MorbiusTHE STORY: "Morbius the Living Vampire" - Created by Roy Thomas (W) and Gil Kane (A) - Marvel Comics.

WHAT IT’S ABOUT: Dr. Michael Morbius is a brilliant biochemist and neuroradiologist who develops a rare blood disease that’s killing him. In his quest for a cure, he winds up mutating himself into a “living vampire,” with chalk-white skin, a hypnotic stare, superhuman strength, accelerated healing, razor-sharp talons, the ability to glide on winds, a lethal allergy to sunlight, and the need to constantly feed on blood and plasma.

Discovering that he can’t survive off of animals or blood bank supplies (due to the chemicals used), Morbius eventually swears to feed only on the guilty, the worst criminals mankind has to offer, while simultaneously seeking out a cure to his condition. Read More...

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Warren EllisEDITOR'S NOTE: With "Red" hitting theaters October 15, we're kicking off the next two weeks of coverage with five days of guest columns from writer Warren Ellis, co-creator of the 2003 "Red" comic book with artist Cully Hamner. Join us all week for original columns from Ellis that will look at the origins of the comic, his favorite scenes, and much, much more! -RM


Things it would amuse me to see (that would probably terrify my friends):

I would find it really interesting to see someone like Paul Greengrass adapt Brian Wood's Viking graphic novel sequence "Northlanders" for film. Greengrass likes realism and a good location, but he isn't all about the location in supremacy (heh) to the actors — the people are the focus. Read More...

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The Dog YearsTHE STORY: "Tribes: The Dog Years" by Michael Geszel and Peter Spinetta (W) and Inaki Miranda (A) — IDW Publishing

WHAT IT'S ABOUT: In the not too distant future, a virus breaks out that shortens the human lifespan to 21 years. Two hundred years later, the ranks of humanity have dwindled down to an unlucky few, separated into tribes that live amongst the wreckage of a forgotten civilization.

But when Sundog of the Sky Shadows tribe discovers a stranger that's considerably older than the average lifespan, the young hero embarks on an adventure that could redirect the future of mankind. Read More...

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Left on MissionTHE STORY: "Left on Mission" by Chip Mosher (W) and Francesco Francavilla (A) — Boom! Studios

WHAT IT'S ABOUT: A former spy named Eric Westfall is called back into action and ordered to track down a rogue operative who plans to sell vital information to the Russians.

Unfortunately for Westfall, the operative is a woman named Emma, one of his former lovers who may hold the key to an even bigger secret.


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MnemovoreTHE STORY: "Mnemovore" by Ray Fawkes & Hans Rodionoff (W) and Mike Huddleston (A) — Vertigo

WHAT IT'S ABOUT: A young Olympic Snowboarder named Kaley Markowic suffers a head injury during competition and develops retrograde amnesia, leaving her unable to recall her life before the accident. While she attempts to recover, Kaley and her friends are attacked by a Lovecraftian-like creature that devours memories and begins to literally erase Kaley from everyone else's memory.

Meanwhile, an ad man named Mike Neville is suffering a nervous breakdown and welcomes the influence of the creature into his life, in order to help it spread...

WHY IT WORKS: One of the most original horror comics in years, Fawkes and Rodionoff masterfully created a unique monster that doesn't simply want to kill its victims. The entire series is fraught with tension and anxiety. Outside of the creature's influence, the writers also explore the ramifications of Kaley's memory loss as even her friends try to manipulate her to their advantage. Read More...

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BayouTHE STORY: "Bayou" by Jeremy Love — Zuda Comics

WHAT IT'S ABOUT: The year is 1933. Lee Wagstaff is a young African-American girl living in the racially tense town of Charon, Mississippi. After witnessing the abduction of her white playmate by a mysterious swamp creature, Lee finds her father accused of the kidnapping. To rescue both her friend and her father, Lee embarks on a quest into a frightening fantasy-filled world alongside Bayou, a green swamp monster with plenty of stature and plenty of heart.

WHY IT WORKS: One of the earliest stories to premiere on DC's online imprint Zuda Comics, "Bayou" is a deeply moving work on multiple levels. It's filled with visceral eye candy that never ceases to pop, monstrous creatures that both horrify and amaze. But beyond the fantasy setting, "Bayou" is an expertly crafted examination of racism, issues of identity, self-exploration and courage in the face of adversity. From both literal and metaphorical standpoints, "Bayou" is a beautiful piece of fiction. Read More...

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IrredeemableTHE STORY: "Irredeemable" by Mark Waid (W) and Peter Krause (A) — Boom! Studios

WHAT IT'S ABOUT: The Plutonian — once Earth's greatest superhero — has snapped and is now the deadliest supervillain ever, having destroyed his home city and murdered an entire country. His former superhero teammates desperately attempt to find a way to stop him, while guarding some dark secrets of their own.

WHY IT WORKS: If there's anyone who has a complete understanding of how superhero comics work, it's Mark Waid. While The Plutonian and The Paradigm are clearly inspired by Superman and the Justice League, Waid is able to twist the original dynamic into a fresh and twisted view of the superhero genre. Read More...

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Random Acts of ViolenceTHE STORY: "Random Acts of Violence" by Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray (W) / Giancarlo Caracuzzo (A) — Image Comics

WHAT IT'S ABOUT: Comic book creators Ezra and Todd have a critical and commercial hit on their hands in the form of "Slasherman," their first creator-owned horror series. The two embark on a signing tour to promote the book, launching a contest for readers to create their very own "Slasherman" scene.

Over the course of their trip, it becomes increasingly clear that "Slasherman" has inspired a wave of violence, one that reaches all the way to Ezra and Todd's doorsteps. Read More...

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OutsiderTHE STORY: "Outsider" by Jim Francis (W & A)

WHAT IT'S ABOUT: An action/sci-fi story that follows Ensign Alexander Jardin — the sole survivor of a human exploration ship destroyed by an unknown alien force — as he is thrust into the middle of an intergalactic war, light years away from home. To further his isolation, he is the only male on a ship of female alien warriors known as the Loroi.

WHY IT WORKS: Francis places the audience on equal footing with Ensign Jardin, by letting the reader discover important information at the same time that he does. Jardin's internal monologue is also extremely compelling and depicts a man who is struggling to find his way through a truly alien situation. Likewise, the Loroi are shown to be a convincingly alien culture that is at least partially telepathic, which often leaves Jardin completely out of the loop as they communicate directly with each other. Read More...

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Jersey GodsTHE STORY: "Jersey Gods" by Glen Brunswick (W) and Dan McDaid (A) — Image Comics

WHAT IT'S ABOUT: Zoe is a typical New Jersey girl working in journalism with an eye for fashion. Barock is a chiseled-out-of-marble God and legendary war hero from the world of Neboron.

When fate brings the two of them together, Zoe and Barock embark on a romantic epic that spans the globe, travels all the way through to the stars and goes against all the odds.


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