High Soft LispGilbert Hernandez' "High Soft Lisp" hits shelves later this month from Fantagraphics Books, and our sister blog MTV Tr3s caught up with the celebrated "Love and Rockets" co-creator to get some info on the book and its origins. Here's an excerpt from the interview:

MTV Tr3s: When are we going to see a Love and Rockets story on the big screen? What about an animated series?

Hernandez: That's something I'd like to see, but I haven't met anyone who is capable of translating my characters to film. There is interest in a Palomar film, but I can't discuss anything about it yet.

MTV Tr3s: Fritz is pretty atypical (in relation to mainstream portrayal of Latinas/Chicanas). She’s bisexual, into punk music and sci-fi. Was she inspired by a specific woman in your life?

Hernandez: Not really. She's in part a combination of situations I've seen women in, but she's mostly made up of character. The trick is to make a character seem like they're real.

Read the rest of the interview with Gilbert Hernandez over at Blogamole.MTVTr3s.com.

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Dash ShawAcclaimed writer/artist Dash Shaw received quite a bit of attention when his 2008 graphic novel "Bottomless Belly Button" was heralded as one of the bets projects of the year by various print and online media, and only solidified his place among the upper echelon of indie creators with his "BodyWorld" webcomic (soon to be collected in print by Pantheon Books).

His latest project, "The Unclothed Man in the 35th Century," debuted this month as both a series of animated shorts on IFC.com and a new book published by Fantagaphics. "The Unclothed Man" is set in a futuristic world where robots have replaced humans in nearly all facets of daily life, and chronicles the adventures of a man named Rebel X-6 who poses as a robot model for figure-drawing classes at an art school.

With the animated series already available on IFC.com and the "Unclothed Man" book hitting comic shops today (it arrives in bookstores January 6), I spoke to Shaw about the origins of the project and the appeal of working in both still comic format and animation, and received a sneak peek inside "The Unclothed Man In The 35th Century" courtesy of Fantagraphics. Read More...

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The Bradleys"The Walking Dead" might not be the only comic headed to television next year, as Buddy Bradley and the rest of writer/artist Peter Bagge's fictional slackers now have a serious shot at breaking into prime time. The irreverent family who got their start in Bagge's Fantagraphics titles "Hate" and "Neat Stuff" now appear to be in the limelight for the Fox Network, who ordered a pilot of "The Bradleys" as a potential animated series.

"Our own Peter Bagge has a development deal with FOX for 'The Bradleys' and the network has just ordered a pilot," Fantagraphics' Eric Reynolds wrote on the publisher's blog at Fantagraphics.com. "The only details we can reveal just yet are that Bagge has a pilot script deal with FOX for an animated prime time series featuring The Bradleys." Read More...

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Back in June, news broke that Norwegian artist Jason's graphic novel "I Killed Adolf Hitler" was optioned for film—but little did we know that the cartoonist had another adaptation in the works.

An animated short film version of Jason's "Sshhhh!" is currently in development with the slightly altered title of "Shhh!" The movie comes courtesy of Graceland Film Company and Animidias animation studios with Hans Bastian Borg serving as producer and Robert Næss on board as director. Lyder Janøy and Aasmund Janøy are credited with the animation duties. Read More...

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I Killed Adolph HitlerPlenty of characters have smacked Hitler around over the years. But despite Captain America's right cross and Superman's stern talking-to, the menace was never fully put-down. Even Hollywood couldn't finish the job in 2008's assassination-themed "Valkyrie."

Leave it to Norwegian artist Jason (just one name -- like Cher) to finally finish the job in "I Killed Adolf Hitler," his 2007 graphic novel now optioned for film development. Read More...

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