Muppet Sherlock HolmesBoom Studios' line of comics based on The Muppets received some well-deserved recognition this year with an Eisner Award nomination, and the sensational, inspirational, celebrational fun will continue this year with even more Muppet adventures.

Along with a "Muppet Show" comic, the publisher's partnership with The Walt Disney Company has also yielded several great, Muppet-themed adaptations of famous literary classics, including Robin Hood, King Arthur, and most recently, Snow White. But they're not stopping there.

In a recent chat with the good folks at Disney, MTV News learned that the next adaptation planned for the line will be "Muppet Sherlock Holmes," and along with some details about the project itself, we also managed to get our hands on the first two covers for the series! Read More...

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FCBDHere at Splash Page HQ, we can hardly contain our excitement for Free Comic Book Day 2010 this weekend. It's the one day of the year where there's absolutely no excuse not to head straight out to the local comic book shop bright and early in the morning (not that you shouldn't hit up your store of choice every Wednesday, of course)!

Comic book publishers are offering brand-new, compelling stories completely free of charge at stores nationwide, with many creators even slated to make guest appearances at certain shops. From further tales of Iron Man and Thor to a war waged by Superman, there is plenty of diversity on display within this year's Free Comic Book Day offerings.

In order to simplify things, we've listed some of the books that you might be particularly interested in checking out. Read More...

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Sam JacksonSamuel L. Jackson will lose his Nick Fury eye patch when he appears in an upcoming comic announced by Boom Studios. Even if Jackson doesn't see action in "Iron Man 2" this year, his likeness is likely to see plenty of it in the new series, titled "Cold Space."

Along with lending his likeness to the book's main character, Jackson will collaborate on the series with his Emmy-winning "Afro Samurai" writer and producer Eric Calderon, which lists Jeremy Rock as its artist. The hardboiled sci-fi tale's solicit info reads a bit like Han Solo meets "Planet Hulk," focusing on an outlaw who crash-lands on a foreign planet and looks for a way to profit off of a civil war between two factions.


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UnthinkableLast month, it was announced that Mandalay Pictures had picked up the film rights to Mark Sable’s “Unthinkable.” And while the premise of “Unthinkable” — a successful spy novelist recruited for a Post-9/11 government think tank discovers that his disaster scenarios are being used for new terror attacks — is well suited for a feature film, the project owes its origins to a prior deal between Sable and Mandalay regarding the rights to his Image comic, “Hazed.”

“At the [San Diego Comic-Con], I had a meeting with them about ‘Hazed’,” Sable explained to MTV News. “When they asked me what else I was working on, I gave them a copy of ‘Unthinkable.’ We were lucky enough to have a lot of interest from several different production companies. But Mandalay was the most interested and they stepped up to literally put their money where there mouth is. And I’m really excited about it.” Read More...

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UnthinkableSomething unthinkable is happening in Hollywood, as Mandalay Pictures has picked up the rights to "Unthinkable," a comic book series from Boom Studios.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, writer Mark Sable's "Unthinkable" will be produced by Mandalay's Peter Guber and Cathy Schulman, with Boom's Ross Richie and Andrew Cosby producing as well. "Unthinkable" marks the latest Boom comic book to get optioned for film, with "Tag" and "2 Guns" currently set up at Universal Pictures.



Back in July, I spoke to Coheed & Cambria's Claudio Sanchez about his new comic book "Kill Audio," which follows an immortal troll named Kill Audio (which just so happens to sound like "Claudio" when you say it fast) on a quest to discover the meaning of life—and more specifically, why his life keeps going on and on without end.

The first issue of "Kill Audio" hits shelves today from Boom Studios, and Sanchez has put together a video trailer to promote the launch of the six-issue miniseries.

"Kill Audio" #1 will be released today, featuring a story by Sanchez and Chondra Echert, with art by Mr. Sheldon.

Let us know what you think in the comment section or on Twitter!

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Jennifer's BodyWe brought you news back in May of the upcoming "Jennifer's Body" graphic novel based on the horror film by Diablo Cody ("Juno") and starring Megan Fox. Now we get a peek at two covers from the first issue of the comic, both featuring illustrated versions of a blood-drenched Fox.

The story of a demonically possessed high school teenager who feeds on her male classmates, "Jennifer's Body" hits theaters this fall -- but the tie-in comic arrives on shelves sometime in August.

Writer Rick Spears is handling all of the stories collected in the comic (which occur within the "Jennifer's Body" universe), while Jim Mahfood ("Kick Drum Comix"), Tim Seeley ("Hack/Slash"), Nikki Cook ("DMZ") and Ming Doyle ("Popgun") will handle the interior art. There's a nine-page preview of one of the stories at, along with covers by Eric Jones and Frank Cho (which I've posted here). Read More...

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Kill AudioCoheed & Cambria's Claudio Sanchez pleasantly surprised a lot of comic book fans with his 2007 miniseries "The Amory Wars" that combined elements of the band's music with an accessible story that was well-received by readers. Now, Sanchez is getting ready to launch his sophomore effort in the comics world with "Kill Audio," a six-part series he's co-writing with fiancee Chondra Echert.

While the official synopsis for the series as the tale of an immortal troll named Kill Audio on a quest for the meaning of life (and more specifically, why his life can't seem to end), Sanchez told MTV News that the Boom Studios miniseries also serves as an ode to the friends and family he's often been kept away from while touring. In fact, it's no coincidence that "Kill Audio" sounds a lot like "Claudio" when said aloud.

"Yeah, it was either that or calling him 'Dirty Sanchez,'" joked the musician, who offered up his own take on the tone of the series, calling it "a rock 'n roll 'Ghostbusters.'" Read More...

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Doctor Who #1It's a big week for great science-fiction titles, but they aren't the only comics of note hitting shelves this week. Here are some of the highlights from the world of comic book and movie/television crossovers.

"DOCTOR WHO" #1 (IDW Publishing) -- Writer Tony Lee brings the BBC's favorite Time Lord into a new monthly series that promises to feature a wealth of in-canon adventures, but also offer up a great jumping-on point for readers new to the worlds of "Doctor Who" and its hit spin-off series, "Torchwood."

I previewed the first issue of "Doctor Who" last week, and spoke to Lee about his plans for the series -- so if you like what you see (and especially if you're a "Doctor Who" geek like I am), make sure to add this one to your pull list this week. It's sci-fi gold. Read More...

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Die Hard: Year OneAnnounced late last month, Boom Studios' upcoming "Die Hard: Year One" comic book series will take Bruce Willis' hard-luck hero John McClane back to his roots in a story that unfolds more than a decade before his 1988 adventure at the Nakatomi Plaza. Veteran writer/artist Howard Chaykin, who will be scripting the prequel, spoke with MTV News about what readers can expect from the series when it hits shelves this August -- including some of the familiar movie characters and elements of New York City history that will find their way into story.

"We're dealing with McClane as a 23-year-old Marine veteran, new to the force from Queens, just loving his job," Chaykin told MTV News. "The series is going to explain exactly how he got his gold shield." Read More...

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