'Highlander Origins: The Kurgan' #1When we asked comic writer Brandon Jerwa how he prepared to write comics based on the sci-fi classic “Highlander,” his response came in the form of a Freddie Mercury-worthy howl.


“Listen, you can’t write Highlander without some Queen blasting in the background. It should be a law. I mean, come on -- is there a better combination of movie and music?" joked Jerwa. "The answer is ‘no,’ and I’m going to have to kick your ass just because you took a half-second to think about it.” Read More...

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'How to be a Serial Killer'It feels like there are millions of would-be filmmakers flocking to the indie comics marketplace these days in hopes that a drawn version of their film pitch will lead to a studio deal. What’s not seen quite as often are successful indie filmmakers coming to comics, but that’s the track writer/director Luke Ricci found himself on after completing the horror-comedy “How To Be A Serial Killer.”

While shopping the finished film around to distributors (New York area viewers can see the flick as part of the NYC Horror Fest from November 12 – 16), Ricci spun a scene that dropped to the cutting room floor into a comics prequel with artist Ramon Espinoza that was released by Viper Comics as a free give-away at San Diego Comic-Con and will be in comic shops in November. “I think we brought 1,500 copies, and we’d planned on handing them out over three or four days, but they were gone by Saturday morning because people kept coming back for them and telling other people about them. It just felt like the right fit,” Ricci told MTV of the Comic-Con promo. Read More...

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'Chucky' #1Halloween Week continues here on Splash Page with more exclusive interviews and previews of the scariest comics hitting shelves in the days to come. Today we give you your first look at the second volume of Devil's Due Publishing's upcoming series based on the murderous adventures of everyone's favorite Good Guy doll gone bad, Chucky

Wasting a perfectly good weekend zombified on your couch would qualify for most people as a waste of time, a missed opportunity or just plain laziness. For writer Jason Burns, it counts as research.

"I'm the guy who will sit around on a Sunday afternoon and watch a sci fi/horror marathon for 12 hours," said the scribe who's heading up a new volume of "Chucky" comics based on the classic "Child's Play" film series. "I was familiar with all the Chucky movies and coincidentally had watched a marathon shortly before they offered it to me. So I just jumped right in." Read More...

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'X-Files' #1 CoverX-Files comic books -- in the '90s, four color tales of Agents Scully and Mulder heated up the comics charts and nabbed scores of cash on the back issue market before the comics industry and publisher, Topps, took a turn for the worse...along with the whole "X-Files" franchise (check out Kurt Loder's visit to the "X-Files" set here). Now in November, DC's Wildstorm imprint looks to reignite the series' comic popularity with a miniseries featuring something the '90s comics never had: a direct tie to the show's overarching mythos.

"They are connected with a part of the mythology that we introduced but did very little with at the beginning of season five," said writer Frank Spotnitz, a longtime scribe for the series and co-writer of July's "I Want To Believe" film. "We introduced this corporation Roush and so that was part of the mythology that we could have gone a lot deeper with but never got the chance. So the next two books connect with Roush. And I’m going to take a little break from writing comics after this and get back to my screenwriting career, but at some point I hope to get back to write more and do more with the mythology." Read More...

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'Amazing Spider-Man' #574While Spider-Man is a character that’s had no small amount of controversy surrounding him ever since the devil (or Marvel’s approximation thereof) erased his marriage to Mary Jane earlier this year in various Spider-Man comics, the past few weeks have seen more political elements work their way into the wall crawler’s world. While we brought you word last month of Stephen Colbert’s run for the U.S. presidency in the Marvel Universe within the pages of “Amazing Spider-Man,” this week the book shifts its focus to the war in Iraq with “Amazing Spider-Man” #574, on sale today.

The story revolves around Flash Thompson, a Spidey supporting character known to most fans as the bully who made Peter Parker’s high school years a living hell while cheering on Spider-Man. The comic is written by “Eli Stone” TV series co-creator (and co-writer on the upcoming "Green Lantern" film) Marc Guggenheim and drawn by Barry Kitson, and is the first of two stories by the writer that are setting off fanboy radar --- and for very different reasons.

“With Flash’s story, the goal there was not to be political or even topical,” Guggenheim told MTV. Read More...

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Green LanternEven Hollywood professionals can lose their cool in front of movie stars, particularly when said movie stars might just be a perfect leading man for their upcoming superhero movie. That was the case when “Eli Stone” co-creator Marc Guggenheim bumped into Tom Cruise on the show’s set, but for once, Guggenheim played nice and didn’t ask Cruise about his interest in starring as DC’s Green Lantern.

“It’s funny. I was super, super tempted to do it, but I restrained myself,” laughed the writer while talking to MTV News about the second season premier of the ABC series. “I tried not to fly my geek flag too much.”

With us though, Guggenheim was more than ready to let his geek flag, banner and parachute fly as he revealed the specific comic stories that will be influencing the "Green Lantern" film, which may or may not confirm plot spoilers dropped in some leaked reviews of the script aside from his recent media run discussing casting rumors. Read More...

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'The Ferryman'For a guy who's spending October sending souls to hell, Marc Andreyko sounds pretty happy go lucky. While talking about his upcoming Wildstorm series "The Ferryman," Andreyko -- the writer behind DC Comics' critical darling yet low-selling comic "Manhunter" -- had nothing but sunshine and rainbows for his collaborators on the project, including film production legend Joel Silver ("The Matrix," "Roadhouse") by way of his Dark Castle production shingle.

"All that I was given by Silver was that he's always wanted to do a contemporary version of Charon and the River Styx – the Ferryman who ferried souls across into Hades. That was pretty much it. He wanted to do something contemporary with it. Go!" explained Andreyko of the book which debuts on Wednesday, October 8, and which you can see the opening pages from below. "I came up with how that would work and how the Ferrymen today – there'd be many of them because of the world's population, and they'd almost be skip tracers. If you sold your soul to the devil, eventually that contract is going to expire. And unfortunately, most people who sell their soul to the devil don't want to go quietly." Read More...

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Yesterday, MTV Splash Page brought you part one of an exclusive, two-part interview with "Gargoyles" creator Greg Weisman, where he discussed his work on the "Spectacular Spider-Man" cartoon and "Gargoyles." Today we wrap up our talk with Weisman where he discusses his upcoming comic work -- "Progeny" and "Mecha-Nation" -- from SLG Publishing.

One thing that you can definitely say about Greg Weisman is, he doesn't go into a new project blindly.

When asked how long the idea for "Progeny" has been in development, Weisman laughed, "Only three and a half decades, that’s all...every comic book reading kid has a comic universe in his head. I’m not going to kid that I’m the only one to come up with this, but the difference between me and most people is that I wrote it all down, took copious notes and have a comic book universe that goes back thousands of years and into the future a few hundred and has all these heroes." Read More...

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'Spectacular Spider-Man'
MTV Splash Page presents an exclusive, two-part interview with "Gargoyles" creator Greg Weisman. Check back tomorrow for news on his two all-new comic series -- "Progeny" and "Mecha-Nation" -- from SLG Publishing.

Writer Greg Weisman has had a roundabout way of getting into superhero comics.

Fans of the Hollywood jack-of-all-trades -- creator, writer, producer -- already know he has quite the resume. Currently, he serves as executive producer on the hit Saturday morning Kids WB! cartoon "Spectacular Spider-Man," and he certainly has his hands full introducing villains old and new in March's second season debut. "We’re introducing Kraven and Mysterio who I’m thinking are A or A- villains for Spidey. We’ve got Molten Man, who I would at least call a B+. I think Spidey just has such a terrific rogue’s gallery. I’d put it up there with any other character’s. It’s just a wealth of terrific characters. I think that even after two seasons there are still guys we won’t have gotten to yet – Hobgoblin and Scorpion we were sort of saving for season three, which we’re still hoping we’ll get a pick up for. Read More...

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'Conan: Red Nails'When it was announced as a direct-to-DVD animated feature, “Conan: Red Nails” sure had a lot going for it. Based on one of the most celebrated original stories by Conan creator Robert E. Howard and featuring design work from legendary fantasy artists Mark Schultz and Mike Kaluta, “Red Nails” staked claim on fanboy perfection when it announced that “Hellboy” actor Ron Perlman would be providing the voice for the headlining barbarian along with backup from stars like Mark Hamill and James Marsden.

With so much talent announced on the movie, it’s a wonder more people haven't heard of the project. Then again, these developments were announced a while ago. Back in October, actually...of 2005. So with a new live-action "Conan" feature on the horizon, we went looking into whatever happened to this former high-profile animated film. And we learned the long wait thankfully doesn’t mean the project is DOA. Read More...


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