Dethklok vs. The GoonIt's a big week for comic books with ties to the movie and television world, and that means you better bring a few extra dollars to the shop this time around. Here's what you need to pick up this week to make your life complete:

"DETHKLOK VS. THE GOON" (Dark Horse) -- The crossover that is very likely to rock your face off and tattoo an inky black mark upon your soul is here, folks. Here's hoping your affairs are in your order, because when Nathan Explosion, William Murderface and the rest of Adult Swim's "Metalocalypse" cast face off against The Goon, there's no way a single comic book can contain the collateral damage.

We brought you the exclusive announcement of this one-shot story back in March, along with a video promo for the project created by "Metalocalypse" creator Brendan Small. If you haven't seen it yet, make sure to do so. Read More...

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The Warriors: JailbreakAllow me a moment of fan appreciation here, folks: I'm a huge fan of "The Warriors," so it's with no small amount of glee that I'm presenting this first look at "The Warriors: Jailbreak," the new comic book series that picks up where the 1979 film left off.

News about the series first broke back in April, when Dabel Brother Publishing announced that it was capitalizing on the success of its impressive comic book adaptation of "The Warriors" with a new ongoing series featuring Swan, Ajax, Rembrandt and the rest of the Coney Island gang. The timing of this "Warriors" resurgence isn't coincidental, either -- Paramount is currently celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Walter Hill's cult-favorite film, and fans (like myself) have been treated with a wide variety of "Warriors" toys, video games and, of course, comic books, over the last few months.

Now, I'm pleased to offer an exclusive preview of "The Warriors: Jailbreak" #1, featuring a story by Erik Henriksen and art by Todd Herman and Herb Apon. Read on for more details about the series (and a preview of the first 10 pages). Read More...

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BookExpo AmericaBookExpo America, the largest convention in North America for publishers of printed media, arrived in town this weekend -- along with a ridiculous amount of books to show off to retailers, press and anyone else who happened to be wandering the floors.

While the sheer number of projects on display during the show was no surprise, there were a few items with ties to the comics and movie/television worlds around the convention floor that did stand out for one reason or another. When I finally managed to haul them back to Splash Page HQ, I spread a few of them out for a photo -- which I've posted here along with a few thoughts about each project and why I picked it up. Read More...

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'The Warriors: Jailbreak'Earlier this year, I devoted a lot of attention to the Dabel Brothers' adaptation of the cult-favorite film "The Warriors" as a comic book miniseries -- after all, I spend most of the day with one of Mezco Toyz' "Warriors" figures staring at me from my desk here at Splash Page HQ. (If you must know, it's the "Cyrus" figure -- and yeah, I'm kind of a big fan.)

Well, it looks like my praise for the project was well-deserved, as the success of movie adaptation has spawned an upcoming 4-issue miniseries titled "The Warriors: Jailbreak." According to Dabel, the series will pick up where the movie leaves off, and finds the Coney Island gang on a mission to break one of their members out of prison. Check out the cover for the first issue after the jump, as well as more details about the series. Read More...

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'The Warriors'Earlier this week, I posted an exclusive, 10-page preview of "The Warriors" comic book adaptation published by Dabel Brothers that will debut at next weekend's New York Comic Con. As one might expect while chatting up "Warriors" writer David Atchison (who's tasked with adapting the cult classic film to the comic book medium), the conversation eventually touched on the colorful gangs of Walter Hill's 1979 film -- specifically, the bat-wielding Baseball Furies.

With this week's debut of a new "Warriors" poster featuring the Furies and created by popular comic book writer/artist Eric Powell ("The Goon"), I decided to pick Atchison's brain about the the gang that arguably evolved into the film's most memorable export. (You can check out a full version of the new "Warriors" poster at the end of this post.)

"The Baseball Furies are still creepy looking," said Atchison, but the writer confessed that even he's surprised that the threat posed by the baseball-themed gang has stood the test of time. Read More...

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'The Warriors' #1Three decades after Walter Hill's cult-classic film "The Warriors" first hit theaters, the Warriors are once again poised to--as one of its most popular lines of dialogue suggests--"come out and plaaaaaay." This time around, however, the adventures of the New York City gang and its rivals will be unfolding not on the screen, but in the pages of a new comic book series.

As we first reported back in July 2008 (when we debuted the first piece of promo art for "The Warriors"), the 30th anniversary of the film's release will include the debut of publisher Dabel Brothers' adaptation of the film, with an eye toward spinning off new stories based on the world of "The Warriors" down the road.

MTV News spoke with "The Warriors" writer David Atchison about translating the original film into comic book form, and received an exclusive preview of the first 10 pages of "The Warriors" #1, which debuts at New York Comic-Con next week. Read More...

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'The Warriors' Comic BookPolish up that leather vest and start heading for the F-Train, because Walter Hill’s 1979 cult classic “The Warriors” is getting the four-color treatment courtesy of upstart publisher Dabel Brothers.

The zany film -- long a favorite on the midnight screening circuit --- follows a New York City gang called the Warriors forced to flee towards Coney Island after being framed for the assassination of popular kingpin Cyrus. Along the way the group runs into a hodgepodge of rival gangs out for their blood, ranging from the facepainted, bat-swinging Baseball Furies to the rollerskate-equipped Punks.

Initially slated to adapt the movie, the publisher told MTV News that the eventual goal is to tackle the entire world that makes up the rough-and-tumble New York City of the late-1970’s. Read More...

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