Splash Page editor Rick Marshall will frown upon that plan, so...

MTV News had a moment with Evans after he finished his official MTV Movie Award presenter duties on Sunday, and the conversation inevitably turned toward Joss Whedon's highly anticipated superhero ensemble, "The Avengers." We asked Evans a few burning questions — for example, are he and his fellow cast members enjoying the exotic film location of Albuquerque, New Mexico? And more seriously, have they filmed any group action scenes yet?

"New Mexico is great!" Evans said of the production's location. "Go there. No, don't," he said, changing his mind. Read More...

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"Green Lantern" wasn't the only upcoming blockbuster to make its presence known on the MTV Movie Awards red carpet this year. Marvel's star-spangled superhero, Captain America, was represented there, too.

By now most of us have seen Captain America's shield in various photos and/or its onscreen appearance in "Iron Man 2," but you haven't seen it at the MTV Movie Awards, so elegantly displayed as it is today. Am I right? All that adamantium, shining bright from Universal City... not to mention a bad-ass HYDRA motorcycle, too!

Captain America

No, I don't know how we got the motorcycle on the carpet or who parked it there, but I'm going to endeavor to find out. Read More...

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Hal Jordan's "Green Lantern" predecessor Abin Sur is everywhere these days. He started his tour de force at San Diego Comic-Con, popped up again in the comics recently (in "Green Lantern" #64), and he makes regular appearances in many of the "Green Lantern" trailers — and now he's at the MTV Movie Awards, too!

In case you haven't been glued to MTV for our Movie Awards pre-show, you just missed yet another Abin Sur sighting on our very own red carpet, plus the actual Green Lantern used to power up Hal's ring (as well as Captain America's shield and a HYDRA motorcycle).

Green Lantern

Similarly to how he was displayed at SDCC, the fallen Green Lantern Corps member (played by "Star Wars: Attack of the Clones" alum Temuera Morrison) is lying in the coffin-like escape pod that brought him to Earth. Read More...

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The release date of "X-Men: First Class" is getting closer and closer, and even though I don't love the new trailers as much as I did the first one, I'm still psyched about the movie — especially hearing the cast talk about it!

The lovely Jennifer Lawrence stopped by MTV News recently to explain why taking on Mystique wasn't actually a no-brainer, and how it felt to step into Rebecca Romijn's very pretty and very hard-to-fill shoes.

"It was a brainer," Lawrence said about her decision to take the role, adding that she first had to familiarize herself with the world of X-Men before reading the script. Read More...

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