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I was going to author a post about mashing up the "Parks & Recreation" cast with "Guardians of the Galaxy" based on the oh-so-awesome Chris Pratt casting news, but what's the point? Illustrator Kyle Hilton got there first, and did it better than anything I would have written.

Behold, the winner of the Internet:


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Put "Iron Man" and "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" together, and what do you get? Easy: a really bad pun, and some hilariously inspired artwork. Feast your eyes upon Hobbit Downey Jr:

You can buy Hobbit Downey Jr. as a sticker or in clothing form over here.

[ScreenRant via TheMarySue]

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Both "The Avengers" and "The Amazing Spider-Man" have come and gone from theaters, but it seems as though we still haven't seen the last of these two projects. New concept art from both films has surfaced, offering us interesting new looks at movies we loved when they came out last year.

"The Avengers" production designer James Chinlund has uploaded concept art to his website, including the Tani Kunitake image above. The photos also show some rough sketches done by Chris Ross, Marisa Frantz, Paul Ozzimo and Steve Jung.


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Bruce Wayne

What happens when you take the live-action Batmen of old — Adam West, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney and Christian Bale — and turn them into one man? You get Bruce Wayne — a fellow who looks like the man you see below.




Robert Kirkman already breezed past the 100-issue milestone on "The Walking Dead" earlier this year, and soon, his other long-running series — the superhero story "Invincible — is about to meet the same achievement.

"Invincible" #100, written by Kirkman and illustrated by Ryan Ottley, releases in stores and for download on January 23, 2013. Kirkman tells MTV News that based on the story's title, "The Death of Everyone," you shouldn't count on the adventures of Mark Grayson or his friends continuing past the issue.

"Issue #100 ends up being a real turning point for Mark Grayson that will change the storyline irreversibly moving forward," says Kirkman. "When you do a long running story like this, I feel it's important to keep evolving the kind of story you're telling, so there's always an element of 'new' in the mix."

Click on for an exclusive look at "Invincible" co-creator Cory Walker's cover for issue #100!


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Star Wars

More than a month has passed since "Star Wars: Episode VII" became a reality, and we're still scratching our heads over what's to come. Is Disney making new "Star Wars" movies a good idea or a horrible one? Will the Skywalkers once again be front and center, or are we about to meet a brand new roster of heroes and villains? So many questions!

Believe it or not, even the original "Star Wars" characters have some questions of their own... as imagined by Emily Whitten and Marc Vuletich, authors of the "Avengers Take Hollywood" parody comics we ran on MTV Splash Page earlier this year. They're back at it again today with a brand new parody focused on the year's big "Star Wars" news, and what the future has in store for fans of that galaxy oh-so far away.

Read the full comic below!


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Guillermo del Toro's "The Strain" is about to infect a small screen near you. FX ordered a pilot based on del Toro and Chuck Hogan's novel and comic book series just last week, with former "Lost" showrunner Carlton Cuse attached to oversee the fictional vampire epidemic.

While we wait for the show to spring to life, there's no time like now to catch up on the "Strain" comics from Dark Horse and be fully prepared for FX's eventual blood-letting. In fact, we've got your first exclusive look at three covers for the upcoming "Strain" volume one trade paperback and issues #10 and #11. Check them out below!


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It's hard to imagine anyone other than Joss Whedon at the helm of "Marvel's The Avengers." But what if another filmmaker had put his own signature stamp on Earth's mightiest heroes — someone like, say, Tim Burton? The resulting heroes might look something like what you see pictured above.

Check out more designs over at Buzzfeed.

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What's better than the fact that "Marvel's The Avengers" is less than two weeks away from hitting theaters? Trick question: nothing is better than that. But this news comes close, especially for you California-based readers out there.

Disproving the notion that the west coast is where Avengers go to die, Los Angeles' very own Gallery 1988 will be hosting an officially licensed art show all about Earth's mightiest heroes over the course of the film's opening weekend. From May 3 through May 6, you can head to Gallery 1988 to see the "Avengers" Assemble exhibit featuring art from Rhys Cooper, Scott Campbell, Fernando Reza and more.

Seeing is believing, of course, so check out some select highlights from the "Avengers" art exhibit after the break!



MagdalenaAlrighty, true believers -- it's been yet another spectacular, fantastic and uncanny week in comic movie news. Here's a recap of some of the big stories we delivered:

- We kicked-off "Magdalena Week" here at Splash Page with actress and upcoming "Magdalena" film star, Jenna Dewan! Among the topics of conversation were super-heroine fashion, the possibilities of a Witchblade cameo, and the future of a "Magdalena" film franchise.

- Guy Pierce is interested in playing The Riddler...but under one condition.

- Brad Meltzer kicked off his campaign to save the "Superman House," and we showed off some beautiful exclusive art from the charity auction.

- Stan The Man wants to see a Dr. Strange movie, and who are we to deny him?

- Nic Cage had plenty to say in terms of his upcoming comic book flicks, first about the over-the-top violence in "Kick-Ass"...

- ...and then the return of "Ghost Rider" to the big screen.

- We showed off an exclusive preview of DC/WildStorm's "Fringe" tie-in comic, and spoke with the cast and crew about the highly-anticipated TV series.

- We spoke with "Buckaroo Banzai" creator Earl Mac Rauch about his slate of "Buckaroo Banzai" comics.

- Dark Horse Comics gave us an exclusive preview of their "My Name is Bruce" comic book tie-in.

- And we welcomed Splash Page co-editor Rick Marshall to the fold...hope he survives the experience!

Thanks for stopping by, everyone! We'll see you next week!

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