'Paradox'Veteran television writer Christos Gage (“Law & Order: SVU”), has been making waves in the comic world for a long time now with celebrated runs on several DC/Wildstorm series and a 2006 "Union Jack" miniseries for Marvel Comics. Now that his graphic novel "Paradox" is headed to the big screen with actor Kevin Sorbo (“Hercules: The Legendary Journey”) in the lead role, we took the opportunity to catch up with Gage during New York Comic Con to get an update on the project.

“When they first mentioned Kevin Sorbo -- he obviously has a great following [and is] a great actor -- but we pictured Hercules with the long hair, and Ruth [Gage] and I weren't sure if this guy is a hard-boiled, Homicide detective,” Gage told MTV News. “But when we first saw the stills of him, his hair is cut normal length, he’s wearing a trench coat, a fedora, he’s got that great face with the square jaw. He looks fantastic -- like a '40s film-noir guy.” Read More...

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'Paradox'We've got more movin' and shakin' going down in the world of comics-to-film, as this morning, The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Legacy Filmworks, a Canadian production company, has partnered with comic publisher Arcana Studios and a production-finance group to produce a slate of five films based on some of Arcana's titles.

The first up to bat will be the science-fiction thriller "Paradox," which follows a homicide detective who finds himself in a parallel world ruled by magic, to which the detective brings a new aspect to investigation -- science. And the team-up of Arcana and Legacy Filmworks are already showing dividends -- tapping Kevin Sorbo as the lead in "Paradox," and hiring original comic series writer Christos Gage to take a crack at the screenplay (along with Ruth Fletcher Gage). Read More...


GearheadHollywood's comic book crush has churned out its share of movie options, but for the "Gearhead" creative team of writer Dennis Hopeless and artist Kevin Mellon, lightning's struck twice.

"Gearhead" made headlines this week with the announcement that it had been picked up by "Incredible Hulk" and "Punisher: War Zone" producer Gale Anne Hurd's Valhalla Motion Pictures. This marks the second time the property has been optioned in less than two years -- the first deal with Toronto-based Darius Films, expired this past summer.

The four-issue "Gearhead" miniseries through Arcana Comics follows mechanic bombshell Shelby as she seeks her destiny on the outskirts of a super hero-imposed utopia. Along the way she discovers a heritage she never knew and, among other adventurous activities, takes up beating bad guys with a giant wrench. Read More...

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'Gearhead"Incredible Hulk" producer Gale Anne Hurd sure has been busy lately. It seems like we're mentioning her name just about every day, whether in conjunction with The Hulk's latest big-screen bow or, more recently, the upcoming "Punisher: War Zone" film. This time around, however, Variety reports that Hurd's production company Valhalla Motion Pictures has picked a decidedly more indie property: Arcana Comics' four-issue miniseries "Gearhead."

Created by Dennis Hopeless and Kevin Mellon, "Gearhead" features a female protagonist, Shelby, who embarks on a mission to unseat the corrupt superheroes who govern the country. According to Arcana's synopsis of the series, the main character's adventure takes her "from the drag strip all the way to the White House." Read More...

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'Clockwork Girl'Arcana Studios has announced a partnership with Montréal-based Telefilm Canada to bring their popular all-ages mini-series "Clockwork Girl" to life in an animated film.

In the press release, "Clockwork Girl" co-creator Kevin Hanna is quoted as saying, “I’m not sure how much I can say, other then I am thrilled that things are going as well as I ever hoped they could be. Working in Hollywood, I know that adaptations are a gamble that often taint the source material. So far everything is going right with 'Clockwork Girl,' the people involved really understand the spirit of the book and the characters. I think fans of the book will be very happy with where this ends up.”

In a twist on the story of "Pinocchio," "Clockwork Girl" -- which hit shelves last year -- follows the tale of a nameless girl robot that is given the gift of life by her scientist creator. Setting out in a fascinating new world, the robot girl meets and befriends a mutant boy, and the two must fight to remain friends in the face of their two warring families.

Did you check out "Clockwork Girl" when it hit comic shops? Think it'll make a great animated film? Let us know your opinions in the comments section.


Earlier this week, we brought you an exclusive interview with the cast of the 80's hit superhero series "Greatest American Hero," and a sneak peek at the upcoming line of comics and animated webisodes. Now we've got yet another piece of never-before-seen art, this time from the back cover of the second issue, courtesy of Arcana Studios and artist Mathew Tow. Click on the image to see the art in its full glory.


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