'Iron Man'In an effort to make sure every single person on the planet gets a chance to see this summer's blockbuster "Iron Man" (which hits stores on DVD and Blu-Ray Sept. 30), Paramount Pictures -- who made headlines yesterday by teaming-up with Marvel Studios -- and Dell Computers will offer an exclusive deal in which purchasers of a new Dell computer will be given the option of ordering "Iron Man" pre-installed for $20 (which includes exclusive bonus footage).

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Dell's partnership with Paramount is a clear attempt to compete with Apple's iTunes Store, and the company plans to offer more Paramount films in the future for preload on new computers. Read More...


With nearly a billion dollars in the bank since the film's July release, Warner Bros. has announced that its box office juggernaut "The Dark Knight" will be hitting store shelves December 9 as a two-disc special edition, available in both standard DVD and high-definition Blu-ray (as well as a special "Batpod Edition").

Trumpeting over three hours of bonus material, the collection will include a bevy of special features including two documentaries surrounding the film, the character and his gadgets, six episodes of "Gotham Tonight" ("Gotham Cable's premiere news program"), Joker cards, concept and poster art, production stills, and more.

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'Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD'Looks like "Iron Man" is gonna have a bit of competition...in the DVD section of Best Buy, that is.

For all you Marvel Zombies out there who drew a big, red circle around September 30 on your calendars as a reminder for when the "Iron Man" DVD -- jam-packed with super-cool extras -- will be hitting stores, you might wanna bring some extra cash along. Best Buy has announced that they will be offering an exclusive DVD of the 1998 "Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D" film, starring the one and only David Hasselhoff. Read More...

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'Conan: Red Nails'When it was announced as a direct-to-DVD animated feature, “Conan: Red Nails” sure had a lot going for it. Based on one of the most celebrated original stories by Conan creator Robert E. Howard and featuring design work from legendary fantasy artists Mark Schultz and Mike Kaluta, “Red Nails” staked claim on fanboy perfection when it announced that “Hellboy” actor Ron Perlman would be providing the voice for the headlining barbarian along with backup from stars like Mark Hamill and James Marsden.

With so much talent announced on the movie, it’s a wonder more people haven't heard of the project. Then again, these developments were announced a while ago. Back in October, actually...of 2005. So with a new live-action "Conan" feature on the horizon, we went looking into whatever happened to this former high-profile animated film. And we learned the long wait thankfully doesn’t mean the project is DOA. Read More...


'Hancock'The world's other alcoholic superhero will be taking his reluctant champion act to store shelves November 25 as Will Smith's "Hancock" comes to DVD and Blu-ray as a two-disc special edition.

The home video offering will come with both theatrical and unrated versions of the film in addition to five featurettes, including the behind-the-scenes documentary "Superhumans: The Making of Hancock," a feature titled "Seeing the Future" which takes eight scenes from actual film or B-roll footage and shows side by side comparisons of the conception during the pre-visualization creation, the special effects-centric "Building a Better Hero," a breakdown of action sequences in the film, and a discussion with director Peter Berg.

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'The Incredible Hulk'Big news for comic fans coming out of the DVD world, as special editions for both "The Incredible Hulk" and "Superman Doomsday" have been announced.

Streeting October 21, "Hulk" -- available in both 3-disc standard DVD and 2-disc Blu-ray -- will offer more than two hours of bonus material including a bevy of behind-the-scenes featurettes, director and cast commentary and the ability to automatically transfer the entire film to your iPod or computer (something we've been noticing more studios offering lately).

"Superman Doomsday" -- Warner Bros. direct-to-video animated film -- returns to DVD and Blu-ray November 25 but this time with nearly four hours of extra content. In addition to numerous featurettes, the two-disc set will also package four of executive producer Bruce Timm's favorite "Superman the Animated Series" episodes. Check out full details for both releases after the jump. Read More...

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When the rumor broke that Ghostface Killah would be making a cameo appearance in this summer's "Iron Man," fans of the Wu-Tang Clan were both excited, and at the same time, not that surprised (one of Ghostface's many alter ego's when he's on the mic is "Iron Man," after all). However, many left the theaters wondering if they'd missed him in the movie, only to find out later that the scene was deleted.

Now the scene has finally found its way to the 'net courtesy of the upcoming DVD's bonus features, so all you fans of "Pretty Toney," check it out...

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'Iron Man'It launched the summer blockbuster season and became one of the highest grossing films of the decade. Now we'll see how many records it can smash on store shelves. Paramount has announced that "Iron Man" will be released as a two-disc special edition on DVD and Blu-ray discs on September 30.

While it doesn't offer a lengthier cut of the film, both DVD and Blu-ray will deliver a series of deleted and extended scenes from the Robert Downey Jr.-lead superhero flick, along with a bevy of featurettes dedicated to the movie, its lead character and even a satirical Onion spoof. Get the full rundown after the jump. Read More...


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