'Superman & Batman vs. Vampires & Werewolves' Cover #1"Carpe Noctum: Seize the Knight." That’s what director/comics writer Kevin VanHook ("Bloodshot") wanted to name his latest work, an old-school horror comic entrenched in the DC Universe that finds Superman and Batman battling a swelling population of vampires and werewolves. DC brass didn’t “get” that title; they instead came up with this: "Superman and Batman vs. Vampires and Werewolves."

“I was told by phone," explained VanHook. "[DC Executive Editor] Dan DiDio was like, 'Are you sitting down? Remember when you did that movie and you wanted to call it 'Death Row,' but SCI FI channel insisted on calling it 'Haunted Prison?'” [laughs] He said, ‘It’s sorta like that.’ Not subtle!” Read More...

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'Stuffed'The other day, comic illustrator Nick Bertozzi ("The Salon") slyly leaked a few pages of "Stuffed," his comics collaboration with "Colbert Report" writer, Glenn Eichler, on his LiveJournal. Here's what we saw: a chubby, middle-aged, long-haired, bearded dude falling out of bed; and later, said slacker explaining how he drilled a hole in his own head to free his mind, man. Is this the Lebowski sequel we've all been waiting for!?

Not exactly. But as we learned from recent Emmy recipient Eichler (who previously worked on MTV's "Beavis & Butthead" and "Daria"), his graphic novel -- like that seminal movie -- is indeed imbued with dark comedy, cerebral subtext, and a lingering sense of existential unease. Read More...

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'Wonder Woman' #24 CoverSince there is no Justice (League) anymore in the movie world, let’s do a little check in with its members’ solo missions. Warner Bros. has summoned "Dark Knight" Director Christopher Nolan for a third box-office booty call (he has yet to holla back) and the company’s president voiced his intent to launch a "Dark Knight"-y Superman — even if that does mean potentially mixing nerd-lore metaphors.

But what’s up with Wonder Woman?

“We’re waiting for the script to come in,” says producer Leonard Goldberg ("Charlie’s Angels"), who’s working on the film alongside Joel Silver.

And Hera help them, indeed: Goldberg has been trying to get a "Wonder Woman" film to take flight since the ’70s when he and then-business partner Aaron Spelling tried to lasso in Raquel Welch for the lead. Read More...

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'Buckaroo Banzai' ComicHe was a surgeon, a rock star, a comic book hero, and he came from the ’80s. But enough about Rick Springfield. Buckaroo Banzai, the charismatic character from 1984’s cult favorite "The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension"
(starring future Robocop, Peter Weller), achieved the above -- plus he practiced physics, raced cars, roughed-up aliens...all while donning Perry Ellis and Armani threads! Before you get all nerd-stalgic about the sequel that never was (read about "Buckaroo Banzai Against the World Crime League" here), Moonstone Books has come in for the save, releasing brand-new comic-book stories about our favorite hipster adventurer.

“We’re just trying to keep it on — not life support — but we’re trying to grow an audience and see how much interest there is,” said "Buckaroo" creator Earl Mac Rauch, who scripted the movie and says he’s been too much of a perfectionist to ever take a crack at a sequel. But that’s starting to change: Last year, Rauch wrote a three-issue Buckaroo “prequel” called "Return of the Screw," and this fall finds two other tales on deck for release through Moonstone. Read More...

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'Invincible Iron Man' #5With Labor Day fast approaching, it’s only fitting to look back at our first love this summer. We speak, of course, of the "Iron Man" movie. What did we learn from it? That a-hole industrialists make awesome heroes, Gwyneth Paltrow’s secret superpower is wearing absurdly high heels, plus metallurgy sort of rules. But mostly, we’ve realized that we cannot humanly wait until April 2010 for Robert Downey Jr. to don another steely suit as he possibly grapples with his love of hooch.

Thanks to comics scribe Matt Fraction ("Casanova," "Immortal Iron Fist") and illustrator Salvador Larroca ("Uncanny X-Men"), we’re pretty much getting that sequel now with "Invincible Iron Man," the Marvel title that springboards effortlessly—and satisfyingly—off the blockbuster film. Here, Stark traces a series of catastrophic suicide-bombing attacks to one dude: Ezekiel Stane, son of fabled foe Obadiah Stane (or, Jeff Bridges in the movie), who’s a busy little villain, what with dealing Iron Man-esque nuclear gizmos to the highest baddie bidders and also refining the technology to finally whack Stark.

After the jump, Fraction gives Splash Page a taste of his greater designs on Iron Man, then offers us an exclusive, explosive peek at this arc’s penultimate issue (number 5, out Sept. 3). Read More...

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