'Preacher'If “Watchmen” and “Wanted” can work for the big screen – one by being faithful to the source, the other by ignoring it -- what other "unfilmable" comics might be ripe for big-screen adaptation? Yesterday we talked about "Lost Girls," "Sandman" and "It's A Bird." Today we're asking, how about:

Garth Ennis' "Preacher" -- Producer Neal Moritz is shopping this around to studios -- all it takes is one visionary who can see the potential in anti-hero Jesse Custer. He's got the "word of God," which gives him the power to command people to do whatever he wants -- and it ain't pretty ("Eat your gun," for instance). The story gets more blasphemous towards the climax, so don't get skittish -- just adapt the beginning, as he teams up with ex-girlfriend Tulip and vampire Cassidy to set out on his quest to find God. Read More...

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