FCBDHere at Splash Page HQ, we can hardly contain our excitement for Free Comic Book Day 2010 this weekend. It's the one day of the year where there's absolutely no excuse not to head straight out to the local comic book shop bright and early in the morning (not that you shouldn't hit up your store of choice every Wednesday, of course)!

Comic book publishers are offering brand-new, compelling stories completely free of charge at stores nationwide, with many creators even slated to make guest appearances at certain shops. From further tales of Iron Man and Thor to a war waged by Superman, there is plenty of diversity on display within this year's Free Comic Book Day offerings.

In order to simplify things, we've listed some of the books that you might be particularly interested in checking out. Read More...

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Dark CrystalArchaia Entertainment and The Jim Henson Company mentioned last year that they'd like to bring some more mature classic properties out of the archives and into comics after they announced 2010's line of "Fraggle Rock" comics. "Dark Crystal" and "Labyrinth" came up when that deal was first discussed, and it sounds like they're still in line for launches at the end of 2010 or beginning 2011.

"Those will be attacked next," said Melissa Segal, senior vice president of global consumer products at Jim Henson Company. "We haven’t gotten into real development, but we definitely have that in our agreement with Archaia to pursue.


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Fraggle RockArchaia announced their upcoming "Fraggle Rock" comics as the beginning of a wider lineup of titles produced in cooperation with the Jim Henson Company, but there's a good reason the 25-year-old group of colorful cave-dwellers will appear first in line.

According to Melissa Segal, senior vice-president of global consumer products for Jim Henson Company, the "Fraggle Rock" comic is part of a big push to get the puppets in front of a new generation while still connecting with parents who grew up with the Fraggles. That's a process that has involved working with some of the original minds behind the 1980s TV series at The Jim Henson Company, recruiting big names in indie comics like Jeffrey Brown, and support for a marketing effort behind adult Halloween costumes and a feature-length film.

Splash Page got an advance look at the alternate cover to "Fraggle Rock" #1 by Jeffrey Brown ("Clumsy," "The Incredible Change-Bots"), featuring Gobo Fraggle's world-trekking Uncle Traveling Matt discovering comics in the "Outer Space" world of humans. Read More...

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There are a lot of great books being offered up by publishers for this year's year's Free Comic Book Day, but Archaia's "Mouse Guard/Fraggle Rock" is high on our list of must-have pickups. Combining a story from David Petersen's award-winning "Mouse Guard" universe with a preview of the upcoming "Fraggle Rock" series, there's a lot to like for fans of every age to like about this one — which is why we're psyched to give Splash Page readers an exclusive sneak peek at the "Fraggle Rock" FCBD comic.

Check it out:

Fraggle Rock

Archaia's "Mouse Guard/Fraggle Rock" FCBD Flipbook will be available at comic book shops on May 1, 2010. Read on for more info and the official solicitation text. Read More...

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Michael McMillian"True Blood" fans know actor Michael McMillian as Reverend Steve Newlin, the vampire-hating evangelist who caused all sorts of trouble for the Stackhouse clan in the second season of the hit series, but next year the actor is hoping to make a name for himself in a different medium: comics.

Announced during this year's Comic-Con International in San Diego, McMillian is writing a four-issue miniseries, "Lucid," that promises to combine equal parts James Bond and Jason Bourne spy games with Arthurian-era magic and mythology

I spoke to McMillian recently about the project (which is still in search of an artist), and along with spending far too much time reminiscing about Spider-Man's old "Electric Company" adventures, we discussed the actor's looming debut in the comics world with "Lucid." Read More...


Mike McMillianThe stars of "True Blood" and the comic book community have intersected in many ways—not the least of which is Anna Paquin's role as Rogue in the "X-Men" movies and Stephen Moyer's upcoming turn in the live-action adaptation of "Priest. But one recently announced connection could be the most unusual of them all.

As part of "Heroes" actor Zachary Quinto's new relationship with Archaia Studios Press, "True Blood" actor Mike McMillian will write a new creator-owned comic book series for the publisher titled "Lucid."

McMillian, a longtime friend and colleague of Quinto's, plays the god-fearing and vampire-hating Reverend Steve Newlin on the HBO series—but in real life, McMillian is simply a fan of comics. Read More...

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Fraggle RockThis week, Archaia Comics and the Jim Henson Company confirmed rumors of a potential partnership between the two creative companies, and offered official word that the pair would be publishing new comic book series and graphic novels based on popular properties like "The Dark Crystal," "Labyrinth" and "Mirrormask." And while this news on its own should be enough to excite fans of Henson's varied and much beloved library, the pair also offered Splash Page readers the exclusive announcement regarding which property will be the first to hit shelves.

"'Fraggle Rock' is going to be the first book that we launch," Archaia’s Director of Development, Stephen Christy, told MTV News. "We're launching with 'Fraggle Rock' and other titles will be forthcoming." Read More...

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Days MissingGene Roddenberry, the man best known for laying the foundations of the "Star Trek" universe, left more behind when he died in 1991 than the landmark sci-fi franchise currently being remastered by J.J. Abrams. The company he founded, Gene Roddenberry Productions, also left its mark on television with series like "Earth: Final Conflict" and "Andromeda."

Now, the inheritors of the fanboy-sacred Roddenberry name are moving into comics, launching a series titled "Days Missing" with Archaia. Read More...


Fraggle RockJim Henson's foam-faced creations are certainly making a comeback in comics these days. Boom! Studios' "The Muppet Show" and "The Muppets: Robin Hood" have been stirring up nostalgia for a while now, but rumors are surfacing across the 'net indicating that another generation of Muppets could find new life in comics. A series of recent hints from publisher Archaia Studios Press seem to indicate that babies of the '80s will soon be reunited with HBO and Jim Henson Production's "Fraggle Rock" franchise.

Yesterday, Archaia Director of Development Stephen Christy posted a fairly cryptic message via Twitter, which read, "I guess I should post another clue to Archaia's next big announcement…" He included a link to a closely cropped photo of what resembles the pigtailed "Fraggle Rock" character Red. Read More...

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