Bizarre New WorldTHE STORY: "Bizarre New World" by Skipper Martin (W), Christopher Provencher (A) and Wes Dzioba (C) - Ape Entertainment

WHAT IT'S ABOUT: Meet Paul Krutcher, an ordinary guy who works as a film editor. He's also a divorced father devoted to his son... and the world's first flying man. Krutcher quickly embraces his newfound ability and uses it to greatly improve his life until the world discovers the "first flying man" and it isn't him...

WHY IT WORKS: Martin crafts an incredibly relatable and engaging story about a protagonist who is refreshingly ordinary. Krutcher doesn't use his gift to fight crime or as an excuse to make himself into a costumed hero; he uses it to have fun. At the same time, his paranoia of being discovered is quite humorous. Krutcher's relationship with his young son is also very believable and warm, which adds a welcome human touch to the story. At three issues, the series moves along at a brisk pace and is never boring. Read More...

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Light BrigadeTHE STORY: "Light Brigade" by Peter J. Tomasi (W) and Peter Snejbjerg (A) - DC Comics

WHAT IT'S ABOUT: A group of Allied soldiers encounters a pair of fallen angels who crashed to Earth in battle. Charged with recovering a holy weapon, the soldiers must overcome enemies human and supernatural to retrieve it before an army of undead Nazis can tap its power.

Behind enemy lines, low on supplies, and reeling from the horrors of World War II, the ragtag group needs to muster equal parts courage and faith in order to to save the world. Read More...

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Athena VoltaireTHE STORY: "Athena Voltaire" by Steve Bryant (W & A) - Ape Entertainment

WHAT IT'S ABOUT: A high-octane, action-adventure comic set in the 1930s that follows a female aviatrix as she travels the world and takes on monsters, vampires and nazis.

WHY IT WORKS: Bryant combines a strong female lead with stunning artwork and intriguing stories filled with memorable characters, sharp dialog and impeccably produced comics that faithfully recreate the vibe of early film serials. "Athena Voltaire" also mixes fiction and history while still maintaining a certain believable reality, similar to Mike Mignola's "Hellboy" and "Raiders of the Lost Ark."

The serialized stories of "Athena Voltaire" are also well-suited for adaptation as a series of feature films. The lead character is versatile enough to star in almost any kind of story, which could allow filmmakers the freedom to tell original stories while still remaining true to Bryant's original vision. Read More...

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Incredible Change-BotsTHE STORY: "Incredible Change-Bots" by Jeffrey Brown - Top Shelf Productions

WHAT IT'S ABOUT: Forced off their war-ravaged home planet of Electrocybercircuitron, the Awesomebots and Fantasticons continue their struggle on Earth, utilizing their advanced technology and ability to transform from robots to vehicles (and back again).

Sure, it sounds familiar — but that's intentional with this nostalgic mash-up of giant-robot adventures a la Transformers and Go-Bots. While Brown makes no shortage of references to the '80s cartoon and toy lines (Awesomebots leader "Big Rig" turns into a tractor trailer, while his Fantasticons counterpart, "Shootertron," changes into a gun), his tales have the robots treading new, hilarious ground. Read More...

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American JesusEDITOR'S NOTE: It's "Kick-Ass" Week here on Splash Page, and we've recruited Guest Editor Mark Millar to pick this week's "Adapt This" selection. He chose the only one of his creator-owned books not currently in development as a feature film, and suggested the cast, filmmaker and direction he'd like to see the adaptation take.

THE STORY: "American Jesus" by Mark Millar (W) and Peter Gross (A) - Dark Horse Comics/Image Comics

WHAT IT'S ABOUT: A 12-year-old boy is faced with the revelation that he is Jesus Christ, the returned lord and savior of man. In light of this discovery, he's forced to deal with all the miracles, responsibility and baggage that comes with being the new Messiah. Read More...

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Sugar ShockTHE STORY: "Sugarshock" by Joss Whedon (W) and Fabio Moon (A) - Dark Horse Comics

WHAT IT'S ABOUT: Dandelion Naizen is the leader of a rock and roll band, but in another life, she could have been the greatest enemy the Vikings had ever known — although, there's really no reason she can't pull that off in this life, too. At the very least, Dandelion and her band mates — drummer Wade, guitarist L'Lihdra and bassist Robot Phil — are ready to roll up their sleeves and bring down the pain on their musical competitors.

But can Dandelion and the rest of the band pull themselves together long enough to survive a literal intergalactic battle of the bands on Planet Flenders? Can they ever trust each other again in light of some very surprising and very bizarre reveals? Can anyone understand what the heck Dandelion is talking about? Like, ever? Read More...

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Red Rocket SevenTHE STORY: "Red Rocket 7" by Mike Allred (W/A) - Image Comics/Dark Horse Comics

WHAT IT'S ABOUT: Cloned versions of an alien fugitive disperse and witness the evolution of rock and roll, only to become supporting characters in the history of American pop culture. The mini-series by "Madman" creator Mike Allred tackles elements of cultural discord, Americana, personal angst and teenage rebellion that all came together to lift up everyone from Little Richard and The Beatles to David Bowie and the Dandy Warhols.

One alien man's struggle divides in the story of seven duplicates in a unique perspective on the the timeline of rock. Read More...

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45THE STORY: "45" By Andi Ewington and 45 artists

WHAT IT'S ABOUT: Journalist James Stanley lives in a world populated by genetically gifted superhumans and his unborn child may be next in line to join them. Before that possibility can be realized, however, Stanley sets off to interview 45 superpowered individuals to form a clearer picture of what his family could experience if his child is born with the ability-granting Super-S gene.

Along the way, he uncovers a secret organization called XoDOS with its own agenda for the interviewees, which could spell trouble for every person on the planet. Read More...

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The Other SideTHE STORY: "The Other Side" by Jason Aaron (W) & Cameron Stewart (A) - Vertigo Comics

WHAT IT'S ABOUT: Billy Everette of Russellville, Alabama and Vo Binh Dai of Nam Phong are two soldiers on opposing sides of the war in Vietnam. Both men are experiencing something profound: Billy daydreams of the ghosts of war, while Vo Dai believes himself to be walking along the Eightfold Path towards enlightenment. And though neither of them have ever met, their worlds are destined to collide all the same.

The stories of these two soldiers speak to what lies in wait for mankind beyond the wire — what lies in wait on the other side. Read More...

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Justin M. DamianoTHE STORY: "Justin M. Damiano" by Daniel Clowes (W/A) - Penguin Books

WHAT IT'S ABOUT: [SPOILER WARNING] Apologies, but this story is only four pages long so there's no way to explain it without spoilers.

A movie critic blogger and social misfit comes face to face with a director he's admired for years, but when baggage from a failed relationship impacts his view of the director's work, he decides to take out his frustrations in his writing.


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