Spider-Man musicalOkay, so this is awesome. A new, off-Broadway Spider-Man musical is aiming to beat “Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark” to its current release date (currently March 15).

Set to premiere at the People’s Improv Theater in New York—a day before the thoroughly critiqued Julie Taymor production—is a satirical song and dance entitled “The Spidey Project: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”.

Created by improviser Justin Moran, the comedic piece purports to compose a “fully realized” Spider-Man musical in under 30 days—with no budget. Of course, that particular provision stands in great contrast to Taymor’s massively funded “Turn Off The Dark.” Read More...

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'True Blood' Comic group shotWest Coast truebies who have discovered IDW’s “True Blood” comic series will certainly be interested in making a pilgrimage to the City of Angels this coming Saturday, February 26.

Celebrating this week's release of "Tainted Love" #1, the first issue of the series' second volume (co-written by "True Blood" actor Michael McMillian), and last week's release of “All Together Now,” a collection of the series' first six issues, IDW Publishing and HBO have teamed up for a "True Blood" signing event in L.A.’s Barnes & Noble at The Grove.

The event will feature appearances by cast and creative team members from the fan-favorite sci-fi soap. Read More...


Lynda Carter - Wonder WomanTwo out of DC’s big three superheroes have been portrayed by sundry faces and personalities within the acting industry, but when it comes to the queen of the Amazons, only one woman has ever truly filled the role: "Wonder Woman" television series star Lynda Carter.

With any luck, that could change when Adrianne Palicki takes up both the golden lasso of DC’s most powerful super heroine and the dialogue of one of TV’s most powerful scribes, David E. Kelly.

But until that new Wonder Woman show debuts, Lynda Carter retains the reigns as Diana Prince in our collective visual consciousness. So how does the iconic entertainer feel about the new leading lady cast in the role she made famous? Read More...

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Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark Goblin PhotoFor "Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark," even the fifth time might not be the charm.

Following the news that the official opening of “Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark” would be delayed a fifth time—now scheduled to open March 15—critics lashed out at the musical, taking it to task on aspects many have seen as problematic — among them, its plot.

Since then, there’s been an apparent bit of scrambling within the musical’s camp. The latest intelligence, courtesy of The New York Times, looks to be the addition of veteran musical supervisor and conductor, Paul Bogaev. Read More...


Green Lantern Movie FistAny Splash Page fans across the pond will be enjoying their Comic Con courtesy of “Green Lantern” this year. Organizers behind the MCM Expo—London’s huge 10-year running comic and entertainment convention—have announced the event’s sponsorship by DC’s slated summer blockbuster.

So the con’s swag bags will probably be adorned with images of Ryan Reynolds in green skivvies, but more significantly, the news indicates that MCM Expo (scheduled for May 27-29) is destined to be the forum for any last-minute releases and scoops related to the June 17 film. "Green Lantern" hits theaters June 17, 2011. Read More...

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Last AirbenderAvatar: The Last Airbender” is one of those cartoons with the artistic merit to appeal to an audience beyond the Saturday morning crowd. Although last summer's live-action film version, "The Last Airbender" did seem to draw a decidedly younger audience, fans of all ages will be able to find comics based on the Nickelodeon series alongside other cult-hit franchise adaptations like “Star Wars” and “Buffy.”

Dark Horse and Nickelodeon have just announced a plan to release new collections of “Avatar” comics. This follows the publisher’s successful release of the “Avatar: The Last Airbender—The Art of the Animated Series”.

The very first “Avatar” comic to hit shelves—of rather, fly off tables—will be available on May 7, otherwise known as the much-anticipated Free Comic Book Day of 2011. The installment will consist of two “introductory” short stories: “Relics” and “Dirty Is Only Skin Deep,” and will come packaged with Lucasfilm’s “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” in what Dark Horse calls a “special flip book comic.” Read More...

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Cobie Smulders photoWhen Samuel L. Jackson revealed that Nick Fury would have a “sidekick” in “The Avengers,” few speculated that he was pointing to anyone other than S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Maria Hill, the second-in-command operative whose popularity exploded following her 2005 comic debut.

Now it seems the role has secured its star, and Fury his first real film-foil. Just yesterday “How I Met Your Mother” actress Cobie Smulders was called a front-runner for the part, and she must not have had far to go before breaking that finish line tape.

According to Variety, Smulders has been confirmed for the role of Hill, beating out at least five actresses, including, reportedly, Morena Baccarin (of “Firefly” and “V”), Jessica Lucas ("Cloverfield") and Mary Elizabeth Winstead (“Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World”), all of which, at some point, read opposite Jackson. Read More...

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PriestUnlike the home-style landscapes of many a vampire flick, the world of “Priest” has already been decimated by bloodsuckers. That much was clear when we saw the last trailer for the film, and it’s something fans of Min-Woo Hyung’s popular Tokyopop-published manhwa series (on which the movie is based) are quite familiar with.

Now those who haven’t yet gotten their hands on Hyung’s books have a wider window into the upcoming action thriller, thanks to the latest “Priest” trailer.

The film’s namesake, played by Paul Bettany, is a holy man-warrior bent on finding the band of vampires who attacked his brother (“True Blood” actor Stephen Moyer) and kidnapped his niece (played by Phil Collins’ daughter Lily Collins). Read More...

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It was almost two months ago that the first trailer for Kenneth Branagh’s “Thorarrived online, delighting fans of both the mythical thunder god and Marvel’s feverish mission to assemble The Avengers and its members’ distinct stories on the big screen.

Now, almost exactly one hour into the Super Bowl, the latest shiny cerulean and bass-heavy “Thor” trailer has debuted to the discerning public, courtesy of Marvel Studios and Paramount.

December's trailer for “Thor” peeked at the identity of the Norse God, played by Chris Hemsworth, showing him cast down to the realm of man after causing a major headache for his dad (Anthony Hopkins) up in Asgard. Read More...

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Wonder Woman Comic CoverWe know it’s out there—David E. Kelly’s script for “Wonder Woman” tempted industry execs and ultimately landed a deal for the show at NBC. (And a popular rumor has McG favored to direct the pilot.)

As to what the TV reboot — and Wonder Woman herself — will look like, well... there just might be a way to find out. Claiming to have scooped a draft of said “Wonder Woman” pilot script, Bleeding Cool has paraphrased some of its elements (without spoilers), including takes on comics continuity and windows into the character that is Wonder Woman, a.k.a. Diana Prince, a.k.a. Diana Themyscyra.

That’s right, this hero has three separate identities. Of course everything about the supposed script is unconfirmed, and even if the scoop proves valid, these points might not make it to any version of the show seen by human eyes. So read on with a grain of salt! Read More...

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