Smallville” fans have gotten used to seeing even the outer parameters of DC’s hero roster brought to life while star Clark Kent remains rather pedestrian. As it turns out though, the series debut of DC cult favorites Booster Gold and Blue Beetle may have a hand in finally breaking Clark free of his civilian shell.

TV Guide just released a photo peek of Booster and Blue Beetle as they’ll appear—in full costume—for April 22’s “Smallville,” also taking the time to speak to DC scribe and episode writer Geoff Johns along with Booster Gold actor Eric Martsolf.


"The episode takes place in Booster's very early stages where he's at his conceited best, where he believes he can do whatever he wants,” Martsolf said of where we’ll find the self-promoting hero. He's gonna stay for the photo op and bask in the glory of his heroic efforts." Read More...

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Abin SurAbin Sur’s incubated corpse was a big draw for the Warner Bros. booth at this past summer’s San Diego Comic Con. Unless you were one of many tightly squeezed attendants, however, you might not have gotten such a good look.

Cosmic Book News was early in scoring an image fans can now spot in issues of Green Lantern #64.

Played by Temuera Morrison, Sur was also (very) briefly visible within the “Green Lanterntrailer. Fans of Star Wars entire cannon might remember Morrison as Jengo Fett in “Attack of the Clones." Read More...

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AkiraA script can spend forever in the editing stage, so anticipators of the developing live-action movie version of “Akira” should feel lucky to hear the project is finally materializing. After all, the film’s script—taken on in mid November for polishing by “Harry Potter” writer Steve Kloves—is an adaptation of Katsuhiro Otomo’s sprawling 6 volume manga, and not a remake of the 1988 anime.

According to Deadline, Klove’s edits have Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures brass along with director Albert Hughes “excited” enough to forward the script to a short list of actors.



Amanda SeyfriedSeven years after making her movie debut in “Mean Girls” Amanda Seyfried—currently starring in “Red Riding Hood”—is a hotter-than-ever Hollywood commodity. But despite having the look and fantasy genre chops, Seyfried has yet to breach the equally bankable comic-based movie circuit.

As it turns out, she’s kind of bummed about it. At the very least, the actress—once a shoe-in for the lead in “Sucker Punch”—is bummed about missing out on what would have been her second chance to work with director Zack Snyder.

“I auditioned for a role in the new ‘Superman’ and didn’t get it,” Seyfried told Australian blog AdelaideNow. Read More...

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Last we heard from the “Men In Black 3” camp, issues with 1960s-era scenes had sent its script in for some fine-tuning by "Spider-Man" and "Angels & Demons" writer David Koepp. Not that fans should worry, the film’s studio and its actors alike are confident in both its latest script and release date—currently May 2012.

The ever confident Will Smith will be reprising his role of Agent J of course, and while we don’t yet know if he’ll also be reprising his role on the film soundtrack, two lucky fans will have the chance to ask the actor in person if they so desire.

Teaming up with charity auction site charitybuzz, Smith has made his time the central focus of an exclusive “Men in Black III” charity auction. Read More...

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leaked Voltron concept artThis past summer teased “Voltron” fans by offering as much evidence as anyone had ever seen that there would soon be a live-action adaptation of the beloved 1980s cartoon about a giant robot composed of smaller lion robots operated by people.

As producer Ted Koplar of World Events (the production company behind the original cartoon) told MTV News, “Voltron” “outperformed the Transformers” in its heyday, so naturally the thought of reprising the franchise has generated no small amount of interest from Hollywood. We even saw some leaked concept art of the titular robot amongst a decimated NYC. But if one sign of a movie being on its way proves it is—even more so than full color concept art—it’s a bidding war.

And according to Vulture, that's exactly what broke out recently over the rights to make a "Voltron" movie. Read More...


Stellan SkarsgårdWith no background in comic continuity, little is known about the character Doctor Selvig in Kenneth Branagh’s upcoming “Thor,” beyond the fact that he will be played by Swedish veteran actor Stellan Skarsgård.

But just because Selvig isn’t backed up by the books doesn’t mean he’ll be a one-film footnote.

Thor’s distant kinsmen, the Swedish, are reporting that Skarsgård will carry on his “Thor” role to “The Avengers.” Read More...

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Chris Hemsworth 'Thor'Chris Hemsworth may be a relative newcomer to the American movie scene, but signing on as Thor in Kenneth Branagh’s big-screen comic translation sealed the actor’s fate as part of “The Avengers” for as long as Marvel maintains the team’s current incarnation.

Now organizers behind Chicago super con C2E2 have announced the addition of the Australian actor to their still-expanding roster of celebrity and professional guests.

Chris Hemsworth will be appearing at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo for an exclusive Q&A on Saturday, March 19th, 2011, scheduled to take place in the IGN Theater from 11:45am to 12:45pm. Read More...

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Mark RuffaloMany iconic comic book characters have depended on lesser-known actors to flesh out their moving-picture identities, but in the last eight years the Hulk has had a rather prestigious list of performers willing to portray one of anger’s most famous incarnations. The latest among them, Mark Ruffalo recently attended the Oscars sporting a nomination for his part in “The Kids Are All Right."

The Telegraph caught up with the actor on the cusp of his nomination, and noted that he was “slim, shortish and seemingly untroubled by anger issues.”

So how will he bulk up to become the Hulk for Marvel's epic tentpole "The Avengers"? Read More...

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Fact: Katee Sackhoff doesn’t need to earn any more nerd cred. The seasoned sci-fi actress' turn as the hard-drinking, hard-fighting Starbuck on “Battlestar Galactica” inspired devotion in fanboys and feminists alike, but now she appears to have her eye on another television series that will likely be the talk of the comic shop: the recently green-litPowers,” based on Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming's popular comic book series.


The actress voiced her excitement over the maturing series in response to a fan, and indicated that she's chasing a role — presumably that of detective Deena Pilgrim.

"Already met on #powers last year! I love it! I've just been waiting for a green light to go after it!" she posted on Twitter. Read More...

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