"The Goon" may not have full funding yet, but that didn't stop David Fincher from getting behind his animated film adaptation of Eric Powell's quirky horror/noir series. The "Fight Club" and "Social Network" director admitted that 2010 marked his first trip San Diego for Comic-Con International, but he hopes the trip will prove worthwhile and result in financial backing to get the project completed and out to audiences.

"It doesn't make any sense to make a movie that people say, 'We can't sell this,' so it should find a place where people go, 'We understand how to get this to theaters,'" Fincher told MTV News. Read More...

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Zack Snyder and his "300" co-writer Kurt Johnstad have teamed up once again to write the screenplay for Frank Miller's follow-up miniseries "Xerxes." The "Watchmen" director still hasn't spoken to Gerard Butler about a cameo, but he sat down at San Diego Comic-Con to clarify how "Xerxes" will related to "300" and how he's approaching the new adaptation.

"Yes, I am in fact writing it," Snyder told MTV News. "Kurt and I are writing it right now using Frank [Miller]'s graphic novel that he's creating as our spine, as our jumping off point, as our Bible. Frank came up with a cool story, and it parallels "300" in a really cool way."

Snyder emphasized that the story won't be a true prequel or sequel, since its events coincide with what happened in "300." Read More...

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Earlier this week, we gave you a teaser for "The Goon" footage that debuted during tonight's panel at Comic-Con, and now we have something more... a lot more, in fact!

The new footage is a longer clip created by Blur Studios to showcase the project, which is based on Eric Powell's celebrated Dark Horse Comics series and produced by award-winning filmmaker David Fincher. "The Goon" team is looking for a studio to snatch up the project and finance production, and after seeing the footage here it probably won't be long until that happens.

Just in case you haven't been following our coverage of the film, The Goon is voiced by Clancy Brown, with Paul Giamatti providing the voice of Franky. Powell wrote the script for the film. Read More...

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Robert Rodriguez surely has many more San Diego Comic-Con memories left to be made in his career, perhaps even one or two involving a Deadpool movie. The "Machete" director made a trip to Comic-Con International this year for for a film that's turning into a comic book, rather than vice versa, but "Sin City" holds a special place in his heart to this day when it comes to landmark events at the show.

"Probably the first treasured memory is my first big presentation — was coming here with a piece no one had seen that I had cut together myself comparing the footage to the comic of 'Sin City' and showing that to an audience and telling the whole story of how we did it and making these little mini-posters out of our own studio that we had our actors sign," Rodriguez told MTV News, "and that iconic Jessica Alba one was the one that was then selling the next week on eBay for hundreds and hundreds of dollars." Read More...

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XerxesFrank Miller's "Xerxes" miniseries won't be out for a while from Dark Horse, but Zack Snyder has already begun work on the film's screenplay, and his co-writer from "300" Kurt Johnstad has returned for the project, which Snyder says is neither a sequel nor a prequel.

"We closed the writing deal on 'Xerxes.' We started writing about a week ago," Snyder told the Los Angeles Times. "So we're doing it. It's happening."

Snyder hasn't been locked in to direct yet, but he expressed hope that Warner Bros. would bring him back. Read More...

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We're only a few days away from the Comic-Con kickoff in San Diego, and today brings not one but multiple big announcements for fans of Eric Powell's "The Goon" series and the long-awaited animated film based on the hit comic and produced by David Fincher.

First off, we have an exclusive 30-second teaser of "The Goon" footage created by Blur Studios that will debut during their Friday evening panel. Check it out:

Pretty great, right? Well, it gets even better, folks. Read More...

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Let Me In comicThe upcoming remake of Swedish vampire film "Let The Right One In" is getting a comic book prequel from Dark Horse Comics, and two covers from the project have arrived online featuring the likeness of star Chloe Moretz.

Written by Marc Andreyko ("Manhunter") with interior art by Patric Reynolds ("Serenity: Float Out") and covers by Sean Phillips ("Sleeper"), the four-issue series is titled "Let Me In: Crossroads." io9 has posted a pair of Phillips' covers form the series, as well as a short synopsis of where it will fit with the plot of the film.

"Let Me In: Crossroads" is scheduled to hit shelves in December, just a few months after the October 1 release date for the film. Read More...


Predators: Preserve The Game"Predators" arrived in theaters last weekend, so the inevitable sequel talk is already upon us. For comic fans, however, the sequel is already a reality.

On July 14, Dark Horse Comics brings "Predators: Preserve The Game" to the shelves of comic shops, offering an officially sanctioned sequel to the Robert Rodriguez film. Set just a few weeks after the finale of the live-action film, the comic is scripted by David Lapham ("Stray Bullets") with art from Allan Jefferson.

Dark Horse has given Splash Page readers the first, exclusive look at the comic, but since this is a sequel to the film, take heed: SPOILERS LIE AHEAD! Read More...

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Earlier this week we got a look at some images of Jason Momoa as Conan in director Robert Nispel's upcoming reboot of the film franchise based on Robert E. Howard's famous barbarian.

And since we can't let the hero get all the attention, we made sure to check in with "Avatar" actor Stephen Lang recently to get some thoughts on playing the vicious warlord Khalar Singh in "Conan."

"It's going to be a real rip-snorter of a movie," Lang of the film. "Jason Momoa is going to be a terrific Conan. He's a stud." Read More...

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Star WarsThe folks behind "Star Wars" fiction in print get free reign to explore different time periods in the science-fiction universe first created by George Lucas decades ago. We've seen what life in the Old Republic was like, when the Sith were a force as large and as powerful as the Empire. We've followed our favorite heroes from the movie trilogies, through the Clone Wars, the dark times of Emperor Palpatine, and the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. We've even seen the distant future, a bleak moment when Palpatine's vision of a Galactic Sith ruling party is realized by one Darth Krayt.

Now, Dark Horse Comics and Del Rey Books are preparing to wind things back to the age before the Sith Order collapsed beneath the tyranny of Darth Bane's Rule of Two.

"Star Wars: Knight Errant" follows Kerra Holt, a lone Jedi Knight operating in Sith territory, far beyond the reach or aid of her Jedi Masters. The ongoing series kicks off in October with a Dark Horse comic written by John Jackson Miller and a tie-in novel (also authored by Miller) to be released next year. Interior art for the comic is provided by Federico Dallocchio.

MTV News has your exclusive first look at two covers from "Knight Errant" featuring the work of artists Joe Quinones and Dave Ross. We also have some details from Miller himself about what fans can look forward to in this new era for the "Star Wars" universe. Read More...

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