With yesterday's announcement that War Machine will make his debut in "Iron Man 2," the question now becomes: how much of a role will the character play in the much-anticipated sequel?

We cornered actor Don Cheadle during an "Iron Man 2" press event to get his take on the character and how much of him we'll see in the Marvel Studios blockbuster.

"War Machine makes a very impactful appearance in the movie," Cheadle told MTV News. "It's significant."

As for how his character has changed since the first film (not to mention the actor playing James "Rhodey" Rhodes), Cheadle said the ramifications of Tony Stark's big reveal that he was Iron Man in the first film will be central theme of the sequel.

"It's gotten deeper, because in the first film Tony wasn't saying he was Iron Man," he said. "But now that he's embraced it, there's all this attendant problems, pressure and questions that all of the characters around him have to deal with."

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It's the final day of Comic-Con here in San Diego, and one of the things we've seen a lot of this year (in addition to bunches of celebrities and movers and shakers around the comic book movie scene) is some pretty amazing costumes.

While Rorschach and Wolverine were the most frequent costumes seen around the show floor, there were also a good share of video game and anime characters, as well as movie characters and, of course, the requisite amount of comic book heroes and villains. Click on the image below for a gallery of images from the show floor featuring attendees in costume.

Comic-Con Costumes

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Iron Man was the talk of the day here at Comic-Con, with today's panel revealing that War Machine will indeed factor into the much-anticipated sequel. Another new addition to the Iron Man universe, Black Widow will make her debut in "Iron Man 2," too.

Here's what actress Scarlett Johansson had to say about her role in the blockbuster sequel and whether she'd be fighting for the good guys or the bad guys.

"You just have to call me a super shape-shifter, I suppose," said Johansson of Black Widow. "You'll have to wait and see. Whose side is she fighting on? I don't know."

Along with promising that her character spends a significant chunk of time "kicking major ass" in the film, Johansson touted her stunt scenes as the must-see moments in her "Iron Man 2" performance. However, she danced around any hints as to exactly whose ass she'll be kicking in the film.

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Iron Man 2By Terri Schwartz

"Iron Man 2" director Jon Favreau was nice enough to give the entire Comic-Con audience a heart attack Saturday afternoon in San Diego by showing two minutes of behind-the-scenes footage from the film. However, it took Robert Downey Jr.'s support and a quick round of happy birthdays to Favreau's son Max to get the real footage shown.

For those not interested in spoilers, skip the bulk of this piece, but for those of you who want an extensive walkthrough of the footage shown, continue reading! Read More...

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Iron ManThe wait is over for one of the most eagerly anticipated moments at this year's Comic-Con, and fans' patience was rewarded during Saturday's "Iron Man 2" panel.

Along with bringing along most of the film's lead actors, director Jon Favreau was accompanied by a surprise guest at the panel: War Machine. The counterpart to the Iron Man armor was revealed at the end of a montage that offered new footage of Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) and Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), Whiplash (Mickey Rourke), Justin Hammer (Sam Rockwell), Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), and James Rhodes (Don Cheadle). Oh, and War Machine, too

"We wanted to use Comic-Con as our venue to have the first images of War Machine come out," Favreau told MTV News. "There's been talk of whether it was [in the film] or not, and we've been holding back. We haven't talked officially about it. We wanted to show the fans some of that." Read More...

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While "The Dark Knight" actor Gary Oldman seems convinced filming will begin on the next Batman movie next year, writer David Goyer sounded a bit less sure of the schedule when he dropped by Splash Page HQ this Comic-Con weekend.

"Right now, Chris is involved in filming 'Inception,' and when he finishes that, he will turn his studious gaze back to the Bat universe and we'll see," Goyer told MTV News.

So, while Goyer isn't dropping any hints -- or might not have any to offer -- it looks like there's still a ways to go before we have any official word on the follow-up to the "The Dark Knight." That's okay, though, it just leaves us more time to guess which villain we'll see in the next Batman movie -- and who will play the role.

Keep it locked to Splash Page for more Comic-Con news as it develops!

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When James Marsden dropped by MTV News HQ to discuss his upcoming thriller "The Box" with Cameron Diaz, we had to ask the "Superman Returns" actor if he had any news on the sequel front. With DC/Warner Bros legally obligated to begin production on a new Superman movie in the near future, Marsden's phone could indeed be ringing... or has it already?


"I'm not keeping up with it, but ... there's always hope," Marsden told MTV News. "I'd love to be part of that again. ... Whether I'm a part of it or not, I'd love to see that legacy continue on the big screen however it manifests itself."

"To me, that was the ultimate superhero -- and to see that on the shelf is saddening," he added. "But you want to see it done the right way as well."

Would you like to see Marsden and his "Superman Returns" character return for a sequel?

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She's starring as a witch in "Eastwick," and today she brought the magic to the San Diego Comic-Con. We spoke to the erstwhile supermodel when she dropped by our studio, and before she left we asked her to pose for our ever-growing photo booth. As you'll see below, she struck a good-natured funny pose. Don't forget to click here to see the rest of our photo booth gallery, which includes everyone from Neil Gaiman to Anna Faris.

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He established his comics cred with "Watchmen," and now Jackie Earle Haley is moving right along to yet another comic book property, "Human Target." The actor graced Comic-Con with his presence today and naturally swung by the MTV studio for a fun interview. After it wrapped, we asked Earle to snap a self-portrait, and the result is below. Be sure to check out the rest of our photo booth gallery, featuring Anna Faris, Neil Gaiman, Andy Samberg, Stan Lee and more.

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Kick-AssEarlier today I posted a breakdown of the footage from the "Kick-Ass" panel and the first look it provided at the father-daughter vigilantes played by Nicolas Cage and Chloe Moretz. While the footage certainly looked great, there's still some question about when we'll actually be able to see "Kick-Ass" in theaters.

Director Matthew Vaughn had some interesting news on that aspect of the project, too.

During the Q&A portion of the panel that followed the video, the director said he expects "Kick-Ass" to hit theaters in the 1st quarter of 2010. According to Vaughn, the film is 90-percent completed, with the music providing the only lingering issue. Read More...

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