TransformersIt's always fun when a package from Hasbro arrives at MTV Splash Page HQ, and today's delivery of "Transformers: Dark Of The Moon" toys was no exception.

As you've probably learned by now, I don't mind setting aside my pride for the opportunity to show off all of the cool stuff that these packages contain (and if you haven't learned that, I encourage you to check out the "Thor" and "Iron Man 2" toy write-ups). However, since the bulk of our "Dark Of The Moon" coverage will be happening on MTV Movies Blog, I asked Movies Blog editor Josh Wigler to star in the necessary — and unabashedly nerdy — swag photo. Read More...

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The ten-year run of "Smallville" is in the rearview mirror now, but that doesn't mean the record-breaking series has faded from the minds of its cast or fans. MTV News recently caught up with actress Laura Vandervoort, who played Supergirl in a recurring role on the show the last few seasons.

"I really enjoyed being on 'Smallville,'" said Vandervoort when asked about saying goodbye to her character, Kara, and the rest of the "Smallville" universe. Read More...

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Green LanternAll week, we've been bringing you wall-to-wall coverage of "Green Lantern," so now that the film has made its big debut, what do you think?

Sure, we know the critics aren't too thrilled about Ryan Reynolds' debut as Hal Jordan, but that doesn't mean everyone is leaving the theater with bad feelings about DC's ring-wielding superhero. After all, the movie isn't doing too bad at the box office so far...

Nevertheless, it's time to hear from you about "Green Lantern." Read More...

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Star TrekI know I'm not alone in being impressed by the recent "Star Trek" movie that effectively rebooted the science-fiction franchise for a younger generation. Sadly, we might have to wait a while for the "Star Trek" sequel, but it looks like there will be ample opportunity for fans of both the original series and the new, alternate timeline to get their fix of adventures with the crew of The Enterprise.

IDW Publishing announced plans today for a new series of "Star Trek" comics shepherded by the writer and producer of the 2009 film, Roberto Orci. According to the press release, "Star Trek" #1 will hit shelves in September, and feature stories from the original series re-imagined with the new crew.

Orci will oversee the ongoing series, with writer Mike Johnson and artist Stephen Molnar handling the individual issues. Read More...

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"Green Lantern" has finally arrived in theaters, but as many media outlets (including us) have pointed out, there's a good chance that many of the people lining up to see Ryan Reynolds' big-screen debut as Hal Jordan know very little about DC Comics' cosmic police force known as the Green Lantern Corps.

Don't worry if you're a Green Lantern newbie, though, we've got your back. Along with having the "Green Lantern" cast explain their characters, we also put together a quick primer on some of the alien members of the Corps.

Once you check out our "Green Lantern" Alien 101 above, there are a few other places you might want to look to get up to speed on Hal Jordan and the rest of the Corps. Read More...

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Sure, "Green Lantern" is dominating the headlines today, but the Marvel side of the comic book movie equation is making sure we keep films like "Captain America: The First Avenger" on our collective radar, too. Case in point: some new images from the film that just found their way online.

First up, the official "Captain America" movie website recently added a few shots from the film that you'll definitely want to check out. They include this new shot of Hugo Weaving as Red Skull:

Red Skull

Meanwhile, a quintet of new photos popped up elsewhere around the InterWebs this week that — while less scary than the Red Skull pic — are also worth a look. Read More...

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"Green Lantern" brings its emerald glow to theaters this weekend, and just like so many other projects making the leap from page to screen, it's packed with call-outs to its comic book source material.

As we've done in the past with "X-Men: First Class" and "Thor," here's a spoiler-free breakdown of five hidden (and not-so-hidden) things to look for when you check out "Green Lantern."

Just in case you aren't able to watch the video, here's a roundup of what you missed...



"Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark" marked its official premiere this week, ending a record-breaking run of preview performances marred by casting changes, injuries, and harsh criticism. However, after undergoing a massive overhaul — including a change in director and a complete reworking of the script — the budget-busting show has finally managed to secure some praise from attendees and critics alike, and evolved from punchline to legitimate Broadway production.

MTV News attended this week's premiere of the "Spider-Man" musical, and spoke to writers Glen Berger and Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa about the significant changes they made to the production since its original, troubled debut.

"I think we tried to make the story a little bit more linear, but we also tried to bring the characters that the fans know and love — like Mary Jane, Aunt May, Uncle Ben, [and] the Green Goblin — we tried to give them more material and go a little bit deeper on their journeys," explained Aguirre-Sacasa. Read More...

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The WolverineThe hunt for a director to bring "The Wolverine" to theaters may soon be over, with "3:10 to Yuma" filmmaker James Mangold the odds-on favorite to get behind the camera for the next chapter in the saga of everyone's favorite clawed Canadian.

According to Deadline, Mangold tops a short list of three directors the studio and star Hugh Jackman are now considering for the job. Gavin O'Connor ("Miracle") and Antoine Fuqua ("Training Day") are also on the list, though Mangold is expected to be offered — and accept — the gig in the near future.

It's been a long road to get to this point, with high-profile filmmaker Darren Aronofsky unexpectedly departing the film back in March. Read More...

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Russell CroweWe have Superman, Superman's girlfriend, Superman's adoptive parents, and one of Superman's greatest enemies all lined up for Zack Snyder's upcoming "Man Of Steel" reboot movie. Now we have his Kryptonian dad, too.

Variety reports that Russell Crowe is in negotiations to play Jor-El, the biological father of Superman, in the upcoming relaunch of the Warner Brothers film franchise. While the studio has yet to confirm the casting, the report indicates that an A-list actress is also being sought to play Lara, Superman's biological mother.

If the report proves true and Crowe takes on the role, he'll have big shoes to fill. Read More...

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