by Ryan Rigley

With the immense success that "The Avengers" has seen in recent weeks, it's only natural to speculate about the possibilities for the inevitable sequel. Talk of adding additional heroes to the team for "Avengers 2" has sprouted up all over the web, with Ant Man and the Wasp leading the charge. However, there is one superhero that seems more likely than you'd initially think.

In the comics, The Vision is a synthezoid created by the the evil robot Ultron in order to wreak havoc on Earth's mightiest heroes. Granted, this version of The Vision may never see the silver screen. Yet we have a sneaking suspicion that a certain deceased "Avengers" hero might just be the perfect candidate for a mandroid makeover.

Click past the jump to find out who we're talking about! Also, SPOILERS.


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So there I was, staying up way past my bed time, gallivanting around "Arkham City" as the World’s Greatest Detective, when I had my first run in with Mr. Freeze. Suddenly it dawned on me: this guy totally exudes essence of Cranston.

My mind began to whirl with the possibilities and I marveled at how awesome Bryan Cranston would be as Mr. Freeze. I even wrote it down in my iPhone, where all my best ideas go. So with "The Dark Knight Rises" just about wrapped, it’s only a matter of time before Batman is once again rebooted... and this time, I’d like to see the Caped Crusader face off against a Cranston-driven Freeze. Here’s why.


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