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Friday the 13th might as well have been called "Firefly" Day at Comic-Con. First came the buzziest event of the Con, the 10th anniversary reunion panel. Then the entire group, including cast members plus Joss Whedon and writer/producer Tim Minear, reunited again to discuss the show further at a Science Channel press conference (the channel, which currently airs the series, will premiere an hour-long special called “Browncoats Unite” on November 11th).

Whedon attributed the enduring love for his 14-episode series partly to the fact that it died so young. “There’s a little bit of the Camelot thing, of it was there then it’s gone, and that makes it precious to people,” he said. “But also, I’m sorry – have you seen it? I mean, the directors we worked with, the prop masters… you just couldn’t miss. Sometimes these things come together, and they’re extraordinary.”


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The man who co-created "Lost" and introduced the Engineers into popular culture is with us live on right here, right now, at Comic-Con!

Damon Lindelof is in the studio fielding our questions and yours about "Prometheus," "Star Trek," and much more. Plus, our live show includes interviews with the casts of "Game of Thrones" and "The Walking Dead," and many more. Check it all out in the video below.

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If you're at Comic-Con, you've probably walked past the vast display of Iron Man armor at the Marvel booth. All seven on-screen editions of Tony Stark's armored suits have been hanging around all week long, but today, an eighth has been added to the mix — Stark's armor from "Iron Man 3," and boy, it is gorgeous.

Click below to check it out, thanks to @Avengers!

Stick with MTV as we bring San Diego Comic-Con to you with wall-to-wall convention coverage from the panels to the streets. Hosts Josh Horowitz and Steven Smith are onboard for live broadcasts on fan-favorite movies, comic creators, TV shows, cosplay, gaming and more!

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Walking Dead Escape

Of all the spectacularly bizarre experiences I've had at Comic-Con this year, nothing was more surreal than surviving the zombie apocalypse. (Except for my Joss Whedon bathroom encounter. That was pretty surreal.)

We've been reporting on "The Walking Dead Escape" — the bloody obstacle course that took over Petco Park this year — for many weeks now. I was lucky enough … scratch that, I was foolish enough to run the course myself, where I encountered countless members of the undead, brushed up against death at every turn, and stained my hands, pants, shoes and more in the blood of a thousand men.


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Breaking Bad

Saturday, here at the Con, you'd think it was the Fourth of July. Sub out the fireworks for star-studded guest appearances and hotly anticipated panel reveals, and you have a day that's more than worth its weight in fiery nerd-patriotism.

For us, we're kicking the day off with our third and final Comic-Con live show, co-hosted by none other than "Lost" creator and "Prometheus" writer Damon Lindelof. He'll be on hand as we roll out more of our interviews from the con, including discussions with the casts of "Game of Thrones" and "The Walking Dead" and much more.


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Joss Whedon

By Tyler Christian

Joss Whedon has been a cultural icon for numerous years, and his recent success with "The Avengers" and "The Cabin in the Woods" has put him higher on the A-list of filmmakers working today in Hollywood. In addition to his hugely popular reunion with the cast of his cult series "Firefly," Whedon took the stage for a second time at Ballroom 20 for his annual Q&A panel with his massive base of fanboys and girls alike. As an evolving Whedon fan myself, here are 10 things I learned at his panel.

1. In his classic form of sarcastic humor, Whedon kicked off the Q&A by asking himself "What's it like to work with Fox?" Of course any die-hard Whedon fan would understand that joke.

2. He announced that there will be a third run for the "Serenity" comic book series.


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On top of their announcement of the "Walking Dead" season premiere date, AMC have released a full-length trailer for the upcoming batch of episodes. The old guard of Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon and the rest are all very present, plowing their way forward through the prison, what will hopefully become their new home.

But we also see Andrea on her own with Michonne, the sword-wielding warrior briefly glimpsed in the season two finale, as the two of them find their way to Woodbury, the small community owned and operated by the tyrannical Governor. Saying any more would be saying too much. Click below to check out the trailer for yourself.



"The Walking Dead" panel has just wound to a close at San Diego Comic-Con, and it's brought some of the best news we could have hoped from the show: an official return date.

During the panel, showrunner Glen Mazzara announced that "The Walking Dead" will be back on October 14. That's just in time for Halloween, also known as a zombie's favorite holiday. Let's start taking bets now on how many people dress up as Michonne or The Governor this year.


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Karl Urban has seen Sylvester Stallone's version of "Judge Dredd." He just thinks that his version is much better.

The star of "Dredd" stopped by the MTV News offices while he was promoting the movie at Comic-Con and didn't have any qualms about comparing his film's take on the cult British comic to the one that came before. We've heard good things from the "Dredd" screening that took place a couple nights ago, and Urban said his "Dredd" has got nothing to worry about.

"I saw [Stallone's] movie when it came out in '94. Tonally, these films couldn't be more different," he said. "I think it's a difference of if you like your characters wearing lycra and gold cod pieces, then his film's the one for you. But if you like badass movie where your heroes are real and wearing leather and motorbike suits and body armor and hardcore gritty punches, this is the one for you."


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Get Jiro

by Ryan J. Downey

He cooks, he's cool and now he's written a graphic novel.

Anthony Bourdain, who cut his teeth in the CBGBs punk world back in the day, was at San Diego Comic-Con promoting Vertigo's "Get Jiro," the celebrity chef's futuristic graphic novel set in a world (of possible fantasy wish fulfillment?) where cooks rule the streets like crime lords.

MTV Geek's Steven Smith sat down with the "No Reservations" star to talk about his foray into geekdom.


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