Seth GreenSeth Green knows that the best way to get your comic book onscreen is to simply direct it yourself. As the good folks at Slashfilm uncovered, Moviehole caught up with the "Sex Drive" star, who revealed his plans to direct "The Freshmen," based on the Top Cow comic series he created with his friend, Hugh Sterbakov. According to Green, they are in the process of writing it, and will direct it when it's ready. MTV spoke with Green several months ago about his plans for "The Freshmen" film. Now, he's hammering out the boring details.

"You know, it'll probably need a studio for release. My estimation is to make this movie the way we want to make it, we'll need independent financing. But the nice thing about independent financing is, you know, a small-budget film is $35 million these days. And that's about what we'd need to make it." Read More...

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'Ramayan 3392 AD'Virgin Comics seems to have vanished overnight. No one seems to know what is going on behind its shuttered doors -- but some of its properties, at least, are seeing the light of day via Liquid Comics.

Now, Liquid and Mandalay Pictures have teamed up to bring "Ramayan 3392 AD" to the big screen. Fans of the property will be happy to know that it's in good hands -- "300" producer Mark Canton is producing the film, and screenwriter John Collee ("Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World") is penning the script. Read More...


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