Iron ManParamount's reported decision to buy ad spots during Super Bowl XLIV for "The Last Airbender" and "Shutter Island" instead of reserving a slot for a new "Iron Man 2" trailer might go down as the biggest Big Game disappointment for comic book fans since "Blade II" got a better trailer than "Spider-Man" during Super Bowl XXXVI in 2002. However, such letdowns shouldn't detract from the growing legacy of comic book-related ads that have enriched the proud history of Super Bowl commercials.

Here are five of the most memorable Super Bowl commercials starring comics-born characters, presented with the hope that they'll set the bar for either a killer "Thor" trailer in 2011 — or at the very least, a Deadpool ad for Visa.



G.I. Joe football fansOne of the greatest things about The Super Bowl is its ability to bring together folks from all walks of life in a celebration of teamwork. It's not unlike the theme of "G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero" and its comic book offspring in that regard, demonstrating how a group of spirited individuals can work together to achieve victory over their rivals (or in the case of the Joe team, evil terrorists).

This embodiment of teamwork should come as no surprise, especially considering the accomplishments of Joe soldiers with football roots.

Read on to learn how football has inspired some of the greatest G.I. Joe characters of all time.


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WatchmenRumors of a "Watchmen 2" in one form or another made big waves around the online world over the last 24 hours, with much discussion of whether sequels, prequels or spin-offs from Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' much-beloved series should be considered in the comics world or Hollywood.

Today, Deadline Hollywood reports that an anonymous studio source says there's "not a chance" of a sequel to last year's "Watchmen" movie being made, refuting some of the claims by yesterday's other anonymous source. (I like to think these "anonymous sources" actually sit across from each other in the same office and do this sort of thing when they get bored.)

But let's be realistic here, folks — in the end, whether fans actually want to see more from the "Watchmen" universe probably won't factor into whether we get more "Watchmen" stories. So let's just try to have fun with the idea, shall we? Read More...

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DESCWhen the final season of "Lost" premieres this evening, fans will hopefully get some answers to their most burning questions, but there's one mystery that you don't have to wait for new episodes to solve — the show's connection to comic books.

From comic book cameos and superhero references all the way to the writers room, there's no shortage of links between "Lost" and the paneled page. After the jump, we've listed five ways that the show's mythical island and the graphic novel world have united.



Spider-ManIf reports are to be believed, writer James Vanderbilt is not only hard at work on the "Spider-Man" reboot, but his screenplay is actually almost finished.

From the few details we're privy to, it seems that Vanderbilt's script brings Peter Parker back to high school, offering a fresh and young perspective that should be markedly different from Sam Raimi's take on Marvel's most iconic superhero. By hitting the reset button, Vanderbilt has the opportunity to mine the pages of classic Spider-Man lore to create a story that's authentic to the comic books.

We've already offered the "Ultimate Spider-Man" storyline we'd like to see on film, a pitch that I'd certainly endorse. But here are a few other stories from the "Spider-Man" comics that could make for compelling films. Read More...


ElvisIt's Elvis Presley's birthday, party people!

Even years after his death, we're still talking about the King of Rock 'n' Roll and his influence across the world. And he's had quite a unique influence on comic books in particular (and not just in those biographical comics, folks). Here's a list of stories made magical thanks to a certain singer with blue-suede shoes.

Marvel used to have various comics under the 2099 label, exploring what the Marvel Universe would look like in the late 21st century. We learned that corporations ruled the U.S., modern superheroes were considered myths, and Thor had inspired the "Thorite" religion. Then, in "Fantastic Four 2099" #2, we met another religious group, the Elvineglicans, people who worshipped the King and patiently awaited the day he would return to rock again.


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Iron Man 2With 2010 only a few days old, there's a lot to look forward to in the coming year — and in many cases, a clean slate to begin tackling a new year's worth of projects, goals and various other plans.

That applies to the comic book industry as much as anywhere else, so I surveyed a wide range of creators in and around the comics scene to find out what has them most excited for 2010, and if they had any resolutions (comics-related or otherwise) for the coming year.

Their responses ranged from eager anticipation of buzz-friendly video games and movies to a distinct avoidance of anything with too much hype — so read on for the full breakdown of which projects and plans are foremost on creators' minds as we begin 2010. Read More...

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New Year's BabiesAs a kind of personification of a new beginning for all, the Baby New Year is an important, if slightly goofy, symbol for those penning resolutions to implement life-improving plans at the start of 2010 — and the comic book crowd is no exception.

Why, it's only fitting for fans to celebrate the coming decade by choosing a renewal symbol straight from their favorite storytelling medium.

Read on for a list of comic book babies who could very well fill the coming year with surprises. Read More...

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Fables 56 - Santa ClausWith Christmas coming up in just a few short days, sightings of Santa Claus have been increasing quite a bit lately — and that goes for the comics world, too. While Santa doesn’t appear in as many comics as he did in the Golden or Silver Age, there are still a few modern cameos we fondly remember.

Here are five of our favorite Santa Claus comic book stories of all time — each of them featuring good ol' Saint Nick and a supporting cast of characters from around the comics world.


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Deadpool ChristmasThe holiday season inspires many wonderful novelty items for decorating one's house, but aside from tree ornaments and wrapping paper, there aren't many outlets for comic book stars to shine.

That's why when it comes to hanging out for the holidays, stockings are an enjoyable way to capitalize on one's super hero movie fandom without getting too tacky.

Here's a rundown of a few appropriate choices for the season, along with a look at the cinematic future of each franchise. (Image courtesy of The Deadpool Bugle and artist Paco Medina.)


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