'The Dark Knight'Voting is officially open for the 2009 MTV Movie Awards, and you've never had more opportunities to let your votes do the talking when it comes to comic book movies.

Last year's wealth of films based on comic book properties is indeed reflected in this year's list of MTV Movie Award nominees, with 11 nominations spread over 7 categories -- from the grand "Best Movie" all the way to the most head-scratching "Best WTF Moment."

You can log in and cast your votes for all of the categories before Wednesday, May 27, but voting for "Best Movie" will remain open right up until the big show on Sunday, May 31. Read on for a roundup of the categories and nominees comic book fans should pay extra attention to this year. Read More...

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Earlier this week, I brought you the first few minutes of Wolverine's encounter with his former teammate, Frederick J. Dukes (a.k.a. Blob) in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," and the brawl that Logan's choice of words kicked off. Now we have more from that scene featuring Wolverine and Blob squaring off in the ring, and no matter how much coaching he gets from fellow mutant John Wraith, it doesn't look like Logan is going to have an easy time of it.

Be sure to check out all our "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" clips, and if you're looking to get caught up with Logan's long list of friends -- and even longer list of enemies -- you might want to run your eyes over our list of Five Wolverine Villains We'd Like To See In An "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" Sequel.

Oh, and don't forget our Five Must-Read Wolverine Stories To Prepare You for "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" -- because there's going to be a test!

What do you think of Logan's brawl with Blob in the latest video? Let us know in the comment section!

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'Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Spike & Dru'Earlier today, we posted some comments from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" actor James Marsters regarding his experience writing (and reading) the various comic books that further the adventures of the "Buffy" cast of characters -- specifically, Marsters' villain-turned-hero vampire, Spike.

In describing his experience co-writing a one-shot story for Dark Horse Comics focused on Spike, Marsters called the project a "rude awakening," and criticized the work of artist Ryan Sook, who he claimed made the characters Spike and Drusilla (played by Juliet Landau in the television series) look "feral and ugly." Marsters told MTV News he voiced his complaints too late in the process for anything to be changed.

However, Dark Horse has provided MTV News with an official response to Marsters' comments regarding the 1999 "Spike and Dru" story he co-authored, as well as the choice of Sook as the book's artist. According to the book's publisher, the choice of artist came directly from the "Buffy" creator himself, Joss Whedon. Read More...

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James Marsters[EDITOR'S NOTE: This post has been edited to correct several inaccuracies re: comic book projects' status and creative teams. "Spike and Dru" publisher Dark Horse Comics has also provided Splash Page with an official response to James Marsters comments. -RM]

Though its been off the airwaves for years (and this is back when TV had airwaves), the Buffyverse lives on today in comic book form. James Marsters, the "Dragonball Evolution" actor who played vampire villain-turned-hero Spike in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel," recently shared some thoughts with with MTV News about his experience working with “Buffy” comics and how he tries to keep up with his vampiric alter ego.

“I like what I see,” Marsters told MTV News of IDW’s "Angel" series.

With ongoing “Buffy” and “Angel” comics currently published by two separate companies (Dark Horse and IDW, respectively), the character of Spike is, at the moment, making all his appearances in the latter. But when both series were still on the air, Dark Horse controlled the complete Buffyverse and actually hired Marsters to co-write a one-shot comic book, “Spike and Dru,” an experience that the actor confessed wasn’t one of his favorite memories. Read More...

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Angelina JolieJust when you thought it was dead -- or at least a long ways away -- the long-awaited "Sin City 2” has reared its ugly head. But if you believe this latest rumor, the rough-and-gruff tough-guy ensemble is about to get a whole lot prettier.

Clint Morris at Moviehole reports that "Wanted" star Angelina Jolie is in "serious talks" to star in "Sin City 2." Morris says, according to a "high-profile producer friend," that the filmmakers are actively trying to get the actress to commit to the "Sin City" sequel. Read More...

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'The Goon'"The Dark Knight," "Spider-Man" and "Iron Man" were all top-grossing comic book flicks, and all live-action spectacles. These days, in a world of A-list actors desperate to put on the spandex or body armor, it's a pretty bold move to go the CGI-animated route with comic book adaptations.

Even so, "The Goon" creator Eric Powell revealed to MTV News that he wouldn't have had it any other way.

"I always felt that the material would work better animated, just because of the bizarre nature of the characters and the atmosphere of the stories," Powell told MTV News. "But American audiences don't always embrace animation when it's not a bunch of cute animals singing and dancing -- so I was a little hesitant about it." Read More...

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'Sin City'UPDATE: Weinstein Co. attorney Bert Fields has issued the following statement denying the report that TWC lost its rights to "Sin City 2":

"TWC's rights to produce sequels to Sin City remain intact as they always have been. Any suggestion to the contrary is complete hogwash."


We've heard from numerous actors pining for the chance to return to the mean streets of Basin City for "Sin City 2," but today we're getting word of a major player from the first film that definitely won't be playing a role in the highly anticipated sequel -- The Weinstein Company.

Although details are limited, IESB reports that the Brothers Weinstein have lost the rights to the follow-up to Frank Miller's "Sin City," and a sequel could be financed by a private equity group with specifics to come soon. The site goes on to suggest that Robert Rodriguez's Trouble Pictures will remain on board as the film's producer. Read More...

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Gerard WayIt wasn't long ago that My Chemical Romance rocker Gerard Way told MTV News that he wasn't quite ready for a film adaptation of his comic book series "The Umbrella Academy." Now, it looks like Way has changed his mind -- or perhaps Hollywood didn't get the memo.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Mark Bomback has been tapped to write the screenplay for "The Umbrella Academy" based on Way's Dark Horse comic book miniseries. The film is set up at Universal. Read More...


Three years ago, “300” Spartans dined in hell -- and judging by the more than $200 million the film grossed domestically, a lot of fans found their meal to be quite delicious. But -- spoiler alert! -- since almost everyone died at the end, can there ever be a sequel? And if so, would director Zack Snyder be interested in getting behind the camera?

With one simple word, Snyder addressed all of the above: “Sure,” he grinned.

About a year ago, news broke that Frank Miller was developing a “300” quasi-sequel. Snyder, who was in Las Vegas this week to pick up a Director of the Year award at ShoWest, revealed that he has indeed heard Miller’s idea for a graphic novel about the events that followed the key battle of “300” -- and he likes it. Read More...

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James MarstersWith roles in genre hits like "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "Smallville," "Torchwood" and now "Dragonball: Evolution," James Marsters has the fandom market cornered. During a recent "Dragonball" press event, the multi-talented actor took a moment to share some thoughts with MTV News about the universes he'd like to return to in the near future.

After "Smallville" fans were overjoyed at Marsters' portrayal of the classic comic book villain Brainiac (and alter ego Dr. Milton Fine) in the fifth and seventh seasons of the popular series, Marsters said he hopes it's just a matter of time before his phone rings with a return offer. However, he admits that his own popularity is a stumbling block.

"The problem is that my manager talked them into paying me a whole lot of money," Marsters told MTV News. "When I heard how much, I thought that we'd probably be talking about Brainiac a whole lot and seeing him just a few times." Read More...

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