Star Trek: The Wrath of KhanThere's a bunch of great comics hitting shelves this week with Hollywood connections, so it was tougher than usual to decide what titles to spotlight. In the end, though, the decision regarding which comic to give the top slot came down to one factor: Khaaaaaaaan!

TOP OF THE STACK: "STAR TREK: THE WRATH OF KHAN" #1 -- IDW Publishing corrects a grave injustice this week by kicking off the first comic book adaptation of 1982's "Wrath of Khan" -- a film that many argue is the greatest of the movies to come out of the "Star Trek" franchise. Will Ricardo Montalban look as awesomely '80s in the comic as he did on the screen? Will Pavel Chekov's introduction to the mind-controlling eels be as squirm-inducing on the printed page as it was in live-action? Can the comic truly capture the moment when Admiral James T. Kirk screams Khan's name? Find out this Wednesday! Read More...

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Batman and Robin #1There were a lot of options this week for readers interested in comics with crossover appeal. Everything from adaptations of fan-favorite and cult-classic properties to the continuing adventures of popular superheroes with established big-screen presence. Here's what looks good among the June 3 releases:

TOP OF THE STACK: "BATMAN AND ROBIN" #1 (DC): If anything can wipe away the memory of Joel Schumacher's unintentionally campy 1997 foray into the Bat-verse, it's the superstar team of writer Grant Morrison and artist Frank Quitely. This is one of those rare occasions where I haven't read the issue yet, but feel perfectly comfortable recommending it.

From "All-Star Superman" to "We3" (one of my favorite stories put to page in the comics world), Morrison and Quitely have the magic touch that makes any book they collaborate on stand out from the rest. Can these perfect partners work that same magic with DC's Dynamic Duo, relaunching the team-up title with a brand new story? Put it this way: If they can't do it, no one can. Read More...

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Aliens #1It's a short week here at Splash Page HQ, but it's a big one for comics with ties to Hollywood hitting shelves. That's why we're kicking off a new, weekly feature that spotlights three comics you should add to your pull list if you're looking to stay current with the ever-growing crossover between comic books and the world of television and movies.

Now that you know what the weekly feature is all about, let's get into this week's picks!

TOP OF THE STACK: "ALIENS" #1 (Dark Horse Comics) -- It's hard to believe it's been three full decades since Ridley Scott first scared the bejeezus out of audiences with the movie "Alien," but it's even more hard to believe the success Dark Horse Comics has had with comics based on the sci-fi/horror franchise. Much like video games based on movies, comics based on movie and television properties rarely find an audience -- but Dark Horse's "Aliens" comics have always been the exception to that rule. Read More...

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