Hack/Slash"Hack/Slash" has seen its fair share of swaps on the long road to the big screen. The film saw a director switch when Fredrik Bond replaced Todd Lincoln following the sale of Rogue Pictures to Relativity Media from Universal Pictures. Now, "The Grudge" writer Stephen Susco has reportedly stepped in to write the screenplay which was previously entrusted to "Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li" scribe Justin Marks.

Relativity snagged Susco to pen a new draft of the "Hack/Slash" script, according to Bloody-Disgusting.com. Susco comes to the project with several horror credits under his belt, including the first two "Grudge" movies and the still-in-development "Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D." Read More...

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Kevin SpaceyKevin Spacey announced in 2008 that he and his Trigger Street Productions partner Dana Brunetti were going to start looking at comics. The company, which has helped bring films like "Fanboys" and next year's Facebook-based "The Social Network" to life, opened up a section of TriggerStreet.com to aspiring comics creators looking for feedback—but hasn't yet announced plans to produce anything of their own.

Spacey and Brunetti predicted things to come in 2010, though, and commented on their relationship with Devil's Due Publishing.

"You can say that there are things that are brewing." Spacey told MTV News. Read More...

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Hack/SlashNot long ago, a little movie called "Eve" was announced with eerie similarities to "Hack/Slash," the Devil's Due Publishing series created by Tim Seeley. While some fans were worried that "Eve" would derail development on a "Hack/Slash" movie, Seeley and the "Eve" helmer reconciled their differences to keep "Hack/Slash" on track.

Now, it sounds like things are really on track for the comic book adaptation, as Collider recently had the opportunity to speak with "Hack/Slash" producers Adrian Askarieh and Daniel Alter at this weekend's 2009 Scream Awards.

While details are currently being kept under wraps, Alter reaffirmed that a director has been chosen for "Hack/Slash" with other announcements soon to follow. Read More...


"Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist" actress Kat Dennings isn't the first name you'd associate with comic book movies, but when we had the chance to sit down with her during the Toronto International Film Festival, she was quick to name-drop an adaptation she'd like to bring to the big screen.

In town to discuss her upcoming, pseudo-superhero movie "Defendor" with Woody Harrelson, Dennings called out action-horror series "Hack/Slash" when asked if there were any books she'd like to play a role in adapting.

"You know who's a cool girl comic book thing?" said Dennings. "Hack/Slash!" Read More...

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XombieVampires aren't the only creatures flooding the market right now—zombies are making an equally strong push in films like the upcoming "Zombieland" and "Survival of the Dead." Soon, an all-new property with comic book roots might be joining that flesh-hungry pantheon.

The Hollywood Reporter writes that an adaptation of "Xombie," the Devil's Due Publishing comic book and flash animated series from creator James Farr, could be heading to the big screen courtesy of DreamWorks, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci -- the producer pair behind the upcoming "Cowboys and Aliens"—with a screenplay by cop-turned-writer Will Beall. Read More...

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G.I. JoeMany folks knew G.I. Joe from the toys and the cartoon. The cartoon series was fun, but let's face it — it was also pretty cheesy. After all, how do you take a series about counter-terrorists seriously when no one ever gets hurt and the guns only shoot little beams of light that always seem to miss?

The "G.I. Joe" comics, on the other hand, have always been a horse of a different color, delving into darker themes and with a more serious tone of military life and espionage. And they’ve been around longer than you may think.

So, with "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra" hitting theaters this weekend, let’s take a look at the history of G.I. Joe in comics. Read More...

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Hack/SlashRuthless killers and demonic murderers, you are officially on notice: there's a raven-haired serial killer-killing serial killer about to hack and slash her way onto the big screen... and she has a new director.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, commercial director Fredrik Bond will direct "Hack/Slash," based on the horror comic book from Devil's Due Publishing. The movie is in the works with Rogue Pictures, the Relativity Media subsidiary responsible for geek-friendly films "Shaun of the Dead" and "Doomsday."

"Hack/Slash" stars Cassie Hack, a young woman that has become a killer of killers. Hack travels from town to town across the country hunting serial killers molded after "Halloween's" Michael Myers, "A Nightmare on Elm Street's" Freddy Krueger and other horror icon-inspired murderers. Read More...

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THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLYLast week's flood of comics has receded, but there's still some great issues with crossover appeal hitting shelves this week that you should add to your list. Here's what's looking good:

"THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY" #1 (Dynamite) -- Clint Eastwood's iconic "Man with No Name" rides again in this brand new story by writer Chuck Dixon and artist Esteve Polls. I don't care what you say about "Dirty Harry," folks -- "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" and the rest of the "Man With No Name" films were Eastwood at his cigar-chompin', squinty-eyed best. This issue kicks off the five-part story "Dead Man's Hand," and I couldn't be happier to see the character continue to be one of the premiere bad-asses in any medium. Read More...

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Marvel TransformersWith "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" hitting theaters today, it's easy to forget that, along with blockbuster movies of the live-action and animated variety, long-running cartoon series and hundreds of toys, Hasbro's shape-changing robots have a long history in the comics world, too.

Earlier this week, we gave you our list of the five most important "Transformers" comics you should check out, and now we thought it might be worth taking a trip down memory lane with Optimus Prime, Megatron and the rest of the "Robots in Disguise" and examine the twists and turns of their long journey on the printed page. Read More...

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'The Nye Incidents'Comic books and horror films are both experiencing a surge in popularity these days, and it looks like the two genres will mingle in a recently optioned property titled "The Nye Incidents."

Variety reports that the Devil's Due graphic novel "The Nye Incidents," written by Whitley Strieber, is headed to the big screen courtesy of Warner Brothers' horror label, Dark Castle. Todd Lincoln, the director of the upcoming "Hack/Slash" adaptation -- also a DDP property -- is set to helm the picture. Read More...


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