Beasts of BurdenTHE STORY: "Beasts of Burden" by Evan Dorkin (W) and Jill Thompson (A) – Dark Horse Comics

WHAT IT'S ABOUT: Something's not quite right in Burden Hill. The picturesque American suburb is plagued by haunted dog houses, zombie road kill and far too many black cats. With their "people" distracted by the monotony of day-to-day life, it's up to a hodgepodge of neighborhood dogs (and one reluctant cat) to protect their community from supernatural threats.

Under the guidance of an aging society of "Wise Dogs," canines with abilities beyond those of average pets, the beasts begin to take matters into their own paws. Read More...

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CasanovaTHE STORY: "Casanova" by Matt Fraction (W) and Gabriel Bá (A) - Image Comics

WHAT IT'S ABOUT: The title hero, Casanova Quinn, is part James Bond, a little bit Doctor Who and a dash of Buckaroo Banzai. He's an alpha male super-spy for hire with with a dad out to kill him and beautiful lady robots around every corner. His first volume of adventures in "Casanova: Luxuria" smacks of Nick Fury bravado and Terry Gilliam-style absurdity.

His father Cornelius, the ultimate authority figure, runs a planetwide organization called E.M.P.I.R.E. that enforces world peace with a mighty fist. Casanova remains the persist rebel, but transdimensional hijinx and his father's nemesis, a villain named Newman Xeno, pull him into an adventure involving alternate versions of himself and deranged sci-fi plans. Read More...

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GirlsTHE STORY: "Girls" by Joshua and Jonathan Luna

WHAT IT'S ABOUT: The small community of Pennystown has a big problem: a seemingly endless supply of beautiful, naked, alien women have invaded.

What's the problem? Well, the girls are instinctually eviscerating any human women they come across, having sex with any men they can find, then giving birth to a new crop of girls. The worst part? The entirety of Pennystown is enclosed in a massive shell. No one comes in and no one comes out, at least not until these murderous, sex-crazed girls have been dealt with. Read More...

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Amazing Joy BuzzardsTHE STORY: "The Amazing Joy Buzzards" by Mark Andrew Smith (W) and Dan Hipp (A) - Image Comics

WHAT IT'S ABOUT: AJB is a rock band bigger than The Beatles that fights evil with the help of a mythical Mexican wrestler named El Campeon. Along with their manager from the Creative International Artists agency (a.k.a. the CIA), lead singer Biff Ashby (the "looks" of the band), drummer Gabe Carlyle (the "brains" of the band) and bass player Stevo Vargas (racecar driver and half-Yeti ninja who only speaks in symbols) are not only musical superstars, but humanity's last, best hope against the forces of evil and supernatural threats to the world we know.

And that's only the tip of the wild iceberg for Smith and Hipp's "The Amazing Joy Buzzards." Read More...

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Super SpyTHE STORY: "Super Spy" by Matt Kindt

WHAT IT'S ABOUT: Somewhere between civilians and soldiers, World War II era spies played the pivotal role of gathering and distributing intelligence at a time when a successful mission could mean the difference between dictatorship and democracy in their homelands.

A dancer in Cairo moves Morse code with her hips, a children's book author illustrates his family out of enemy hands and a young woman takes the scars necessary to ensure her survival without sacrificing her mission.

These are just a few of the tales within "Super Spy" that prove the devil is truly in the day-to-day details of secrecy and espionage. Read More...

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HerbieTHE STORY: "Herbie" by Shane O' Shea (W) and Ogden Whitney (A)

WHAT IT'S ABOUT: Herbie Popnecker may have come from a clean-cut household straight out of the family living rooms of "Mad Men," but the portly young boy refuses to answer his father's calls to become a productive member of society—that is, at least while his father is watching. Herbie wears a belt full of lollipops, which endow him with superpowers. He also dons a plunger-capped hero's suit that transforms him into a crusader called "The Fat Fury."

WHY IT WORKS: If you think Don Draper has to lead a double life, take a gander at the feats that Herbie has to pull off—in one scene taking verbal lashes from his enraged dad, then quickly walking across the sky to go save the United Kingdom from the Loch Ness Monster at the behest of Winston Churchill. He's an international superhero with the respect of the world, but not his own flesh and blood. He's a proud symbol of hope for "Superbad"-style geeks everywhere with the added flair of candy-coated power-ups. Read More...

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LovelessTHE STORY: "Loveless" by Brian Azzarello (W) & Marcelo Frusin (A)

WHAT IT'S ABOUT: "Loveless" tells the story of Wes and Ruth Cutter, a married couple during the American Civil War. After fighting on behalf of the confederacy, Wes returns to his home of Blackwater, Missouri, only to discover that it's now occupied by Union soldiers that have claimed his property. For that and a laundry list of other darker grievances, Wes and Ruth embark on a bloody rampage against the occupying soldiers and the other assorted Blackwater lowlifes that have tormented them in the past. But there are several other capable gunslingers that could stand in their way, including the wicked runaway slave Atticus. Read More...

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'Dr. McNinja'There’s been no shortage of comics jumping to the screen lately, but there are still a lot of great stories out there flying below Hollywood’s radar. In this recurring "Adapt This" feature, we’ll take a look at comics that merit attention from filmmakers — and offer some thoughts on why (and how) they should be brought to the screen.

THE STORY: "The Adventures of Dr. McNinja" by Chris Hastings

WHAT IT’S ABOUT: Hastings' long-running webcomic, which is also available in print collections, follows the exploits of Dr. McNinja -- a doctor who also happens to be a ninja. Faced with the contradicting responsibilities of healing and killing, McNinja (his first name is never actually given) fights crime and cures the sick alongside his mustachioed 12-year-old sidekick Gordito Delgado, his raptor Yoshi, his assistant Judy (a gorilla) and a clone of Benjamin Franklin.

Along with settling the occasional familial disagreement with the McNinja clan (Dan, Mitzi and Sean McNinja), he battles pirates, ghost wizards and strange afflictions like Paul Bunyan's Disease, which turns people into giant lumberjacks. Oh, and he idolizes Batman, too. Read More...

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'Streets of Glory'There’s been no shortage of comic books jumping from the shelves to the big screen lately, but as any fan will attest, there are still a lot of great books out there flying below Hollywood’s radar. In this weekly feature, we’ll take a look at stories that merit attention from filmmakers — and offer some thoughts on why (and how) they should be brought to the big screen.

THE STORY: "Streets of Glory" by Garth Ennis and Mike Wolfer

WHAT IT’S ABOUT: Writer Garth Ennis previously earned the attention of Hollywood for his irreverent, adult-oriented take on organized religion in "Preacher," but he turned his focus to the Wild West in 2007's "Streets of Glory." The six-issue series follows a gunfighter in his twilight years as he's forced to confront danger from both his bloody past and the industrialization that will bring an end to the era.

White-haired, hard-nosed and weathered by the sins of his past, Joseph R. Dunn is well aware that he's a holdover from a rapidly closing chapter in American history. His efforts to peacefully transition into whatever future awaits an old gunslinger are complicated by various forces, including a terrifying enemy from his past, looking to bring an early end to him and the way of life he represents. Read More...

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'Too Cool To Be Forgotten'There's been no shortage of comic books jumping from the shelves to the big screen lately, but as any true comics fan will attest, there are still a lot of great books out there flying below Hollywood's radar. In this weekly feature, we'll take a look at a story that should merit attention from filmmakers -- and offer some thoughts on why (and how) it should be brought to the big screen.

THE STORY: "Too Cool To Be Forgotten" by Alex Robinson

WHAT IT'S ABOUT: In "Too Cool To Be Forgotten," acclaimed writer Alex Robinson tells the tale of Andy Wicks, a 40-year-old man who agrees to undergo hypnosis to quit smoking, only to wake up from his trance in the body of his 15-year-old self, forced to re-live his late-'80s high school experience. Yet, while various films over the years have sent their adult leads back in time to learn valuable lessons about appreciating their future lives (including this week's "17 Again"), "Too Cool" offers a dramatically different take on the old standard. Read More...

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