Like you, we're this reeling from the "Avengers: Age of Ultron" news, but we also have something that will help your melting brain.

Last night, MTV News spoke with everyone that appeared on Marvel's Comic-Con panel, and a bunch of those interviews will play today during our livestream. Check it out today for our chats with Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, and Tom Hiddleston.

It all starts at 11 a.m. PT/2 p.m. ET, right here!

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Comic-Con is raging into day three, and MTV is still going strong, bringing you interviews with the casts of the biggest movies live.

Saturday will be our biggest day yet with appearance by the casts of "300: Rise of an Empire," "Catching Fire," "Godzilla," and "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes."

It all starts right here at 2 p.m. ET / 11 a.m. PT.

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From huge Hollywood movie productions, franchises and sequels, to genre television fare, collectibles and (believe it or not!) actual comic books, there's so much cool stuff to process each year at San Diego Comic-Con that it can start to get extremely overwhelming.

But never fear! MTV will be coming to you live from Comic-Con each and every day until it wraps up on Sunday. The coverage begins each day at 2 p.m. ET, hosted by MTV News correspondent Josh Horowitz and Steven Smith from MTV Geek and the Going Off Track podcast.

Harrison Ford talked J.J. Abrams and Chewbacca with us on Thursday, in addition to visits from the casts of "Teen Wolf" and "Divergent" on Thursday. What will tomorrow bring? Glad you asked! We've scheduled appearances from Comic-Con vets Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost ("The World's End") as well as the casts of "Adventure Time" and "Children's Hospital," DC Comics' Geoff Johns, Aaron "Two-Face" Eckhart from "I, Frankenstein" and "Spider-Man"/"Spawn"/every-cool-toy-ever legend Todd McFarlane. Same "Bat-Time," same "Bat-Channel" (er, website).

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We don't need to tell you that the comic book-loving world is revolving around San Diego for the next four days, but what you may not know is that MTV is the place to get the inside scoop on everything going down at Comic-Con this year.

We are coming to you live from San Diego every day of Comic-Con starting today at 2 p.m. ET. Our Comic-Con livestream hosted by MTV News' Josh Horowitz and Steven Smith will go for seven nerdy hours Thursday through Sunday.

It all kicks off tomorrow with the cast of "Divergent" and "Ender's Games," when Harrison Ford himself will be stopping by to talk about the upcoming sci-fi adaptation.

Tune into the starting today at 2 p.m. ET and continuing through Sunday to learn about everything that goes down at San Diego Comic-Con.

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Comic-Con is going to remain in San Diego for at least the next four years.

San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders announced Monday that the organizers behind Comic-Con have extended the convention's contract at the San Diego Convention Center to 2016, meaning that SDCC isn't going to make the jump up to Los Angeles or Anaheim any time soon.


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Bad news, Marvelites: word of an "Avengers" Director's Cut hitting theaters later this year has been greatly exaggerated.

At Comic-Con, we had a few minutes to chat with director Joss Whedon and he told us that it's "not true" that an extended version of his mighty superhero film would be returning to cinemas later this year. We spoke with him about a whole lot of other topics, too, including his big "Firefly" reunion at the show, his plans for "Much Ado About Nothing," the possibility of "Doctor Horrible 2" and more. Check it all out in the video below!

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Walking Dead

Knives, axes, crossbows, guns. These are the wonderful toys with which our "Walking Dead" heroes kill their undead oppressors. But season three of the AMC survival horror series introduces a new zombie-killing utensil: the katana, wielded by the mysterious warrior woman Michonne.

Danai Gurira makes her debut as the sword-wielding walker-slayer in season three, but she got an early taste of "Walking Dead" fandom at Comic-Con this year. MTV News spoke with Gurira and other cast members about Michonne and what she brings to the "Walking Dead" universe, other than a few feet of badass steel.

"I've always gravitated towards dire stories," she said. "So this is kind of thrilling to be a part of, because I really haven't seen any story told this viscerally and palpably as 'The Walking Dead.' To be able to step into it, it's thrilling."


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Ever since Jeff Wadlow came on board as director on "Kick-Ass 2," the long-anticipated sequel has seemed like it's actually, finally in a "great place." The plan seems to be for the movie to film this year with the main stars returning, so when we caught up with Christopher Mintz-Plasse while he was promoting "Paranorman" at Comic-Con, we couldn't resist asking for an update on the project.

"Things are looking good," he told MTV News. "It's looking good. That's what we can say. It's looking good. It's looking hopeful."


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Comic-Con has come and gone. There were big announcements, bigger lines and an overall sense of camaraderie between the nerd community that made the packed convention worth attending.

But there were some definite issues with SDCC that came to light this year. Lines for Hall H were longer than they've ever been, and pretty much every exclusive was leaked prior to its panel happening. Even with all the fun content we have that we'll be rolling out over the next week or so, I wanted to put together a list of constructive criticisms for one of my favorite events of the year.



When we last saw Don Cheadle's Jim "Rhodey" Rhodes in "Iron Man 2," he had just snagged his own superhero suit, War Machine, to team up with Tony Stark's Iron Man. We've already seen that his suit gets some seriously cool upgrades for "Iron Man 3," so what will that mean for the relationship between the two longtime friends?

MTV Splash Page editor Josh Wigler caught up with Don Cheadle while he was promoting "Iron Man 3" at Comic-Con and he teased that Stark wasn't going to be too happy with how cool War Machine is looking nowadays.

"There's suit envy, which is fun. 'Who's really the big dog?' We just get to play with that more," Cheadle teased. "Robert and I always have a lot of fun when we're acting together."


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