Paul McGuigan's new film "Push" -- starring Chris Evans, Camilla Belle and Dakota Fanning -- hits theaters in February, and even though the plot isn't pulled from the pages of a comic book, it sure feels like it is.

Starring Evans ("Fantastic Four") and Fanning ("Coraline") as a Mover and Watcher, respectively, the film is directed by "Lucky Number Slevin" filmmaker Paul McGuigan. After the jump, read what McGuigan had to say to MTV News about doing a "different" type of superhero movie and the potential for a sequel, and preview a new image from the film. Read More...

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'The Dark Knight'As we enter awards season, and now that Heath Ledger has been nominated for a Golden Globe, comic fans now wait with baited breath to see if The Academy will take notice of not only Ledger's jaw-dropping portrayal of The Joker, but if "The Dark Knight" will do the near-impossible and find itself among the "Best Picture" nominees.

We've already seen the "For Your Consideration" ads released by Warner Bros., but apparently that's not enough for some fans of the film who feel that it should be considered one of the best of the year, so they're making ads of their own -- and they might be even better than the official ones released by the studio.

(After the jump, check out some of products of the grassroots campaign to get "The Dark Knight" recognized for an Academy Award.) Read More...


Evan Rachel WoodLook out, Kirsten Dunst! IESB reports that Evan Rachel Wood will play the role of Mary Jane Watson in Spider-Man: The Musical, which is set to debut on Broadway sometime in 2010.

No stranger to musical theater, Wood recently starred in "Across The Universe," a "jukebox musical" based on the songs of the Beatles. Not coincidentally, that film was directed by Julie Taymor, who is also directing the Spidey production. At the moment, all signs seem to be pointing to Wood's "Universe" co-star Jim Sturgess playing the role of your friendly neighborhood wall-crawler, but the British actor has yet to publicly confirm his participation. However, he has workshopped the material with Wood and Taymor in New York, so it seems rather likely. Read More...

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'SET' Magazine 'Spirit' coverAccording to the calendar, yup, it's officially December, which means we're entering a big month for comic book movies (namely, "Punisher: War Zone" and "The Spirit"), so of course that means we're gonna be inundated with marketing for December's two, highly-anticipated comic flicks.

As we count down the days to see "Punisher: War Zone" (opening this Friday!), new images from December 25's "The Spirit" made their way on the tubes over the holiday weekend. Among them, two variant covers to Brazilian Hollywood mag "Set," featuring Gabriel Macht's Denny Colt (aka The Spirit) and Scarlett Johansson's portrayal of Silken Floss.

Oh, and for those of you who thought you'd seen the last "The Spirit" teaser poster, Lionsgate's got one word for ya: "SYKE!" After the jump, we've got both covers from "Set" as well as the latest "The Spirit" poster which has been seen floating around the mean streets of Taiwan. Read More...

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'Coraline'With all of the "Coraline" video and images hitting the Internet lately, you'd think the film based on Neil Gaiman's book was opening up next week rather than February -- but you won't hear us complaining!

Case in point, Focus Features has passed along a new set of shots to from the film, and once again, we're in awe of how stunning director Henry Selick's latest foray into groundbreaking animation looks. While we can't show all of them here, we've picked out a few that absolutely floored us. Check 'em out after the jump. Read More...

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'Whiteout'Over the past few years, "Whiteout" has been the comic book movie equivalent to Guns N' Roses "Chinese Democracy" -- delayed to the point that fans have either completely forgotten about it, or assumed it just wasn't gonna happen altogether. However, as we've learned with the long awaited new G N' R album, patience pays off, and in terms of "Whiteout," all fans need is the occasional reminder that, yes, the movie's definitely going to happen.

That said, besides news of the film's seemingly endless delays (originally, it was supposed to be in theaters this year but now has a Sept. 11, 2009 release), little has been seen to let us know the status of the film. But luckily for fans of Greg Rucka and Steve Lieber's Antarctican thriller, has released a new poster from the film. While many claim to have seen it at last year's San Diego Comic Con, Dark Castle has released the poster officially.

After the jump, check out the poster in full. Read More...

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Any manga fan worth their salt has been anxiously waiting for (or cautiously optimistic regarding) any news regarding the upcoming 3-D, CGI adaptation of "Astro Boy" -- based on the classic manga by the legendary Osamu Tezuka. And while the addition of major Hollywood stars (as well as a "Little Brit") lending their voices for the film have been dominating the blogs regarding the upcoming film, little has been seen in regards to teasers or promo stills...until now.

The fine folks over at Cinematical got the jump today on the first look at "Astro Boy," with an exclusive sneak peek at a new publicity still AND a 30-second teaser trailer that -- coming from an "Astro Boy" fan -- is absolutely jaw-dropping. The trailers up above, now check out the promo art after the jump. Read More...


'Watchmen' Video GameAs we all know, comics and video games go together like Green Lantern t-shirts and armpit stains, so it comes as little surprise that there will indeed be a "Watchmen" video game that ties into the upcoming film -- and some screen caps for the game dropped onto the web this morning.

We first told you about the "Watchmen" video game back in July, but now we have news from the Czech Republic gaming website Tiscali Games that "Watchmen: The End is Nigh" is currently being developed by Deadline Games, a Denmark-based company, and will be released by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment for download. "Watchmen: The End is Nigh" will serve as a prequel to next March's absurdly-anticipated movie. The game will be available for XBox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, and there's also rumors of a possible follow-up game set to hit stores around the same time of the "Watchmen" DVD release.

After the jump, check out some of the screen caps... Read More...


Today is a good day to be a "Watchmen" fan, as tonight's MTV "Spoilers" features brand-new behind-the-scenes footage from the highly-anticipated film, we just took live our own set visit over at, and the insanely-awesome new trailer premieres all over the place this weekend.

To sweeten the pot even more, check out these exclusive photos.

Photo 1

Photo 1: A close-up on Rorshach (Oscar-nominee Jackie Earle Haley from "Little Children") as he springs into action. Named for the inkblot tests he was submitted to as a child, he is the most moral yet the most mentally unstable of the conflicted heroes. Read More...

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It looks as though 2009 is shaping up to be a hectic year for everyone's favorite mutant, Wolverine. Along with his solo-movie debut in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" -- set to hit theaters on May 1 -- the self-proclaimed "Best There Is At What He Does" also headlines Nicktoons Network's "Wolverine and the X-Men" animated series.

And because who in their right minds could pass up a chance to see Wolverine in animated action form, our sister station was nice to enough to give Splash Page a short exclusive look at the creators behind the 'toon, set to hit the network in January 2009. Peep it below...

After the jump, check out model sheets for Cyclops, The Beast and of course, the main man himself, Wolverine. And be sure to check back here at Splash Page soon for extended sneak peeks of "Wolverine and the X-Men!" Read More...

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