'Preacher'If “Watchmen” and “Wanted” can work for the big screen – one by being faithful to the source, the other by ignoring it -- what other "unfilmable" comics might be ripe for big-screen adaptation? Yesterday we talked about "Lost Girls," "Sandman" and "It's A Bird." Today we're asking, how about:

Garth Ennis' "Preacher" -- Producer Neal Moritz is shopping this around to studios -- all it takes is one visionary who can see the potential in anti-hero Jesse Custer. He's got the "word of God," which gives him the power to command people to do whatever he wants -- and it ain't pretty ("Eat your gun," for instance). The story gets more blasphemous towards the climax, so don't get skittish -- just adapt the beginning, as he teams up with ex-girlfriend Tulip and vampire Cassidy to set out on his quest to find God. Read More...

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Splash Page welcomes Ed Tadem to our cover artist family (our custom-designed theme up top). Currently working on the forthcoming "Avengers" animated series, Tadem's work can also be seen in the "Jackie Karma" issues of Image's "'76," and in "Pop Gun, Volume 1." Ed Tadem can be found online at EdTadem.com.
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