'Harbinger'Welcome to Halloween Week, where we'll be bringing you exclusive previews of the scariest upcoming titles around for five days straight. Kicking off the festivities is a first look at Digital Webbing's "Sword of Dracula: The Dracula War," featuring an interview with series writer Jason Henderson.

There's a war brewing on American soil -- and the enemy is already dead. That's the premise behind "The Dracula War," the follow-up to 2004's "Sword of Dracula" mini-series by Jason Henderson. Though not a direct sequel to the first "Sword of Dracula" series, "The Dracula War" taps into the mythology established by "SOD" and features the return of hero Veronica "Ronnie" Van Helsing.

"It's the 'Casino Royale' for 'Sword of Dracula,'" Henderson said, "This is a jumping on point for readers -- a big scenario that can stand by itself."

"The Dracula War" begins with an attack on one of Dracula's blood reserves -- blood he can manipulate into any weapon or building material. In retaliation, Dracula seizes the Denver International Airport, flooding it with undead soldiers, deliberately provoking a response from the United Nations. Read More...

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