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Iron Man 2As far as weeks go, this was a big one — mostly due to a sudden burst of updates from the "Iron Man 2" camp. However, while the week's most popular stories were certainly filled with headlines involving Iron Man, War Machine and Whiplash, a few other topics managed to carve out a big place for themselves on the site.

We saw updates on the "Deadpool" movie and the next big-screen Batman adventure, and we even had some big news on the comic front, with news about the next writer scripting Superman's adventures, and new comics related to "Gossip Girl" and "Paranormal Activity."

Here's how the week's Top 10 stories stacked up:



Iron Man 2 and War MachineWell, it's Friday at last, Splash Page faithful. This wraps up a very big week on the site — mostly thanks to "Iron Man 2" and its armored duo of War Machine and Iron Man.

Here's how the week's top stories shook out:

10. Jeremy Renner clarified those pesky Hawkeye rumors regarding "Thor" and "The Avengers" in this interview with MTV News.

9. Hmm. Does "Avatar" star Sam Worthington have a secret connection to "The Avengers" he's not telling us?



Spider-ManRumors, spin-offs, cameos and behind-the-scenes art dominated this week's headlines, and the week's top stories reflected that trend. From "Spider-Man 4" and "Thor" to "Fantastic Mr. Fox" and, yes, Chuck Norris, it was a week of varied projects.

Here's how the week's most popular stories stacked up:

10. Wes Anderson gave us the behind-the-scenes info on a potential "Fantastic Mr. Fox" spin-off comic.

9. In this week's poll, we asked you which "Spider-Man 4" rumor you wished were true. Go! Vote!



The RiddlerAnother week, another batch of interviews, previews and news from around the comic book world that you can read first here on Splash Page, folks. This week's Top 10 stories shook out pretty evenly, with all of the posts generating significant buzz.

Here's the weekly countdown to our top story:

10. This week's poll is a popular one. We want to know who should play the next Catwoman in future Batman movies? There's still time to vote!

9. Sorry, X-Men fans... David Goyer said "X-Men Origins: Magneto" might not happen any time soon.



War MachineAnother busy week draws to a close here at Splash Page HQ, with bunches of exclusive interviews and features climbing their way into the week's top stories. Not much separated the most popular posts this time around, with the wealth of attention spread evenly among various topics.

Here's how the week's Top 10 posts shook out:

10. In an exclusive interview with MTV News, Sam Rockwell explained the nature of Justin Hammer's relationship with War Machine in "Iron Man 2."

9. The latest (of many) deaths of Nathan Petrelli in "Heroes" got us thinking about how many times he's passed into the hereafter—and whether this time will stick.



Ghost RiderHalloween Week is nearly over, but we still have "Devil's Night" to get through! This week was full of Halloween-related news, features, interviews and previews—all with a comic-book connection. Our Top 10 stories for the week reflected that terrifying theme, but just in case you missed some of this week's posts, we've tagged everything under our Halloween Week banner. Go check it out!

(Oh, and come back to Splash Page tomorrow morning for a BIG Halloween feature you won't want to miss!)

After you're done with that, give the week's most popular stories a look:

10. For this week's Secret Identity, we gave you five actors we could see playing Conan in a potential big-screen reboot.

9. Here are five comic book costumes you probably should've started assembling a while ago if you wanted them ready for Halloween.



ThorA slow week this time around, but it ended with a big post. Three of the Top 10 stories involved Brian Bendis, while the week's top post hit the site less than 24 hours ago!

Curious which one it was?

Here's how the week looked for the Top 10 stories:

10. Can Thor play nice with the rest of the Marvel movies? Brian Bendis thinks so.

9. That "Torso" movie? NOT. DEAD. YET.



AvengersIt was wild week around Splash Page HQ, and that's not even counting the balloon-boy craziness outside the comics world. Bizarre stories were all the rage this week, but a couple of updates about much-anticipated blockbusters also found their way into the week's top posts.

Here's how the Top 10 for this week looked:

10. Can any actor bring DC's Main Man to the screen properly? We picked five actors who could play Lobo in a live-action movie.

9. Here's who we think should direct "The Avengers" now that Jon Favreau is out of the mix!



Thomas Jane - PunisherCompared to last week's craziness, the last five days were relatively low-key here on Splash Page. Other than one story that received a massive amount of attention, the remainder of the week's buzz was divided pretty equally among posts.

Here's how the Top 10 stories sorted out:

10. Aasif Mandvi, one of the cast of M. Night Shyamalan's "The Last Airbender," gave us an update of sorts about the much-anticipated adaptation.

9. Remember when Eliza Dushku campaigned to play Black Widow in "Iron Man 2"? We did—and we asked her about it when she dropped by Splash Page HQ! Read More...


ElectroThis has been one of the busiest weeks in a while here on Splash Page, with quite a few stories spiking into the highest reaches of the MTV.com InterWebs. Here's how the Top 10 panned out:

10. Apparently, Michael Cera still dreams about the "Scott Pilgrim" set. Guess what Edgar Wright said to stir up those traumatic memories...

9. Last week it was Captain America casting, this week's it's "Spider-Man 4" villains. The weekly poll is on fire! Read More...


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