'Barack Obama' ComicWolverine has been the go-to guy for years when it comes to magazines or comic book series that want a quick sales boost. Put him on the cover, and issues are practically guaranteed to fly off the shelves. These days, though, U.S. President Barack Obama is giving Logan a run for his money when it comes to selling comics.

This August, Bluewater Productions will publish "Political Power: Barack Obama," one of several comics featuring notable figures from recent US elections. Along with the Obama comic, Bluewater also has comics in the works featuring Michelle Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and, well... even the Obama's dog, Bo.

And it's that last comic, "Puppy Power: Bo Obama," that prompted one of the funnier exchanges I've ever had with an interview subject -- in this case, "Barack Obama" author Chris Ward. Read More...

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Barack Obama ComicsIt's no secret that putting U.S. President Barack Obama on the cover of your comic these days is like printing money -- no matter how connected the cameo or what the issue contains, it's going to sell like crazy. So, while comics featuring anyone associated with the president and the 2008 campaign remain hot sellers, it seemed only natural that one particular part of the Obama family receive his own comic. (And to be honest, I'm surprised it took this long.)

"Puppy Power: Bo Obama" hits shelves in September from Bluewater Productions, and promises an "insider's look at the White House" courtesy of the Obamas' new dog, Bo. Written by Paul J. Salamoff with art by Emmy Award winning Disney and Warner Brothers artist Keith Tucker, the comic will be aimed at young readers. Read More...

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