DC EntertainmentEarlier today, DC Entertainment ended months of speculation when it announced the members of its new executive team. Jim Lee and Dan DiDio were named Co-Publishers of DC Comics along with Geoff Johns (Chief Creative Officer), John Rood (Executive Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Business Development), and Patrick Caldon (Executive Vice President of Finance and Administration).

However, like any big announcement, the news sparked a whole new set of questions from fans and media regarding the the decision-making process and the effect the new team will have on both DC Entertainment and the new execs' pre-existing, hands-on involvement with Superman, Batman and the rest of the DC Universe.

MTV News went straight to the top and spoke to DC Entertainment president Diane Nelson about the announcement and the big questions on fans' minds. Read More...

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As some of you following MTV Splash Page on Twitter already know, "Avatar" director James Cameron made a somewhat unexpected visit to the MTV Newsroom yesterday to discuss his record-breaking 3-D epic. Of course, while he was here, we had to follow-up with him about his "Avatar" co-producer Jon Landau's assertion that the pair had met with newly appointed "Spider-Man" director Marc Webb about Sony's plans to film the reboot using 3-D technology.

"I didn't talk to him directly," clarified Cameron. "I'm more than happy to. I'm more than happy to talk to any filmmaker who wants to author their picture in 3-D." Read More...

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Spider-ManFollowing the smash success of “Avatar,” James Cameron is Hollywood’s new guru of greatness. It’s no surprise, then, that filmmakers looking to master the complexities of 3-D, science-fiction and state-of-the-art special effects are seeking him out for guidance as if he were a bearded man sitting atop a mountain.

Now, in a new development that should thrill fans of our friendly neighborhood webslinger, MTV News has learned the name of the latest filmmaker to meet with Cameron: "Spider-Man" director Marc Webb.

“Last [week] we met the director of [the next ‘Spider-Man’ film],” Cameron’s producing partner Jon Landau revealed to us when he stopped by the MTV studio, explaining that the “Avatar” filmmaker and Spider-Man’s new gatekeeper compared notes Wednesday evening. “[Webb] wants to do the next one in 3-D, which they’ve announced that they want to do. So, we want to try to support that as much as possible.” Read More...

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Ant-ManEarlier this week, fans of Marvel's insect-wrangling superhero Ant-Man received word that plans for a movie based on the character were indeed moving along, with Stan Lee announcing the project was a go and that he'd met with director Edgar Wright. Wright later confirmed his meeting with Lee.

So, with Wright's adaptation of "Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World" wrapped, the question now becomes: will the filmmaker turn his attention to Hank Pym next?

"I can’t do two things at once, so [now that 'Scott Pilgrim' is finished] I will return to doing another draft of that one," Wright told MTV News. Read More...

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Last summer, I raved about the 18-inch Deluxe "Hellboy II" Abe Sapien figure from Mezco Toyz that debuted during the San Diego Comic-Con and has been a permanent fixture at Splash Page HQ ever since. Well, the Mezco crew has come through again — this time, with another ridiculously cool, over-sized figure from the upcoming film "Kick-Ass."

We have your first, exclusive look at the 12-inch "Kick-Ass" figure before it debuts at this weekend's Toy Fair 2010 convention (final sculpt pending licensor approval):


Based on the hit series from Mark Millar and John Romita Jr., "Kick-Ass" is directed by Matthew Vaughn and follows a teenage comic book fan who decides to become a costumed vigilante. Along the way, he manages to both receive and give a fair amount of ass-kicking, inspire a few more costumed crimefighters and discover why there aren't more vigilantes out there righting wrongs. Read More...

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DeadpoolAs close as Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr., Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale, and any other superhero director/actor team might have worked together to develop their successful franchises, the “Deadpool” flick seems likely to be the most collaborative of the genre. As fans know, star Ryan Reynolds has been the driving force behind getting the movie made — and as the project’s writers recently confirmed to us, they do indeed speak with him everyday.

“We’re outlining it pretty seriously right now,” explained Rhett Reese who — along with partner Paul Wernick — is red-hot after writing “Zombieland,” which just hit DVD. “We’re in the early stages.”

“We just absolutely adore the character and the comic,” explained Wernick. “And tonally, it’s right up our alley. He’s the unstable, smart-ass, self deprecating guy — and they say write what you know, so [we’re perfect for it]." Read More...

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"Planet Hulk," the latest animated feature from Marvel Studios and Lionsgate Home Entertainment, hit shelves this week. We posted our "Planet Hulk" review yesterday, and today we have a bonus for you: an exclusive first look at "Thor: Tales Of Asgard," Marvel's next animated feature.

This "Thor: Tales of Asgard" preview is a special feature on the "Planet Hulk" DVD and Blu-Ray, available now. Read More...

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In brightest day of Sundance's fog, does Ryan Reynolds know Green Lantern's song? That's the question that MTV News put to the "Green Lantern" star during the Sundance Film Festival this weekend — and sadly, the answer is sure to disappoint fans of the DC Comics franchise.

While Reynolds insisted that he knows the Green Lantern Oath by heart, the actor refused to recite it when requested by MTV's Josh Horowitz.

"I'm not doing the oath for you on national internet," Reynolds declared, staring directly into the camera's lens. "Of course I know the Oath — the Oath is very simple — but no, Josh, I'm absolutely not doing it." Read More...

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"Planet Hulk" hits shelves soon, bringing one of the Marvel character's most celebrated story arcs to life in an animated feature filled with all the roaring and smashing fans have come to expect from Bruce Banner's alter ego.

Back in October, we gave you a look at the amazing Alex Ross art created for the cover of the feature, and now we have the first, exclusive clip from "Planet Hulk," courtesy of Marvel Animated Features and Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

"Planet Hulk" will be available February 2 as a Two-Disc Special Edition DVD, Special Edition Blu-Ray, Standard DVD, and Digital Download. You can get more info on "Planet Hulk" at www.planethulkdvd.com. Read More...

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Green Lantern & SupermanOn Friday, we were first to bring you the news that "Sherlock Holmes" actor Mark Strong was in talks to play Sinestro in the "Green Lantern" movie. Along with that exclusive scoop, director Martin Campbell also gave MTV News a list of characters from Green Lantern's universe that would be appearing in the film.

And while we were on the subject, we had to ask about another high-profile DC character rumored to make a cameo.

"No, that won't happen," Campbell told MTV News when asked about the chances of Superman (or possibly Clark Kent) appearing in "Green Lantern" in some form. Read More...

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