'Spider-Man'It would've taken 20 longboxes to hold all the news that hit this week, so here's a quick recap of some of biggest stories from your friends at Splash Page:

- Cher won the "Rumor of the Week" award when it was reported that she had landed the coveted role of Catwoman in the next "Batman" film...only to find out later that it was all just a big ol' rumor. Shocking...

- Devil's Due gave us an exclusive sneak peek at Milo Ventimigila’s "Rest."

- As if he doesn't do it enough, Method Man apparently wants to 'Kick' more 'Ass.'

- The biggest names in comics gave their 2-cents on if Superman should go dark.

- Marvel and Matt Fraction took us beyond the "Iron Man" movie with an exclusive look at "Invincible Iron Man."

- We took some guesses as to which Marvel villain Vin Diesel wants to play.

- Sam Raimi and Bryce Dallas Howard dished on "Spider-Man 4."

- Arvid Nelson gave us an inside look at "Rex Mundi's" long journey from comics to film.

- And Kevin Smith sounded off about his upcoming three issue mini-series, "Batman: Cacophony," and its main villain, Onomatopoeia.

And there you have it, folks. We hope you have a great holiday weekend, and we'll see ya next Tuesday!

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'Rex Mundi'World War II bomber pilots described their missions as "hours of boredom punctuated by moments of extreme terror." If you ever write a comic book, and if that comic book ever happens to be adapted into a big-time feature film, you’ll know exactly what that feels like.

My name is Arvid Nelson, and in 1999 I created a comic called "Rex Mundi." Almost ten years later, it’s nearly finished. For most of those years, I’ve been hacking my way through the jungles of Hollywood. The "Rex Mundi" film adaptation has gone through a lot of ups and downs over the years.

A lot.

“Rex Mundi” means “King of the World” in Latin. It’s a quest for the Holy Grail told as a murder mystery. For the record, yes, it shares some things in common with "The Da Vinci Code." And for the record, I first published "Rex Mundi" a good three years before "The Da Vinci Code" hit stores. And good for Dan Brown, for writing such a successful novel! But it sure didn’t help "Rex Mundi’s" prospects in Tinsel Town. Read More...

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Art by John ByrneWe're thrilled to offer an exclusive guest column from creator John Byrne. In almost three decades, Byrne has completed work on hundreds of books, including classic runs on "X-Men," "Superman," "Fantastic Four" and dozens of other titles. He is currently working on a number of "Star Trek" series for IDW Publishing, including 2009's "Romulans: The Hollow Crown" and the working-titled "Crew."

Licensed properties scare me. So many bad experiences, ranging from "Wheelie and the Chopper Bunch" to "Space: 1999” to "Indiana Jones." Thrice burned. Stay away! So when Chris Ryall, head editorial honcho at IDW, contacted me about doing some "Star Trek" work, my first response was a firm "No!" But Chris did not give up. He assured me that the good people at Paramount were pretty easy to work with, and that we might even be able to cook up a job where drawing likenesses would not be a consideration. (I learned from "Space: 1999” that actors' mirrors apparently don't work quite the same way as thine and mine.) "We have a miniseries about 'Trek' aliens," said Chris. "Would you like to do one of those issues?" Read More...

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