ThorSummer Movie Preview Week turns its attention to Marvel's god of thunder today, as "Thor" gets ready to hit theaters and bring us one step closer to next year's superhero team-up blockbuster, "The Avengers."

MTV News spoke to "Thor" director Kenneth Branagh to get the scoop on some of the changes made to Thor and his supporting cast as they made the jump from page to screen, and where the hammer-wielding hero fits in the greater Marvel movie universe.

Oh, and we also got a little more info about that post-credits scene everyone's buzzing about, and how "Avengers" director Joss Whedon factors into it. Read More...

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The "Doctor Who" season premiere aired last weekend, and we warmed up for its arrival with some exclusive video featuring the cast of the long-running BBC series. Last Friday, we heard from The Doctor himself, Matt Smith, and then we kept things rolling with his companion, Amy Pond actress Karen Gillan.

This time around, we have some choice bits of "Doctor Who" brilliance from executive producer Piers Wenger, who spoke to MTV News from the set of the series, and received an unexpected drop-in from The Doctor midway through our chat.

"Planning this season of 'Doctor Who' has been a different experience to the previous season," Wenger told MTV News. "This is Matt's second season as The Doctor, and it's the Eleventh Doctor's second outing, and I think this time we were allowed to make the series more complex and darker and more surprising than maybe we were able to last year." Read More...

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It's Summer Movie Preview Week here on MTV Splash Page, and we're kicking things off today with a big treat for everyone following development on the "Green Lantern" movie! Warner Bros. has provided Splash Page readers with the first, exclusive look at a new promotional banner for "Green Lantern."

UPDATE: You can now view a larger version of the image by clicking on the banner above! (You're welcome!)

You can get your first look at the new banner above, but don't worry — we're hoping to add a high-res version of the image in the near future. Before we do, though, can you name all the Green Lanterns shown in the image? Read More...

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It's officially Summer Movie Preview Week around MTV Movies HQ, and that means the next few days will be filled with exclusive interviews, images, clips and more from the hottest movies hitting theaters in 2011.

First up on the comic book movie front is a brand new, exclusive image from "Captain America: The First Avenger," featuring Chris Evans as soldier-turned-superhero Steve Rogers.

Captain America

Looks like Cap is taking quite a beating, eh? Read More...

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The new season of "Doctor Who" is almost upon us, and that means more adventures with The Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory.

Of course, with Amy and Rory tying the knot before jumping back into action with The Doctor, there's a brand new relationship dynamic at work inside the TARDIS. How will it play out as they travel through space and time fighting alien menaces? Well, that's exactly what we asked Amy herself, actress Karen Gillan, during a break in "Doctor Who" filming.

"Amy's relationship with The Doctor is going to have a few ups and downs and changes in this new series, particularly because Rory's on board," Gillan told MTV News. "It adds a whole new dimension to it. I think having him on the TARDIS really emphasizes the relationship [between Amy and The Doctor] and makes it slightly clearer." Read More...

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The new season of "Doctor Who" begins this weekend, offering up a whole new set of adventures with The Doctor and his companions. And while the new season will see a host of familiar faces returning to the long-running series, there's one big element that sets Season Six (or Season 32, if you want to get technical) apart from past seasons.

For the first time ever, the "Doctor Who" cast and crew made a trek across the ocean to film in the U.S. — specifically, the picturesque Monument Valley, Utah. In the following exclusive video, "Doctor Who" star Matt Smith explains why it made sense to film in America, and which city he'd like to see The Doctor end up in next time he ends up on this side of the pond.

"Having those locations adds to the epic and grand scale of 'Doctor Who' and is something we're very proud to have achieved," Smith told MTV News. "And it fits in because we're in America in the 1960s [in the episode]." Read More...

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"Dylan Dog: Dead Of Night" hits theaters next weekend, bringing Tiziano Sclavi's celebrated Italian comic book series to life on the big screen. Just in case you can't wait that long, here's an early peek at the film courtesy of a new clip debuting exclusively here on MTV Splash Page:

Directed by Kevin Munroe ("TMNT") and starring Brandon Routh ("Superman Returns"), Sam Huntington ("Being Human"), Taye Diggs ("Rent"), and Anita Briem ("Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D"), "Dead Of Night" follows the world’s only "private investigator of the undead" as he gets caught in a war between vampires, werewolves, zombies and other supernatural creatures. Read More...

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Late last year, we told you about "Almighty Thor," the upcoming film from "Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid" studio The Asylum, which specializes in low-budget, direct-to-video movies timed to coincide with major studio releases. Featuring a cast that includes pro wrestler Kevin Nash and actor Richard Grieco (yes, that Richard Grieco), "Almighty Thor" explores what happens when the "demon god Loki (Grieco) destroys the fortress of Valhalla and steals the Hammer of Invincibility."

Cody Deal plays Thor in the film, and judging by what we've seen of it so far, there's probably not much danger he'll be confused with Chris Hemsworth's take on the god of thunder. However, you can judge for yourself by watching our exclusive premiere of the "Almighty Thor" trailer:

Yes, that is a shot of Thor running down the street while firing an Uzi at the 0:42 mark — need we say more? I didn't think so. Read More...

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Captain AmericaLate last month, I spoke to "Captain America: The First Avenger" screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely about the just-released trailer for the Marvel movie. Our conversation ended up covering a wide range of subjects, including their own take on the film's first full-length trailer and the source material that inspired their script. Heck, the name "M.O.D.O.K." even got dropped...

Now that WonderCon is in the rearview mirror and the news wire seems to have calmed down a bit, I finally had a chance to revisit that interview and run the final few segments. In the following portion of my chat with Markus and McFeely, they discussed their work on the "Captain America" sequel and how they managed the need for Marvel movie-verse continuity with this and future projects. Read More...

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Earlier this week, we brought you the news that actor Michael Shannon will play Zod in Zack Snyder's upcoming reboot of the "Superman" movie franchise. Warner Bros.' casting choice for the Kryptonian villain is big news for several reasons — not only did it reveal the chief antagonist for the film, but it also put a relatively unknown actor in a well-known role for comics fans.

While there's general agreement that Shannon was a good choice for the role, the decision to feature Zod in the film has divided the larger fan community (much like it did MTV Splash Page readers). In order to get a bit more perspective on the issue, I chatted up a few experts around the industry to get their opinions on Shannon's casting, Zod's presence in the film, and all things "Superman" reboot, and find out how they compare to my own.

And there you have it!

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