FablesFROM NEXTMOVIE: Around the country, people of every race, religion and walk of life are pulling out their Stormtrooper costumes, dusting off their "I Grok Spock" T-shirts and lovingly preparing their CGC-slabbed, 9.2-graded, personally autographed copy of "Brother Power the Greek" #3. It can only mean one thing: Comic-Con is about to return to San Diego.

Over the years, Comic-Con has provided movie fans with some of the most buzzed-about moments in pop culture history. In order to get y'all properly stoked for this year's edition of the world's preeminent fan festival, here's a look back at nine of the most buzzworthy moments in Con history.

Of all the success stories to come out of Comic-Con, perhaps none is as surprising and impressive as Zack Snyder's "300." Heading into the 2006 Comic-Con, only the most hardcore Frank Miller fans were paying much attention to the adaptation of his acclaimed mini-series about the Battle of Thermopylae. That group, however, happens to include everybody who attends Comic-Con, which helps explain why the "300" presentation became the stuff of Comic-Con legend, with buzz that propelled the film to a shocking $456 million gross worldwide.

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San Diego Comic-Con 2010If you've never attended San Diego's Comic-Con International extravaganza, just imagine having 100 awesome things happening at the same time, but you can only participate in one of them — and only if you wait in line for an hour while missing 100 entirely different but equally awesome events. Extend that over 4-5 days, and you'll start to understand the Comic-Con experience.

Nevertheless, the things you do get to see are almost always worth looking forward to — because everyone goes big or not at all when it comes to Comic-Con.

Our pals over at UGO recently polled some of the best and brightest around the comics and movie scene (and for some reason, me) about what they're looking forward to at this year's Comic-Con. They'll all be covering the show from every which way possible, so between them and our own Comic-Con 2010 coverage here on Splash Page, we'll have you covered when it comes to the 99 things you're missing every hour. Read More...


Comic-ConYesterday we got a look at the San Diego Comic-Con 2010 schedule for Wednesday and Thursday of the show, and today the Friday schedule has landed online.

You can read the whole Friday lineup at the Comic-Con website, but heed this warning: It's intimidating, to say the least.

I've sifted through it to find some of the events you might be particularly interested from the worlds of comics, movies, television, games, and anything else that seemed appropriately awesome. Feel free to chime in via the comment section with the panels, events, and other fun stuff you want to check out Friday. Read More...


Comic-ConThe first installment of 2010's Comic-Con International schedule has been released, and it's already shaping up to be as busy as usual in San Diego.

The first chapter of the massive Comic-Con 2010 schedule covers Preview Night on Wednesday, July 21, and the first full day of events on Thursday, July 22. And if the first day is any indication, it's going to be another crazy year.

You can check out the full schedule of Wednesday/Thursday events at SDCC's official website, but I've pulled a few of the highlights (in my opinion, at least). Read More...


SmallvilleLast spring, Warner Brothers announced that the upcoming tenth season of "Smallville" will also be its last. And while the show will begin its final chapter in the fall, several members of the cast and creative team coming to the San Diego Comic-Con for one final appearance.

Series stars Tom Welling, Erica Durance, Cassidy Freeman and Justin Hartley will headline the "Smallville" panel on Sunday, July 25 at 10:00a.m. in Ballroom 20 of the San Diego Convention Center. "Smallville" showrunners Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson will also be on the panel, with special guest moderator Geoff Johns; the recently named Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment who has also written two episodes of "Smallville."

For Welling, this will be only his second appearance at Comic-Con, following nearly a decade as Clark Kent. It's also interesting to note Freeman's appearance, as her character, Tess was seemingly killed off in the ninth season finale. Presumably, she will be revived in the new season. Read More...

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This year's San Diego Comic-Con is in the rearview mirror, but much like every year, the big show is a gift that keeps on giving. We're still rolling out bunches of interviews with the movers and shakers around the comic book movie world, and probably will be for quite a while -- but interviews aren't the only video we debuted around the MTV.com InterWebs throughout the convention.

We also featured the trailers from Marvel's upcoming "Iron Man" and "Wolverine" anime series, some concept footage from "Tron Legacy," the new "Alice in Wonderland" trailer and even the first look at the upcoming martial arts flick "Ninja Assassin" (and with a name like that, you can't stop yourself from looking). Check it out:

For our full set of Comic-Con 2009 trailers and footage, head over to Movies.MTV.com. (You can thank us later.)

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With all of the attention heaped on "Iron Man 2," "Thor," "The First Avenger: Captain America" and Marvel's superhero team-up film "The Avengers," it's easy to forget about some of the other characters in the Marvel Universe rumored to have big-screen projects in the works. When we spoke to "Lost" actor Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje during a Comic-Con red carpet he told MTV News that he's been talking to Marvel about bringing one of those lesser-known characters to the screen -- specifically, the African warrior-king known as The Black Panther.

"We're talking to Marvel about 'Black Panther,'" Akinnuoye-Agbaje told MTV News. "This is the first round, so you know, hopefully they'll look at 'G.I. Joe' and see the potential. But it's about time we have a black superhero, isn't it?"

Akinnuoye-Agbaje said his hopes were high for the film, and the conditions were never better for it to get the green light.

"He's from a fictional village in Africa and the timing is so right for that kind of character to come through," he said. "And while I'm in my prime, this is the time. We've got [U.S. President Barack] Obama, now we need something on screen to represent, so... 'Panther,' man."

What do you think about Akinnuoye-Agbaje playing Black Panther? Think he'd be a good choice to bring T'Challa to life?

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By Michael Avila (Note: "Lost" spoilers below)

FROM MOVIES BLOG: What the heck is the Man in Black’s name?

We still don’t know the answer to that burning question from “Lost’s” mindblowing finale to Season 5, or to any of the other 1,275 questions we have about the show. But “Lost” fans did learn a few juicy nuggets about the show’s upcoming final season during a raucous panel Saturday at Comic-Con.

Among the details executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof revealed to an at-capacity crowd in Hall H:

Elizabeth Mitchell, who’s starring in the fall debut “Flash Forward,” will be back for Season 6. In what capacity or time period, they wouldn’t say.

For the rest of our "Lost" panel report from Comic-Con, head over to MoviesBlog.MTV.com!

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Bad. Ass. You San Diego Comic-Con goers can keep your surprise screenings and your exclusive reveals. We viewers at home have "Tron Legacy" footage and I, for one, am satisfied. And by "satisfied" I mean "my brain just overloaded after seeing the Kickass on display in this video."

It's not quite a trailer, what you see here. Disney has it labeled "Visual Effects Concept Test Footage." If memory serves, this is the revelatory footage screened at last year's Con, with lightcycle action and Jeff Bridges looking all mean and bearded. Remember to head over to MTV.com for more SDCC trailers and clips!

What do you think of the footage? Sound off in the comment section!

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Sure, everyone's talking about the debut of War Machine in "Iron Man 2" right now, but fans know there's another important character making his big-screen bow in the Marvel movie universe soon. Sam Rockwell will bring Tony Stark's billionaire nemesis, Justin Hammer, to life in the much-anticipated sequel -- and Comic-Con attendees got their first look at Rockwell as Hammer during Saturday's panel.

We caught up with the actor to discuss his take on Hammer, and to find out if he's been reading the issue of "Iron Man" we gave him back in May.

"We're kind of reinventing the character of Justin Hammer a little bit," Rockwell told MTV News. "I walked into a lot of comic book shops and even some comic book store owners didn't know who he was. So, it's not as much pressure as playing Iron Man obviously, that's like playing Elvis Presley or something. With Justin Hammer is a little more elbow room for interpretation."

What do you think of Rockwell's thoughts on Justin Hammer? Let us know in the comment section!

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