Last month, Marvel Studios finished an exhaustive casting search when Chris Evans landed the title role in "The First Avenger: Captain America." While the difficulties of casting the part for two franchises — "Captain America" and "The Avengers" — simultaneously has been previously noted, some observers questioned Evans' casting by raising concerns about his age, his body type and even his seeming lack of knowledge regarding the history of "Captain America."

However, Evans has already received the endorsement of Samuel L. Jackson, one of his co-stars in "The Avengers." During a recent press event for "Iron Man 2," Robert Downey Jr. also weighed in on Evans' new role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

"I do know [Evans] and I think it was a very smart casting choice," related Downey. "I know that it was a difficult choice for both the studio to make and for him personally, having been involved in other franchises before. But if I had to venture a guess, I think he'll count himself as lucky and he'll have a good time." Read More...

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Sure, we know "Iron Man 2" star Robert Downey Jr. will blast into theaters next week as Tony Stark, but what about "The Avengers"? And what does he think about "Thor"? And while we're at it, is he a fan of rumored "Avengers" director Joss Whedon?

These are the questions on many fans' minds when it comes to the most prominent face in Marvel's movie future, and they were some of the questions we posed to Downey when he caught up with him this weekend at the "Iron Man 2" junket. And while the actor stopped short of revealing any big spoilers, he did offer some great insight regarding his new role as a spokesman for the Marvel movie universe and the rest of the films that might get a cameo from Tony Stark down the road.

"I don't know," said Downey when asked if his participation in "The Avengers" was a done deal or if there might still be some negotiation down th road. "I try not to think about that stuff, because everything changes in success, and everything changes in lack of success." Read More...

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With today's big reveal of the "Iron Man 2" post-credits scene, fans received just a taste of some of the crossover magic they'll be treated to in director Jon Favreau's much-anticipated sequel to the 2008 blockbuster.

When MTV News snagged some time with Favreau, he explained some of the references to other Marvel properties made in "Iron Man 2," how the movie timelines connect, and the specific scenes eagle-eyed fans should watch out for in the film. [SPOILER WARNING!]

"If you look at the end of the 'Incredible Hulk,' you have Tony Stark saying, 'Hey, I'm trying to recruit you for the Avengers Initiative,' or whatever he says at the end of that one," said Favreau. "That clearly does not happen between 'Iron Man' and 'Iron Man 2.' That happens after 'Iron Man 2.'" Read More...

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Iron Man 2One of the biggest questions surrounding "Iron Man 2" has been answered — and the movie hasn't even hit theaters yet.

Fans wondering what will appear in a "secret" post-credits scene in "Iron Man 2" received their answer today via YouTube, where the final scene of the film was revealed in the expected sketchy, shaky, hidden-camera style. And as many fans speculated, it continues the grand tradition of connecting the film to another property in development around the Marvel movie universe.

Read on for a full breakdown of the scene, and just in case it's not obvious: SPOILER WARNING!



It's no secret that both "Iron Man" and "Iron Man 2" relied heavily on improv from their cast of talented actors, but did you know that going the ad-lib route can mean some very cool, fan-friendly bonuses?

Take, for example, the sheer amount of extra footage created by "Iron Man 2" improvisation. According to director Jon Favreau, it amounts to around 30 minutes of alternate scenes and extra footage — all of which will likely be included on the "Iron Man 2" DVD.

"I think it's about a half an hour of that stuff," Favreau told MTV News. "You change things... There's a lot of latitude in post-production on this kind of movie."

"Iron Man 2" hits theaters May 7. Let us know what you think in the comment section or on Twitter!

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Green LanternLast month, rumors emerged that a new animated "Green Lantern" movie was in the works that would be a potential prequel to "Green Lantern: First Flight." However, according to Warner Brothers Animation writer/producer Bruce Timm, plans for a second "Green Lantern" animated film were canceled.

"We had originally planned to do sequels for 'Wonder Woman' and 'Green Lantern,'" revealed Timm during an interview with Think McFly Think. "With 'Green Lantern,' it didn’t perform nearly as well as what they had hoped it would."

"In the long run, it eventually made its money back, but the sales weren’t there right away during its release." he added. "Hopefully with the release of the live-action film next year, that will open up the doors for more 'Green Lantern' related material." Read More...

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Last Days of American CrimeWay back in February 2009, we gave you the first, exclusive peek at Rick Remender's "The Last Days of American Crime," a gritty, noir-tinged heist story that hit shelves from Radical Publishing. Little did we know the story would soon end up in the hands of "Avatar" and "Clash of the Titans" star Sam Worthington, only to be optioned by the actor and his producing partner, Michael Schwarz, in November.

The series follows a dangerous sociopath named Kevin Cash (Worthington) as he assembles a team to pull off what could be the last great heist in American history. With the impending launch of a government-sponsored technology that will make it impossible for anyone to commit a crime just days away, Cash and his crew attempt to steal the machines that manage the nation's new form of currency.

The second issue of "American Crime" hits shelves this week, so we caught up with the writer to find out what's in store for the series, how he feels about Worthington coming on board, and the screenplay he's been working on for the film. Read More...

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ElephantmenEarlier this month, word hit the wire that Richard Starkings' creator-owned comic book series "Elephantmen" had been optioned for big-screen adaptation by Janet and Jerry Zucker's production studio.

Set in a dystopian future populated by humans and human/animal hybrids that were originally bred to be brainwashed soldiers, but now struggle to integrate into society, "Elephantmen" is published by Image Comics. The series began as a standalone story featuring Heironymous "Hip" Flask, a hippopotamus/human detective, and later spun off into a series of stories exploring the characters and adventures introduced in the original "Hip Flask" comics.

I managed to snag some time with Starkings while attending the recent C2E2 convention in Chicago, and got some details on how the film's massive creatures could look, as well as which parts of the wide-reaching "Elephantmen" storyline are likely to be the film's focus. Read More...

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Taylor SwiftFrom Lady Gaga to Kristen Stewart, Bluewater Productions' new line of "Fame" biography comics has put the spotlight on a host of pop-culture celebrities — and now we have your first look at a new cover for their latest subject: award-winning musician Taylor Swift.

Hitting comic book shops in July, "Fame: Taylor Swift" promises to chronicle the musician's "rise from young singer/songwriter to mega-selling recording artist." The 32-page comic is written by CW Cooke and PR McCormack, and features interior art by Erick Adrian Marquez and covers by Marquez and JuanMar Studios.

You can get your exclusive first look at Marquez's cover below, as well as the alternate cover by JuanMar Studios, and the official synopsis for the comic. Read More...

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We3While much of my conversation last week with iconic comics writer Grant Morrison was focused on his revolutionary approach to DC's "Batman & Robin" series (if you aren't reading it, you should be), I also managed to get an update on a few other projects he's been involved with over the years — including plans for a movie based on his 2004 miniseries "We3."

The three-issue story followed a trio of animals who are made into weapons by the government but manage to escape captivity. Armed with deadly robotic implants, encased in armor and given limited ability to speak, the animals must outrun the military and overcome various other threats to their newfound freedom.

"Kung-Fu Panda" director John Stevenson had been attached to an adaptation of the series back in December 2008 (featuring a script by Morrison), but there's been little word from the "We3" camp since that time. According to the comic's creator, the lack of movement on the project is a bit frustrating, given the high regard critics and fans alike have for the story. Read More...

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