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Feeding Ground

Comic book movie adaptations are at their peak right now, and we're seeing a wide variety of films make their way towards the big screen. One of the most unique ones circulating Hollywood right now is "Feeding Ground," a graphic novel that combines a "border story" with supernatural elements.

Comic Book Resources recently caught up with producer Edward R. Pressman, who was quick to snap up the rights to the material once he realized how great it was. The lengthy interview is definitely worth a read, but the elements of the story that Pressman found appealing for a film are particularly interesting.

"It struck me as a unique story of survival that is very distinctive from the typical 'border story.' 'Feeding Ground' is not steeped in border politics or stereotypes," he said, adding that he thinks this film adaptation will appeal to a wide variety of viewers.


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Feeding Ground

Archaia Entertainment's horror comic book "Feeding Ground" will soon be heading to a theater near you soon.

"The Crow" and "American Psycho" producer Edward R. Pressman has nabbed the rights to the graphic novel, Comic Book Resources reports. Alfonso Gomez-Rejon, who will be making his feature film debut with this project, will direct the flick. "Nikita" and "Heroes" scribe Carlos Coto has already penned a script based on the Swifty Lang, Michael Lapinski and Chris Mangun comic of the same name.


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"Immortals" Mondays launched here on MTV Movies earlier in the week, but your next clash with the titans and gods of Tarsem Singh's fantasy epic won't have to wait until next week.

Today, we have an exclusive first look at a full chapter from "Immortals: Gods and Heroes," the original graphic novel from Archaia Press. Featuring ten different stories from some of the best minds the industry has to offer, this exclusive "Immortals" chapter — titled "The Pride of Prometheus" — comes courtesy of Ben McCool ("Pigs," "Memoir") and Trevor Hairsine ("Captain America," "Judge Dredd").

Check out the full chapter past the jump!


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"Immortals" Mondays — a series of weekly exclusive features, interviews and more leading up to the release of Tarsem Singh's mythological epic — kicks off today right here on MTV Splash Page with an exclusive first look at the film's upcoming comic book counterpart, "Immortals: Gods and Heroes."

"Gods and Heroes," published by Archaia Entertainment, is a graphic novel anthology containing ten different stories from acclaimed creators including Ben Templesmith ("30 Days of Night"), Ron Marz ("Green Lantern"), Ben McCool ("Captain America") and more, all with the purpose of expanding upon the universe so carefully laid out on screen by Singh and his team.


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Geek Gift Guide 2010Thanksgiving is almost here, and that means there's only a month of shopping left in the holiday season. However, while this can be a scary realization for many people, you don't have to worry — because we've got ideas for the geeks on your list (or anyone else you want to convert to a life of geekery) covered.

This year, we're giving you the next best thing to actually buying the gifts for you. Your friendly neighborhood Splash Page team has come up with a wide-ranging list of books, games, toys, music and various other things to buy for everyone on your list — from the hardcore fanboys and fangirls to someone who's still learning the difference between Green Lantern and Green Hornet.

In the end, we tried to avoid some of the most obvious comics-related gifts this year and give you a mash-up of our own wishlists and the items we're planning to buy for our own friends and family. Here's hoping you find it helpful when it comes time for you to start dropping your hard-earned money on manufactured holiday joy. Read More...


TumorAn inoperable brain tumor leaves an elderly private detective with time-bending hallucinations and nothing to lose. In taking one last mission—to find a drug boss’ missing daughter—Frank Armstrong may redeem himself for failing to stop his wife’s murder years ago, if his senses don’t betray him before time runs out.

It comes as no surprise that Hollywood players might see box office potential in the aforementioned plot, and in fact, Variety reports that one Tinseltown team you’ve never heard of is looking to launch itself on this distinctive detective story.

Formed by veteran exhibitor Daniel Crown and indie producer Daniela Taplin Lundberg, the newly assembled Red Crown Productions has secured Sam Bayer ("Nightmare on Elm Street") to direct an adaptation of “Tumor”, an Archaia Entertainment graphic novel by Joshua Hale Fialkov and Noel Tuazon. Read More...

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Dan Fogler is probably best known these days for his roles in "Fanboys" and "Balls of Fury," but it's his role as writer and director of "Hysterical Psycho" that set the stage for his first project in the comics world, Archaia's "Moon Lake" graphic novel.

I had a chance to sit down with Fogler during New York Comic Con to discuss the book, have a few laughs, and take a little tour of "Moon Lake" with the creator as my guide.

"It's like an anthology," said Fogler of how "Moon Lake" connects with the world he created for the wild horror film he wrote and directed. "'Hysterical Psycho' could be one of the many stories that happen at Moon Lake." Read More...

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"Lucid" #1 hits shelves this week, featuring "True Blood" actor Michael McMillian's comic book debut and the first project to come out of the partnership between Archaia Comics and "Star Trek" actor Zachary Quinto's media production company, Before The Door.

When I spoke with McMillian and Quinto during this year's Comic-Con in San Diego, the pair offered a sneak peek at the the first "Lucid" story arc and teased future tales featuring United States Combat Mage Matthew Dee.

"This is a very beginning of what will hopefully be an epic story," McMillian told MTV News. "But even though I say 'beginning,' it really drops you down in the middle of the action." Read More...

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It's no secret that I'm a big fan of "Lucid," the soon-to-hit-shelves comic written by "True Blood" actor Michael McMillian and illustrated by newcomer Anna Wieszczyk. The first project to come out of a partnership between publisher Archaia Entertainment and "Star Trek" actor Zachary Quinto's media house Before The Door Pictures, "Lucid" made its debut during Comic-Con last weekend, and the first issue will officially hit shelves in August.

I managed to get some time with McMillian and Quinto in San Diego to talk about the comic, the origin of the "Lucid" universe, and what attracted Quinto to the project.

"'Lucid' takes place in an alternate universe where major world powers have combat mages — magicians that are working for them as secret agents, fighting the good fight, protecting national security and also overseeing the more paranormal things that go on in the world," explained McMillian. Read More...

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LucidLast fall, I spoke with "True Blood" actor Mike McMillian about his new comic, "Lucid," which follows a "combat mage" tasked with keeping the United States safe from evil forces. With the comic hitting shelves in August and making its debut at Comic-Con International later this month, I caught up with McMillian for an update on the project — and an exclusive preview of the first issue.

Written by McMillian, "Lucid" is a four-issue series published jointly by Archaia Entertainment and "Star Trek" actor Zachary Quinto's production banner Before The Door Pictures. The artist on the series is a relative newcomer, Polish illustrator
Anna Wieszczyk.

McMillian, who detailed his long history with comics in our previous conversation, explained why the new miniseries isn't your typical celebrity project, and why he hopes it leads to a long career juggling the demands of both Hollywood and the comics world. Read More...

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