Zachary LeviTaylor Lautner as Superman, Avatar Press suing James Cameron and the other makers of "Avatar" and Jessica Alba starring in an upcoming "Zatanna" adaptation from DC Entertainment — all three of those stories come to you courtesy of today's prank-infused April Fool's Day, and I even made that "Zatanna" one up off the top of my head. See how easy it is? The madness does not cease!

The dangers of April Fool's Day persist well into the afternoon here on the American east coast. In order to help you navigate the day without getting too much egg on your face, we're continuing our roundup of some of the funniest and cruelest fabrications currently lurking around the World Wide Web.

Is Michael Cera starring in "The Flash," or is it Zachary Levi? Is there a new exclusive donut-centric "Iron Man 2" action figure on the way? Hit the jump for answers to these questions and more! Read More...


April Fool'sApril Fools' Day is the one day of the calendar year on which you should probably avoid the internet — well, don't avoid Splash Page, but avoid everywhere else!

If you happen to stumble upon news today that Brandon Routh is playing Cyclops in "X-Men: First Class" or Robert Rodriguez is directing DC Entertainment's "Wonder Woman" adaptation, just remember what time of the year it is. In all likelihood, these scoops are bogus.

After the jump, we've rounded up a few of the hilarious and heartbreaking comic book and geek-related April Fool's pranks already making the rounds today. Read More...


The AvengersNow that Chris Evans has secured the coveted role of Steve Rogers in "The First Avenger: Captain America," the major players heading into "The Avengers" are all accounted for. But outside of the core four of Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and Nick Fury, there are several other characters that could easily find their way into Marvel Studios' unprecedented team up flick in 2012.

Between ancillary heroes, possible villains and unknown quantities, these are some of the comic book icons that Marvel can throw into "The Avengers." Read More...


St. Patrick's Day - Comic Book LeprechaunsBy Sujay Kumar

St. Patrick's Day is here and you don't have to be Irish (or guzzling green beer) to enjoy a good comic book. Sure the Green Lantern, Green Arrow, and The Hulk give readers a taste of green, but it wouldn't be this holiday without the true heroes: leprechauns.

While few in the comics world are of true leprechaun persuasion (we don't recommend anyone follow the Green Goblin to the end of a rainbow), there's no shortage of characters that are short, unattractive, and full of enough surprises that they could be leprechauns.

So, sit back, grab a four-leaf clover and enjoy this list of our favorite closet leprechauns this St. Patrick's Day. Read More...

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"It's good to be back," says Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark makes his grand entrance in the new "Iron Man 2" trailer. And indeed it is, because the new trailer offers fans even more cool footage from director Jon Favreau's upcoming sequel to the 2008 blockbuster.

Iron Man 2

While there's a lot to like about the new "Iron Man 2" trailer, there are a few key scenes worth a closer look. You can check out a gallery of images from the trailer here on, but here are the 10 scenes you might want to check out again — and some thoughts (and questions) about what they could mean for Tony Stark's return to the big screen. Read More...

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Alice in WonderlandThere are several significant connections between Disney's newly released "Alice in Wonderland" movie from director Tim Burton and the cinematic world of comic books, but the bizarre tales of Wonderland have had a strong influence on other forms of fiction over the years as well, including comics themselves.

After the jump, we've listed five of the many comic book worlds that either deal directly with Carroll's wildly imaginative story or draw a heavy amount of inspiration from the timeless classic.



Alice in WonderlandIn Disney's latest interpretation of "Alice in Wonderland," moviegoers are bound to have many bizarre sights to behold from smoking Caterpillars and talking rabbits to the viciousness of the Red Queen and her army. But if the viewer looks closely enough, he or she is likely to find something else that's entirely unexpected — connections to the world of comic books.

After the jump, we've got the rundown on some connections you'll see between Alice's adventures and comic books in your upcoming trip to "Wonderland."


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Spider-ManBy Sujay Kumar

His spider-sense failed to predict a bludgeoning by the recession, so Peter Parker will be swinging into unemployment lines — but only if he can pull together enough money to buy web cartridges.

Yesterday, we brought you the news of Spidey getting canned from his "Daily Bugle" photographer job in "Amazing Spider-Man" #623, and while the comic book world has some billionaires who rarely feel the crunchof financial crisis (we're looking at you, Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne), regular guys like Spider-Man are often hit the hardest.

So, where can Peter turn to for some extra cash? Well, stand-up comedy could be a good start. Here's our advice on how a few popular heroes could turn super powers into a super job if they put their minds to it. Read More...

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Spider-ManBy Sujay Kumar

Our friendly neighborhood reboot swings into theaters in 2012, and given that Sony plans on filming "Spider-Man" in 3D — possibly with the aid of James Cameron — comic book fans have plenty to look forward to for the next few years.

With the casting of Peter Parker hanging in the balance and names like Logan Lerman ("Percy Jackson") and Zac Efron ("High School Musical") being tossed around, it may be a good idea to put on some 3-D glasses and ponder the visual elements that could benefit from innovative "Avatar"-style technology.

Here are a few elements of the film that could benefit from 3-D effects, and turn an amazing movie into the ultimate film. Read More...

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Valentine's Day - Spider-ManBy Sujay Kumar

Shakespeare wrote that "Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds." And with Valentine's Day coming up, that phrase can be adapted for the comic book world to "love is not love which alters when alter-egos are found." After all, our favorite superheroes may battle villains for a living, but sometimes it's heartbreak that proves to be the ultimate enemy.

On film we've seen Peter Parker woo Mary Jane, Rachel Dawes fall for Bruce Wayne, and even the Hulk get his heart pumping for Betty Ross. But in the lexicon of comic books, there's plenty of other stories that would make us feel all warm inside.

Read on for five of our favorite comic book romances that we'd love to see adapted (in some cases, a second time) on the big screen. Read More...

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