'Rest'Anyone who’s ever felt overworked can be tempted by the premise of “Rest” – a new limited-edition comic series published by Devil’s Due and produced by Divide Pictures, “Heroes” star Milo Venitmiglia’s company (the main character also shares Milo’s likeness).

“Everyone wants more time,” Ventimiglia said. “As an actor, I work 12-15 hours a day, and at the end of the day when I’m not acting, I read 90-100 emails about business for the production company, so yes, I can identify with a guy who takes a drug so he doesn’t need to sleep. I don’t sleep much as it is!”

John Barrett, a New York-based office professional type, is approached by an old college buddy to take part in a pharmaceutical experiment – take a pill which allows you to function without sleep. What he does with his extra time – and why the government is sponsoring the experiment – becomes the focus of the four-to-five issue run, which starts in October. (It’ll later be collected as a trade paperback next year). Read More...

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'Will Triumph Fights Alone' #2News out of Devil's Due Productions' today that the upcoming three-issue miniseries "Will Triumph Fights Alone" has been optioned and is headed over to ABC Family to be made into a TV show.

The comic -- written by Dave Child, Kal-El (you read that right) Bogdanove, with art by Jon Bogdanove (who supplied the art for DC's classic "Death of Superman" story) -- follows rookie superhero Will Triumph, son of a powerful superhero team known as The Dynamics who were killed in the line of duty by their arch-rival, Dr. Loricas. Soon thereafter, Will inherits his parents Rings of Power, but in order to activate them, he must get married. What follows is Will's quest to not only right the wrongs of Dr. Loricas, but find the right girl in order to become the hero he's destined to become.

Read on for Splash Page's exclusive quotes from the creative team after the jump. Read More...

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Kevin SpaceyA Kryptonian ton of announcements were made at this year's San Diego Comic-Con -- hard to believe it's weeks later, and we're still picking through them all. However, one of the bigger deals is word that Lex Luthor himself is getting into the comic book business.

Well, not exactly, but the man who portrayed Luthor in 2006's "Superman Returns" -- Kevin Spacey, natch -- will be adding "4-Color Talent Scout" to his already impressive repertoire. Spacey's TriggerStreet Productions (which he co-owns with Producer Dana Brunetti) has partnered with Devil's Due Publishing in the hopes of findnig comic's next big thing. "It’s basically a platform for exposure and opportunity to get feedback and learn about the craft," said Brunetti. "Hopefully, we’ll be able to find something that will make it on the page into a printed book, and ultimately into a movie and on the screen." Read More...

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