Katy PerryFROM MTV GEEK: Bluewater Productions is at it again! After Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Lady Gaga had received their own comic books in the company's popular "Fame" series, it only seems right that Katy Perry graces her own cover.

Much like her 3-D movie "Katy Perry: Part of Me," the comic will chronicle the singer's life from her Christian upbringing to her success as our favorite California girl.

Featuring illustrations by Eduardo Bazen, Daily News columnist Howard Gensler wrote "Fame: Katy Perry." "I hope every Katy fan enjoys this book as much as we enjoyed working on it!" he said. The comic is set to hit shelves in July around the time her concert event makes its way to theaters.

Head on over to MTV Geek to find out more about Perry's new comic!

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You may know Bluewater Productions best for its line of "Political Power," "Fame," and "Female Force" biography comics, but it's also home to a number of original offerings, including Darren G. Davis' series "10th Muse." The ongoing comic book series launched in 2000 and is inspired by the Greek myth of the Nine Muses — and now it will get its own television series.

Announced via press release, Vanquish Motion Pictures has picked up "10th Muse" for a small-screen adaptation. Jennifer Quintenez ("Wicked Wicked Games," "American Heiress") has been tapped to write a pilot script and Vanquish's Jay Douglas, Nav Gupta and Marc Manus will executive produce with Bluewater publisher Darren G. Davis. Read More...

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Glee comicAttention, Gleeks: this one's for you!

According to Bluewater Productions, their recently released unauthorized biographies of the "Glee" cast, Justin Bieber, and Taylor Swift will all be receiving a "Special Edition" makeover and re-release that nearly doubles the size of the original comics with new art and other original content. While I'm not sure how many of our regular readers will be running to the store for the Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber comics (or at the very least, admitting that they're on your pull list), we're pretty sure there are a few fellow Gleeks out there interested in the new "Fame: The Cast Of Glee - Special Edition" comic.

To that end, Bluewater has provided Splash Page readers with the first, exclusive peek at the cover to the Special Edition "The Cast Of Glee" comic, as well as the text of their upcoming announcement regarding the books. Read on for your first look at the cover and all the info you could possibly want about the comic. Read More...

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Black Eyed Peas comicEarlier this week, we gave you an early peek at the "Glee" comic book that just hit shelves from Bluewater Comics, and now we have an exclusive look at the next title in their popular line of "Fame" biography comics.

"Fame: The Black Eyed Peas" will follow in the footsteps of Bluewater's previous unauthorized biographies of Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and other pop icons, and promises to "trace the history of one of the country’s most popular bands from its humble roots all the way to its Grammy winning successes."

Written by M. Zachary Sherman with art from Kristopher Smith, the 32-page comic arrives on shelves in February 2011. Read More...

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Glee comic bookThe "Glee" television series won't be airing any new episodes for a while, but hardcore Gleeks will be able to get their fix of Will Schuester, Sue Sylvester, and the singing Glee Clubbers this week with the release of the "Fame: The Cast Of Glee" biography comic.

The latest in Bluewater Comics' line of unauthorized biographies of pop-culture celebrities, the 32-page comic promises to chronicle "the lives of the actors and creative talent that have made the FOX Broadcasting's series 'Glee' such a runaway hit." The book will focus on regulars Lea Michele, Matthew Morrison, Jane Lynch, Cory Monteith and Chris Colfer, as well as "Glee" creator Ryan Murphy.

The book is written by Cameron Cooke and Patrick McCormack, with art by Ben Bradi. We've posted the full synopsis and cover art below, so read on, Gleeks! Read More...

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Mark ZuckerbergDavid Fincher and Aaron Sorkin may have had the first laugh in chronicling the life and times of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in "The Social Network," but the young entrepreneur is getting another shot at the big screen — by way of a comic book movie adaptation, no less!

Bluewater Productions have announced via press release that the publisher is teaming up with Hayden 5 Media to create an animated film based off the comic book about the Facebook founder, titled "Mark Zuckerberg and the Found."

According to the press release, the production will lean on a mixture of live-action filmmaking and animation, for a visual look and feel that's very similar to the film "A Scanner Darkly." Read More...

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Female Force: Angelina JolieBluewater comics' line of "Female Force" unauthorized biography comics have already chronicled the lives and careers of Oprah Winfrey, Ellen Degeneres, Hillary Clinton, as well as authors like J.K. Rowling ("Harry Potter") and Stephenie Meyer ("Twilight") — so where do they turn next? Apparently, the answer is mega-star Angelina Jolie.

Promising to "fill in the blanks surrounding Jolie's life," the 32-page comic hits shelves in January and takes a slightly different approach to telling its subject's tale. According to Bluewater, the comic will explore Jolie's life through the perspective of several aid volunteers in Haiti.

"Female Force: Angelina Jolie" is written by Brent Sprecher with art from Nuno Nobre. You can check out one of the covers to the comic and the official solicit info below. Read More...

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Beyonce comic bookNow that Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift and just about every other chart-topper of the last few decades have found their way into Bluewater Comics' line of unauthorized biography comics, it was only a matter of time before they turned their attention to Sasha Fierce herself, Beyonce Knowles.

Hitting shelves in January 2011, "Fame: Beyonce" promises to "trace Beyonce's rise through the music business, from her early days with Destiny's Child to her booming solo career." The 32-page comic will be written by CW Cooke with art by Alex Lopez.

Bluewater has provided Splash Page readers with the first, exclusive look inside the comic via a seven-page preview. Read More...

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Fame: Lady Gaga 2Late last month, we brought you an exclusive preview of "Fame: Lady Gaga 2," the sequel to Bluewater Comics' comic book biography of MTV's 2009 Woman of the Year, Lady Gaga.

Yes, the first comic sold so well that they're doing a sequel — and this time around, the issue will focus more on her career instead of her personal life and impact on the cultural landscape. Bluewater has provided Splash Page readers with the first, exclusive look at colored pages from the comic, featuring art by Dan Glasl.

"I had a blast working on this book, drawing all the crazy outfits and outrageous hairstyles, and I really think fans of Lady Gaga will enjoy reading about her life and path to stardom," said Glasl in the initial announcement of the project. Read More...

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Adam WestSure, "The Dark Knight" star Christian Bale has cemented his status as the big-screen incarnation of Batman these days, but for anyone who remembers a time before Christopher Nolan — or even Tim Burton — got their hands on Gotham's guardian, Adam West was (and in some cases, continues to be) the Batman.

The star of the campy 1960s television series that played a big role in making Batman a household name, West has managed to keep himself active in the pop culture eye for decades now with on-screen television, movie, and commercial roles, and numerous voice-acting gigs. One of the most popular recurring characters on the hit series "Family Guy" (he voices an eccentric version of himself who happens to be the mayor of fictional Quahog, Rhode Island), West has somehow managed to avoid adding a comic book project to his resume... until now.

"The Mis-Adventures Of Adam West" will debut in Spring 2011 from Bluewater Comics as an ongoing series co-written by Adam West, Walter Fernandez Jr. and Arastao Maree. I spoke with West about the project, which will send him on a dimension-hopping adventure featuring encounters both fictional and within his real-life history, and received an exclusive preview of several covers from the upcoming series. Read More...

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