Legion"Legion" arrives in theaters today, but readers of the recent four-issue "Legion: Prophets" miniseries published by IDW already have a head start on the universe created by director Scott Stewart for the film.

While the film follows archangel Michael (played by Paul Bettany) as he attempts to prevent Armageddon by protecting a woman pregnant with humanity's last hope for survival, IDW's official prelude to "Legion" tells the tale of several ordinary people who suddenly find themselves thrust into the conflict between the angels and Earth.

As one of the co-writers of the miniseries (with Tom Waltz), Stewart took a significantly more prominent role in the comic tie-in than most filmmakers. He also took some time to explain to MTV News how the two projects connect, which elements of the comic find their way into the movie, and what movie fans will recognize in the comic. Read More...

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Mystery character?Looks like it's time to flex your comics cred, folks. IDW Publishing dropped a mysterious image on us last night, and challenged Splash Page readers to guess the character featured in the design sketches.

"We thought we would get things started with a little guessing game — as in, guess who this is," teased the accompanying message. "It's a character from a series that's starting this month."

One of the most obvious clues regarding the character's identity is the red lapel pin that seems to be the logo for C.O.B.R.A., the sworn enemies of G.I. Joe. Could it be a new Cobra Commander? Could the pin be a red herring? Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think! Read More...


Paranormal ActivityCreated on a budget of less than $15,000 and shunted along in the festival circuit for roughly two years, "Paranormal Activity" is one of the most noteworthy films released this year. The found-footage horror flick emerged this fall as a top box-office earner, setting records as the most profitable film of all time. Considering the out-of-nowhere success, it's no surprise that tie-ins are only just starting to trickle out.

One of those tie-ins is "Paranormal Activity: The Search for Katie," a digital comic for iPhone and iPod Touch published by IDW. The story picks up after the events of the film, so needless to say, there are SPOILERS AHEAD.

The first issue of the new series was released as a self-contained App, downloadable for $0.99, and promised some answers for fans regarding what became of Katie after the terrifying final minutes of the movie. Read More...

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The "Doctor Who" television series kicks off its two-part finale this weekend with Friday's "The End of Time: Part One," and as "Who" fans are well aware, the next two episodes mark both the end of the current season and the conclusion of actor David Tennant's celebrated run as the time- and space-traveling adventurer known as The Doctor.

I've made no secret of my obsession with the long-running British science-fiction series, so when I had the chance to chat with Tennant about the series, the conversation covered a wide range of topics — including the state of "Doctor Who" comics. And just for kicks, I brought along a copy of "Doctor Who: The Forgotten," IDW Publishing's 2009 series by writer Tony Lee and artist Pia Guerra (with a great cover by Ben Templesmith).

"In Britain, we have 'Doctor Who Magazine' and we have 'Doctor Who Adventures,' which is for kids and [the magazine] is for a slightly older audience, and they both have comic strips," said Tennant. "One of the things I'm going to miss is being in a comic strip every week. It tickles a curious part of one's vanity, and I'll miss that." Read More...

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The A-TeamNext year's big-screen reboot of the "A-Team" will be one of many films receiving some attention from the comic book world in advance of its arrival in theaters. IDW Publishing will be launching not one, but two series following Hannibal, B.A. Baracus and the rest of their mercenary crew.

Titled "The A-Team: Shotgun Wedding" and "The A-Team: War Stories," the two series will not only feature the beloved television series' characters (in the likenesses of the new actors playing them), but also offer up some brand new stories of their adventures.

IDW has offered Splash Page readers the first peek at some early art from "The A-Team: Shotgun Wedding," written by Joe Carnahan and Tom Waltz with art from Stephen Mooney — including the ridiculously cool covers to the first and second issues, as well as several inked pages.

(Oh, and is that a Sarah Palin cameo we see?) Read More...

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Angel #28Sure, a lot of attention's been paid to Sunnydale's favorite vampire slayer, Buffy, but she's not the only character from Joss Whedon's "Buffy-verse" to make a successful transition from television to comics. IDW Publishing's ongoing "Angel" series continues this week as a new writer begins scripting the adventures of Angel, the vampire with a soul (played by David Boreanaz in the television series), and his demon-slaying crew.

"Fables" creator Bill Willingham jumps on board as the series' regular writer with issue #28, kicking off a six-part arc titled "The Crown Prince Syndrome." The storyline promises to explore Angel's new celebrity and the problems it creates — including a distinct lack of quality brooding time.

IDW has provided Splash Page readers with an exclusive first look at "Angel" #28, featuring a story by Willingham, interior art by Brian Denham and covers by Denham, Jenny Frison and David Messina. Read More...

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Paranormal Activity: The Search For Katie[SPOILER ALERT] Of all the scares delivered throughout the course of Paramount's "Paranormal Activity," it's shocking and unresolved ending is what really haunted many viewers.

Now, with the release of "Paranormal Activity: The Search for Katie," IDW is uniting the team of writer Scott Lobdell ("X-Men") and artist Mark Badger to provide viewers with some answers.

The story, available through iTunes for Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch, explores what happens after the film concludes and follows the mentioned, but never seen, demonologist Dr. Johann Averys on his search for the demon-plagued Katie. Read More...

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Ghostbusters Holiday SpecialIt's that time of year again, folks. Special holiday-themed issues of comics will start appearing on shelves, and Santa Claus will start making cameos in every story you read. Heck, even the Ghostbusters are getting in on the Christmas action.

In IDW Publishing's "Ghostbusters Holiday Special: Past, Present, and Future" (hitting shelves next week), Peter Venkman and the rest of the gang will face off against some familiar spirits as they skip out on holiday parties for a chance to do some very lucrative ghost-busting. Yes, the team will be taking on the spirits of Christmas past, present and future at the behest of a grumpy (but insanely wealthy) client who's had enough of being shown the error of his ways.

Written by Rob Williams with art from Diego Jourdan and Nick Runge, the one-shot story will arrive on shelves December 9. IDW Publishing has provided Splash Page readers with the first exclusive look at "Ghostbusters Holiday Special: Past, Present and Future."


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30 Days of Night 2With filming of “30 Days of Night: Dark Days”, currently underway in Canada, Steve Niles — the writer and creator of “30 Days” — is hinting that more sequels may follow.

"Right now we’re just trying to get this one in the can," said Niles in an interview with Bloody Disgusting. "If that goes well, we’re set up to move forward. We got a great young cast that we can bring along if this works out well, and we’ll be ready to keep going with the story. Plus, the comics are done. God, what do we have, like seven different graphic novels now if it actually took off?"

“30 Days of Night” was first published in 2002 as a three issue miniseries by IDW with Niles and artist Ben Templesmith as the creative team. The story follows the residents of a small town in Alaska who must endure a siege of vampires during an extended period without sunlight. A feature film adaptation was released in 2007 starring Josh Hartnett as Sheriff Eben Olemaun and Melissa George as his estranged wife Stella. Read More...

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Transformers #1Last week, we gave you an exclusive peek at "Transformers: Continuum," the one-shot comic that catches readers up with the current Transformers continuity before IDW Publishing kicks off its new, ongoing series featuring the robots in disguise. The first issue of "Transformers" #1 arrived on shelves today, but the publisher has already announced two big happenings in the series' premiere issue.

Consider this your SPOILER ALERT, folks — but I guess the headline already gave this one away.

IDW has revealed that the Autobots' iconic leader, Optimus Prime, will be leaving office at the end of the first issue, concerned that the Autobots' war with the Decepticons has actually done more harm than good for the inhabitants of Earth. And if you're the sort that doesn't mind reading the last page first, you're in luck — because we have the final page of "Transformers" #1. Read More...


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