FROM MTV MOVIES: The only problem with Christopher Nolan's hugely anticipated "The Dark Knight Rises" is that no one involved in the project can talk about it, and with such secrecy comes obsessive fanboy quests for spoilers and on-set footage and photos.

When MTV News caught up with "Rises" star Tom Hardy as he promoted another of his anticipated films, "Warrior," we asked what he thinks about the incessant quests for details about his character Bane and the rest of the film.

"I think it just shows that people are really into it. It's great," Hardy said. "If you love something, why not follow it?"

He added that he doesn't much care for those who seek out spoilers, however, and also hasn't paid much attention to the photos that have been released, official or not.

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It's been about a month since we got a slew of upcoming project updates from Robert Rodriguez at Comic-Con, in addition to a VIP tour of the excellent Frank Franzetta art exhibit, so now that Rodriguez is making the rounds doing press for "Spy Kids 4: All The Time In The World," we have another opportunity to check-in on his "Sin City 2" progress.

"We're still working on the script for "Sin City 2,"" Rodriguez told MTV News. "I'm excited about that, I know a lot of people are always on the look out for it, the time is finally coming. We've been telling everybody that we're going to shoot this year, so we actually have to shoot this year," he added when asked about the production's official start date.

Rodriguez had mentioned previously that he didn't foresee a problem getting stars to sign on for the sequel, just the matter of finding roles to accommodate them.

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File this one under news I did not expect to read: "The Amazing Spider-Man" star Andrew Garfield is heading to Broadway next year in an all-star production of the acclaimed Arthur Miller play "Death of a Salesman."

According to Deadline, Oscar winner Mike Nichols will direct an impressive cast of thespians in a revival of the Pulitzer Prize-winning play. Philip Seymour Hoffman will play the beleaguered traveling salesman Willy Loman, Linda Edmond will play his wife, Linda, and Garfield will make his Broadway debut in the role of Loman's underachieving, conflicted son Bif. The production is expected to open in New York City next March at the Barrymore Theatre.

While we ruminate on this news, here's our recent Spidey-riffic chat with Garfield about the upcoming film:

It's not so much surprising that Garfield is taking his talents to the Great White Way, only that he is choosing to do so now, as his movie career continues to heat up. Not only that, but the production will run in the normally promotional-heavy spring months leading up to the release of his expected blockbuster, "The Amazing Spider-Man." And then of course there are plenty of puns and jokes to be made of the fact that two Spideys will be on Broadway — Garfield and Reeve Carney in the problem-plagued production "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark."

What do you think of Garfield's new role? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter!

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Full disclosure: Although I love Spider-Man, I am not as psyched about "The Amazing Spider-Man" as everyone else. I loved Tobey Maguire and Sam Raimi! Still do, actually. However, I will admit I've warmed up to Andrew Garfield-as-Spidey now that we've seen him in action and in costume and heard all about the work he put into the character. Not to mention his adorable Hall H panel appearance at Comic-Con.

Furthermore, when MTV News caught up with director Marc Webb and producer Matthew Tolmach at San Diego Comic-Con, they explained a few new explorations and additions to the webslinger's universe that have me intrigued.

"We're creating a world of our own devising, but we take cues from the comics," Webb said of using the Marvel comics for inspiration, adding that although the film will touch on Parker's missing parents, which is new to the movie adaptations, they won't be fleshing out the comic-book storyline that revealed Mr. and Mrs. Parker to be secret government agents.

"In terms of the CIA-secret-agent thing, we're not really going down that road in particular," Webb said. "Not in this movie."


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It's simply impossible for me to write about Joss Whedon without gushing. He's just so darn likable. And brilliant. And a fellow ginger, so our bond is unbreakable there. I promise to continue gushing about him even if "The Avengers" does not meet the exceedingly high expectations set out for it (which it WILL. I have faith!).

When MTV News caught up with Whedon at Entertainment Weekly's star-studded San Diego Comic-Con party, he revealed his undying love for a certain S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and that when it comes to progress on the mountain that is the "Avengers" shoot, he is on the descent (albeit lost and missing toes, he joked).

"I'm grateful everyday to be with those guys, especially Clark Gregg. That guy, man crush! But I'm keeping it under control," Whedon said, adding of the actor's expanded screen time, "It's great, he's been weaving his way through every movie and I really get to play with him and have [him do] a lot of stuff."


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Ryan Reynolds has had a busy summer. Heck, he's had a busy couple years. And as much as I would like to leave him alone for a bit and not bug him about future projects (i.e. let "Green Lantern" earn a few more dollars at the box office, or focus on his next flick, "The Change-Up," for example), I can't interview him and not check in on superhero sequels, "R.I.P.D." and "Deadpool."

When MTV News caught up with Reynolds alongside his "Change-Up" co-star Jason Bateman at the premiere for their new R-rated comedy on Monday, I asked him if what he said previously about doing either "R.I.P.D." or "Deadpool," but probably not both, is still true.

"'R.I.P.D.' I'm doing next and then hopefully 'Deadpool,'" Reynolds said. "It's in development still."


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It wouldn't be San Diego Comic-Con without the stalking of a run-in with fanboy favorite, Joss Whedon. I was lucky enough to chat with the man, the myth, the legend at Entertainment Weekly's star-studded Comic-Con Celebration Saturday night.

Naturally I brought up that little movie, "The Avengers" he's working on, and the fact that during our recent chats with cast members Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans and Tom Hiddleston his actors had nothing but praise for their director.


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FROM MTV NEWS: Plenty of fans were surprised when news broke that the release date for Zack Snyder's Superman reboot, "Man of Steel," was pushed back six months to June 14, 2013 — but none more so than the would-be superhero himself, Henry Cavill.

"They broke it to me gently," he told MTV News on Saturday (July 23) at San Diego Comic-Con. "I was just told the other day. It's OK, it's nothing to do with me. That's stuff which I have no control over. I just focus on the character and do my job."

Speaking of stepping into the shoes of the iconic superhero — or tights, rather — Cavill said he's "prepared enough" but anxious to start production. "I'm really raring to go," he said. "It's exciting, humbling, and about time to get started."

Of course, Cavill couldn't divulge many details about the upcoming shoot or what his fellow cast members may or may not be doing in the film, but he did provide a delightful anecdote about his first meeting with co-star Russell Crowe (who is playing his father, Jor-El).

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As excited as we are for Shane Black's fresh take on the further adventures of Tony Stark and Co. in "Iron Man 3," there is still a part of us that wonders what Jon Favreau's film might have looked like.

When MTV News caught up with the "Iron Man" and "Iron Man 2" helmer yesterday during our San Diego Comic-Con live stream, we asked him to share a few words about what might have been.

"Mandarin was in drafts right up until the [first] movie got green lit," Favreau revealed of his plans to include the infamous Asian warlord in his films. "It was in the first film and then Mandarin, who's a famous villain, we had references to in the second film. When I first came to Comic-Con with 'Iron Man,' before we had started filming or cast Robert [Downey Jr.], I had mentioned that 'The Avengers' would be the only logical third film," he said. "I think that's the opportunity here. Now they're doing it, it's exciting, I haven't seen the footage yet but that footage is out there in the trailer, [it's exciting] just to see all of them together on screen."

Favreau went on to say that while he's as excited as anyone to see "Avengers" the looming question is whether mainstream audiences will embrace the film and the universe as quickly as the comic-book fans are likely to do.

"['The Avengers'] changes the whole identity of [Marvel films]," he said. "It's going to have to evolve anyway, you can't keep the stories personal and small if you want to have the whole Marvel Universe, and we'll see if what works in the comic books translates to a film, and if the audiences who aren't fans of the comic books could accept that or if it makes their brains hurt."

Do you hope to see Mandarin in Black's "Iron Man 3?" Tell us in the comments or on Twitter!

Henry CavillIt's hard to believe, but we're already kicking off day three here at San Diego Comic-Con. Day three! Time flies when you're having fun, and we're talking about the kind of fun that involves conducting exclusive interviews with the likes of Jon Favreau, Channing Tatum and Taylor Lautner, and premiering clips of our soon-to-be-favorite animated reboot "ThunderCats." So if you enjoyed yesterday's lineup, we're coming right back at ya with another action-packed day of exclusive interviews, clips and panel coverage.

First off, we'll be chatting with the future "Man of Steel" himself, Henry Cavill, alongside his "Immortals" co-stars and director Tarsem Singh. Shortly thereafter, we'll visit with our favorite cast members from "Glee," and Joshua Jackson will stop by to talk all things "Fringe."


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